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Package browser provides helpers for writing integration tests that interact with the browser. It wraps chromedp to create a real browser, click buttons, and assert results.

This package should only be used by tests.



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func Cookies

func Cookies(dst *[]*http.Cookie) chromedp.Action

Cookies sets the current list of cookies into the provided destination.

func New

func New(tb testing.TB) context.Context

New creates a new headless browser context. See NewFromOptions for usage.

func NewFromOptions

func NewFromOptions(tb testing.TB, opts []chromedp.ExecAllocatorOption) context.Context

NewFromOptions creates a new browser instance. All future calls to `Run` must use the context returned by this function!

If this function returns successfully, a browser is running and ready to be used. It's recommended that you wrap the returned context in a timeout.

func NewHeadful

func NewHeadful(tb testing.TB) context.Context

NewHeadful creates a new browser context so you can actually watch the test. This is for local debugging and will fail on CI where a browser isn't actually available.

func Screenshot

func Screenshot(dst *[]byte) chromedp.Action

Screenshot captures a screenshot of the browser page in its current state. This is useful for debugging a test failure. The dst will contain the screenshot bytes in PNG format when the runner finishes.

func SetCookie

func SetCookie(c *http.Cookie) chromedp.Action

SetCookie sets a cookie with the provided parameters. This can be used to bypass login and force a specific user be logged in during the test.


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