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var ErrV1NotSupported = errors.New("can't talk to a V1 docker registry")

ErrV1NotSupported is returned when we're trying to talk to a docker V1 registry.

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var Transport = dockerTransport{}

Transport is an ImageTransport for Docker registry-hosted images.


func NewReference

func NewReference(ref reference.Named) (types.ImageReference, error)

NewReference returns a Docker reference for a named reference. The reference must satisfy !reference.IsNameOnly().

func ParseReference

func ParseReference(refString string) (types.ImageReference, error)

ParseReference converts a string, which should not start with the ImageTransport.Name prefix, into an Docker ImageReference.


type Image

type Image struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Image is a Docker-specific implementation of types.Image with a few extra methods which are specific to Docker.

func (*Image) GetRepositoryTags

func (i *Image) GetRepositoryTags() ([]string, error)

GetRepositoryTags list all tags available in the repository. Note that this has no connection with the tag(s) used for this specific image, if any.

func (*Image) SourceRefFullName

func (i *Image) SourceRefFullName() string

SourceRefFullName returns a fully expanded name for the repository this image is in.


Path Synopsis
Package reference is a fork of the upstream docker/docker/reference package.
Package reference is a fork of the upstream docker/docker/reference package.

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