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func AllKeyValueTesting

func AllKeyValueTesting(rnd *rand.Rand, body, setup func(KeyValue) DB, teardown func(DB))

func BytesAfter

func BytesAfter(b []byte) []byte

func BytesSeparator

func BytesSeparator(a, b []byte) []byte

func Defer

func Defer(args ...interface{}) bool

func DoDBTesting

func DoDBTesting(t *DBTesting)

func DoIteratorTesting

func DoIteratorTesting(t *IteratorTesting)

func KeyValueTesting

func KeyValueTesting(rnd *rand.Rand, kv KeyValue, p DB, setup func(KeyValue) DB, teardown func(DB))

func Max

func Max(x, y int) int

func Min

func Min(x, y int) int

func NewRand

func NewRand() *rand.Rand

func RandomIndex

func RandomIndex(rnd *rand.Rand, n, round int, fn func(i int))

func RandomRange

func RandomRange(rnd *rand.Rand, n, round int, fn func(start, limit int))

func RandomSeed

func RandomSeed() int64

func RunDefer

func RunDefer(groups ...string) bool

func RunSuite

func RunSuite(t GinkgoTestingT, name string)

func ShuffledIndex

func ShuffledIndex(rnd *rand.Rand, n, round int, fn func(i int))


type DB

type DB interface{}

type DBAct

type DBAct int
const (
	DBNone DBAct = iota

func (DBAct) String

func (a DBAct) String() string

type DBTesting

type DBTesting struct {
	Rand *rand.Rand
	DB   interface {
	PostFn             func(t *DBTesting)
	Deleted, Present   KeyValue
	Act, LastAct       DBAct
	ActKey, LastActKey []byte

func (*DBTesting) Delete

func (t *DBTesting) Delete(key []byte)

func (*DBTesting) DeleteRandom

func (t *DBTesting) DeleteRandom() bool

func (*DBTesting) Put

func (t *DBTesting) Put(key, value []byte)

func (*DBTesting) PutRandom

func (t *DBTesting) PutRandom() bool

func (*DBTesting) RandomAct

func (t *DBTesting) RandomAct(round int)

func (*DBTesting) TestAll

func (t *DBTesting) TestAll()

func (*DBTesting) TestAllDeleted

func (t *DBTesting) TestAllDeleted()

func (*DBTesting) TestAllPresent

func (t *DBTesting) TestAllPresent()

func (*DBTesting) TestDeletedKey

func (t *DBTesting) TestDeletedKey(key []byte)

func (*DBTesting) TestPresentKV

func (t *DBTesting) TestPresentKV(key, value []byte)

func (*DBTesting) Text

func (t *DBTesting) Text() string

type Delete

type Delete interface {
	TestDelete(key []byte) error

type Find

type Find interface {
	TestFind(key []byte) (rkey, rvalue []byte, err error)

type Get

type Get interface {
	TestGet(key []byte) (value []byte, err error)

type Has

type Has interface {
	TestHas(key []byte) (ret bool, err error)

type IterAct

type IterAct int
const (
	IterNone IterAct = iota

func (IterAct) String

func (a IterAct) String() string

type IteratorTesting

type IteratorTesting struct {
	Iter         iterator.Iterator
	Rand         *rand.Rand
	PostFn       func(t *IteratorTesting)
	Pos          int
	Act, LastAct IterAct
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*IteratorTesting) EOI

func (t *IteratorTesting) EOI()

func (*IteratorTesting) First

func (t *IteratorTesting) First()

func (*IteratorTesting) IsFirst

func (t *IteratorTesting) IsFirst() bool

func (*IteratorTesting) IsLast

func (t *IteratorTesting) IsLast() bool

func (*IteratorTesting) Last

func (t *IteratorTesting) Last()

func (*IteratorTesting) Next

func (t *IteratorTesting) Next()

func (*IteratorTesting) NextAll

func (t *IteratorTesting) NextAll()

func (*IteratorTesting) Prev

func (t *IteratorTesting) Prev()

func (*IteratorTesting) PrevAll

func (t *IteratorTesting) PrevAll()

func (*IteratorTesting) SOI

func (t *IteratorTesting) SOI()

func (*IteratorTesting) Seek

func (t *IteratorTesting) Seek(i int)

func (*IteratorTesting) SeekInexact

func (t *IteratorTesting) SeekInexact(i int)

func (*IteratorTesting) SeekKey

func (t *IteratorTesting) SeekKey(key []byte)

func (*IteratorTesting) TestKV

func (t *IteratorTesting) TestKV()

func (*IteratorTesting) Text

func (t *IteratorTesting) Text() string

func (*IteratorTesting) WalkNext

func (t *IteratorTesting) WalkNext(fn func(t *IteratorTesting))

func (*IteratorTesting) WalkPrev

func (t *IteratorTesting) WalkPrev(fn func(t *IteratorTesting))

type KeyValue

type KeyValue struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func KeyValue_BigValue

