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const (
	ISSUE_NAME_STYLE_NUMERIC      = "numeric"


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var (
	// MentionPattern matches string that mentions someone, e.g. @Unknwon
	MentionPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`(\s|^|\W)@[0-9a-zA-Z-_\.]+`)

	// CommitPattern matches link to certain commit with or without trailing hash,
	// e.g.
	CommitPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`(\s|^)https?.*commit/[0-9a-zA-Z]+(#+[0-9a-zA-Z-]*)?`)

	// IssueFullPattern matches link to an issue with or without trailing hash,
	// e.g.
	IssueFullPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`(\s|^)https?.*issues/[0-9]+(#+[0-9a-zA-Z-]*)?`)
	// IssueNumericPattern matches string that references to a numeric issue, e.g. #1287
	IssueNumericPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`( |^|\()#[0-9]+\b`)
	// IssueAlphanumericPattern matches string that references to an alphanumeric issue, e.g. ABC-1234
	IssueAlphanumericPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`( |^|\()[A-Z]{1,10}-[1-9][0-9]*\b`)
	// CrossReferenceIssueNumericPattern matches string that references a numeric issue in a difference repository
	// e.g. gogits/gogs#12345
	CrossReferenceIssueNumericPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`( |^)[0-9a-zA-Z-_\.]+/[0-9a-zA-Z-_\.]+#[0-9]+\b`)

	// Sha1CurrentPattern matches string that represents a commit SHA, e.g. d8a994ef243349f321568f9e36d5c3f444b99cae
	// FIXME: this pattern matches pure numbers as well, right now we do a hack to check in RenderSha1CurrentPattern
	// by converting string to a number.
	Sha1CurrentPattern = regexp.MustCompile(`\b[0-9a-f]{40}\b`)
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var Sanitizer = bluemonday.UGCPolicy()


func BuildSanitizer

func BuildSanitizer()

BuildSanitizer initializes sanitizer with allowed attributes based on settings. This function should only be called once during entire application lifecycle.

func FindAllMentions added in v0.9.46

func FindAllMentions(content string) []string

FindAllMentions matches mention patterns in given content and returns a list of found user names without @ prefix.

func IsMarkdownFile

func IsMarkdownFile(name string) bool

IsMarkdownFile reports whether name looks like a Markdown file based on its extension.

func IsReadmeFile

func IsReadmeFile(name string) bool

IsReadmeFile reports whether name looks like a README file based on its extension.

func PostProcess

func PostProcess(rawHTML []byte, urlPrefix string, metas map[string]string) []byte

PostProcess treats different types of HTML differently, and only renders special links for plain text blocks.

func Render

func Render(rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string, metas map[string]string) []byte

Render renders Markdown to HTML with special links.

func RenderCrossReferenceIssueIndexPattern added in v0.9.113

func RenderCrossReferenceIssueIndexPattern(rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string, metas map[string]string) []byte

RenderCrossReferenceIssueIndexPattern renders issue indexes from other repositories to corresponding links.

func RenderIssueIndexPattern

func RenderIssueIndexPattern(rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string, metas map[string]string) []byte

RenderIssueIndexPattern renders issue indexes to corresponding links.

func RenderRaw

func RenderRaw(body []byte, urlPrefix string) []byte

RenderRaw renders Markdown to HTML without handling special links.

func RenderSha1CurrentPattern

func RenderSha1CurrentPattern(rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string) []byte

RenderSha1CurrentPattern renders SHA1 strings to corresponding links that assumes in the same repository.

func RenderSpecialLink(rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string, metas map[string]string) []byte

RenderSpecialLink renders mentions, indexes and SHA1 strings to corresponding links.

func RenderString

func RenderString(raw, urlPrefix string, metas map[string]string) string

RenderString renders Markdown to HTML with special links and returns string type.


type Renderer

type Renderer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Renderer is a extended version of underlying render object.

func (r *Renderer) AutoLink(out *bytes.Buffer, link []byte, kind int)

AutoLink defines how auto-detected links should be processed to produce corresponding HTML elements. Reference for kind:

func (r *Renderer) Link(out *bytes.Buffer, link []byte, title []byte, content []byte)

Link defines how formal links should be processed to produce corresponding HTML elements.

func (*Renderer) ListItem

func (options *Renderer) ListItem(out *bytes.Buffer, text []byte, flags int)

ListItem defines how list items should be processed to produce corresponding HTML elements.

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