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Package apierror implements a wrapper error for parsing error details from API calls. Both HTTP & gRPC status errors are supported.



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var ErrMessageNotFound = errors.New("message not found")

ErrMessageNotFound is used to signal ExtractProtoMessage found no matching messages.


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type APIError

type APIError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

APIError wraps either a gRPC Status error or a HTTP googleapi.Error. It implements error and Status interfaces.

func FromError

func FromError(err error) (*APIError, bool)

FromError parses a Status error or a googleapi.Error and builds an APIError.

func (*APIError) Details

func (a *APIError) Details() ErrDetails

Details presents the error details of the APIError.

func (*APIError) Domain

func (a *APIError) Domain() string

Domain returns the domain in an ErrorInfo. If ErrorInfo is nil, it returns an empty string.

func (*APIError) Error

func (a *APIError) Error() string

Error returns a readable representation of the APIError.

func (*APIError) GRPCStatus

func (a *APIError) GRPCStatus() *status.Status

GRPCStatus extracts the underlying gRPC Status error. This method is necessary to fulfill the interface described in https://pkg.go.dev/google.golang.org/grpc/status#FromError.

func (*APIError) Metadata

func (a *APIError) Metadata() map[string]string

Metadata returns the metadata in an ErrorInfo. If ErrorInfo is nil, it returns nil.

func (*APIError) Reason

func (a *APIError) Reason() string

Reason returns the reason in an ErrorInfo. If ErrorInfo is nil, it returns an empty string.

func (*APIError) Unwrap

func (a *APIError) Unwrap() error

Unwrap extracts the original error.

type ErrDetails

type ErrDetails struct {
	ErrorInfo           *errdetails.ErrorInfo
	BadRequest          *errdetails.BadRequest
	PreconditionFailure *errdetails.PreconditionFailure
	QuotaFailure        *errdetails.QuotaFailure
	RetryInfo           *errdetails.RetryInfo
	ResourceInfo        *errdetails.ResourceInfo
	RequestInfo         *errdetails.RequestInfo
	DebugInfo           *errdetails.DebugInfo
	Help                *errdetails.Help
	LocalizedMessage    *errdetails.LocalizedMessage

	// Unknown stores unidentifiable error details.
	Unknown []interface{}

ErrDetails holds the google/rpc/error_details.proto messages.

func (ErrDetails) ExtractProtoMessage added in v2.5.1

func (e ErrDetails) ExtractProtoMessage(v proto.Message) error

ExtractProtoMessage provides a mechanism for extracting protobuf messages from the Unknown error details. If ExtractProtoMessage finds an unknown message of the same type, the content of the message is copied to the provided message.

ExtractProtoMessage will return ErrMessageNotFound if there are no message matching the protocol buffer type of the provided message.

func (ErrDetails) String

func (e ErrDetails) String() string

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