func KeyValue_BigValue() *KeyValue

func KeyValue_EmptyKey

func KeyValue_EmptyKey() *KeyValue

func KeyValue_EmptyValue

func KeyValue_EmptyValue() *KeyValue

func KeyValue_Generate

func KeyValue_Generate(rnd *rand.Rand, n, minlen, maxlen, vminlen, vmaxlen int) *KeyValue

func KeyValue_MultipleKeyValue

func KeyValue_MultipleKeyValue() *KeyValue

func KeyValue_OneKeyValue

func KeyValue_OneKeyValue() *KeyValue

func KeyValue_SpecialKey

func KeyValue_SpecialKey() *KeyValue

func (KeyValue) Clone

func (kv KeyValue) Clone() KeyValue

func (*KeyValue) Delete

func (kv *KeyValue) Delete(key []byte) (exist bool, value []byte)

func (*KeyValue) DeleteIndex

func (kv *KeyValue) DeleteIndex(i int) bool

func (KeyValue) Get

func (kv KeyValue) Get(key []byte) (i int, exist bool)

func (KeyValue) GetString

func (kv KeyValue) GetString(key string) (i int, exist bool)

func (KeyValue) Index

func (kv KeyValue) Index(i int) (key, value []byte)

func (KeyValue) IndexInexact

func (kv KeyValue) IndexInexact(i int) (key_, key, value []byte)

func (KeyValue) IndexOrNil

func (kv KeyValue) IndexOrNil(i int) (key, value []byte)

func (KeyValue) IndexString

func (kv KeyValue) IndexString(i int) (key, value string)

func (KeyValue) Iterate

func (kv KeyValue) Iterate(fn func(i int, key, value []byte))

func (KeyValue) IterateInexact

func (kv KeyValue) IterateInexact(fn func(i int, key_, key, value []byte))

func (KeyValue) IterateInexactString

func (kv KeyValue) IterateInexactString(fn func(i int, key_, key, value string))

func (KeyValue) IterateShuffled

func (kv KeyValue) IterateShuffled(rnd *rand.Rand, fn func(i int, key, value []byte))

func (KeyValue) IterateShuffledString

func (kv KeyValue) IterateShuffledString(rnd *rand.Rand, fn func(i int, key, value string))

func (KeyValue) IterateString

func (kv KeyValue) IterateString(fn func(i int, key, value string))

func (KeyValue) KeyAt

func (kv KeyValue) KeyAt(i int) []byte

func (KeyValue) Len

func (kv KeyValue) Len() int

func (*KeyValue) Put

func (kv *KeyValue) Put(key, value []byte)

func (*KeyValue) PutString

func (kv *KeyValue) PutString(key, value string)

func (*KeyValue) PutU

func (kv *KeyValue) PutU(key, value []byte) bool

func (*KeyValue) PutUString

func (kv *KeyValue) PutUString(key, value string) bool

func (KeyValue) Range

func (kv KeyValue) Range(start, limit int) (r util.Range)

func (KeyValue) Search

func (kv KeyValue) Search(key []byte) int

func (KeyValue) SearchString

func (kv KeyValue) SearchString(key string) int

func (*KeyValue) Size

func (kv *KeyValue) Size() int

func (KeyValue) Slice

func (kv KeyValue) Slice(start, limit int) KeyValue

func (KeyValue) SliceKey

func (kv KeyValue) SliceKey(start, limit []byte) KeyValue

func (KeyValue) SliceKeyString

func (kv KeyValue) SliceKeyString(start, limit string) KeyValue

func (KeyValue) SliceRange

func (kv KeyValue) SliceRange(r *util.Range) KeyValue

func (KeyValue) ValueAt

func (kv KeyValue) ValueAt(i int) []byte

type KeyValueEntry

type KeyValueEntry struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type NewIterator

type NewIterator interface {
	TestNewIterator(slice *util.Range) iterator.Iterator

type Put

type Put interface {
	TestPut(key []byte, value []byte) error

type Storage

type Storage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewStorage

func NewStorage() *Storage

func (*Storage) Close

func (s *Storage) Close() error

func (*Storage) Counter

func (s *Storage) Counter(m StorageMode, t storage.FileType) (count int, bytes int64)

func (*Storage) EmulateError

func (s *Storage) EmulateError(m StorageMode, t storage.FileType, err error)

func (*Storage) GetFile

func (s *Storage) GetFile(num uint64, t storage.FileType) storage.File

func (*Storage) GetFiles

func (s *Storage) GetFiles(t storage.FileType) (files []storage.File, err error)

func (*Storage) GetManifest

func (s *Storage) GetManifest() (f storage.File, err error)

func (*Storage) Lock

func (s *Storage) Lock() (r util.Releaser, err error)

func (*Storage) Log

func (s *Storage) Log(str string)

func (*Storage) Release

func (s *Storage) Release(m StorageMode, t storage.FileType)

func (*Storage) ResetCounter

func (s *Storage) ResetCounter(m StorageMode, t storage.FileType)

func (*Storage) SetManifest

func (s *Storage) SetManifest(f storage.File) error

func (*Storage) Stall

func (s *Storage) Stall(m StorageMode, t storage.FileType)

type StorageMode

type StorageMode int
const (
	ModeOpen StorageMode = 1 << iota

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