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Originally from https://github.com/ant0ine/go-json-rest/master/test/util.go Utility functions to help writing tests for a Go-Json-Rest app

Go comes with net/http/httptest to help writing test for an http server. When this http server implements a JSON REST API, some basic checks end up to be always the same. This test package tries to save some typing by providing helpers for this particular use case.



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func BodyIs

func BodyIs(t *testing.T, r *httptest.ResponseRecorder, expectedBody string)

func CodeIs

func CodeIs(t *testing.T, r *httptest.ResponseRecorder, expectedCode int)

func ContentEncodingIsGzip

func ContentEncodingIsGzip(t *testing.T, r *httptest.ResponseRecorder)

func ContentTypeIsJson

func ContentTypeIsJson(t *testing.T, r *httptest.ResponseRecorder)

func DecodeJsonPayload

func DecodeJsonPayload(r *httptest.ResponseRecorder, v interface{}) error

func HeaderIs

func HeaderIs(t *testing.T, r *httptest.ResponseRecorder, headerKey, expectedValue string)

func MakeSimpleRequest

func MakeSimpleRequest(method string, urlStr string, payload interface{}) *http.Request


type Recorded

type Recorded struct {
	T        *testing.T
	Recorder *httptest.ResponseRecorder

func RunRequest

func RunRequest(t *testing.T, handler http.Handler, request *http.Request) *Recorded

func (*Recorded) BodyIs

func (self *Recorded) BodyIs(expectedBody string)

func (*Recorded) CodeIs

func (self *Recorded) CodeIs(expectedCode int)

func (*Recorded) ContentEncodingIsGzip

func (self *Recorded) ContentEncodingIsGzip()

func (*Recorded) ContentTypeIsJson

func (self *Recorded) ContentTypeIsJson()

func (*Recorded) DecodeJsonPayload

func (self *Recorded) DecodeJsonPayload(v interface{}) error

func (*Recorded) HeaderIs

func (self *Recorded) HeaderIs(headerKey, expectedValue string)

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