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const (
	EventReasonStatusRefreshed    = "StatusRefreshed"
	EventReasonResourceCreated    = "ResourceCreated"
	EventReasonResourceUpdated    = "ResourceUpdated"
	EventReasonResourceDeleted    = "ResourceDeleted"
	EventReasonOperationStarted   = "OperationStarted"
	EventReasonOperationCompleted = "OperationCompleted"


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func ContainsSyncResource

func ContainsSyncResource(name string, gvk schema.GroupVersionKind, rr []argoappv1.SyncOperationResource) bool

ContainsSyncResource determines if the given resource exists in the provided slice of sync operation resources.

func FilterByProjects

func FilterByProjects(apps []argoappv1.Application, projects []string) []argoappv1.Application

FilterByProjects returns applications which belongs to the specified project

func FormatAppConditions

func FormatAppConditions(conditions []argoappv1.ApplicationCondition) string

FormatAppConditions returns string representation of give app condition list

func GetAppProject

GetAppProject returns a project from an application

func NewDiffNormalizer

func NewDiffNormalizer(ignore []v1alpha1.ResourceIgnoreDifferences, overrides map[string]v1alpha1.ResourceOverride) (diff.Normalizer, error)

NewDiffNormalizer creates diff normalizer which removes ignored fields according to given application spec and resource overrides

func NormalizeApplicationSpec

func NormalizeApplicationSpec(spec *argoappv1.ApplicationSpec, sourceType argoappv1.ApplicationSourceType) *argoappv1.ApplicationSpec

NormalizeApplicationSpec will normalize an application spec to a preferred state. This is used for migrating application objects which are using deprecated legacy fields into the new fields, and defaulting fields in the spec (e.g. spec.project)

func RefreshApp

func RefreshApp(appIf v1alpha1.ApplicationInterface, name string, refreshType argoappv1.RefreshType) (*argoappv1.Application, error)

RefreshApp updates the refresh annotation of an application to coerce the controller to process it

func SetAppOperation

func SetAppOperation(appIf v1alpha1.ApplicationInterface, appName string, op *argoappv1.Operation) (*argoappv1.Application, error)

SetAppOperation updates an application with the specified operation, retrying conflict errors

func ValidatePermissions

ValidatePermissions ensures that the referenced cluster has been added to Argo CD and the app source repo and destination namespace/cluster are permitted in app project

func ValidateRepo

ValidateRepo validates the repository specified in application spec. Following is checked: * the git repository is accessible * the git path contains valid manifests * there are parameters of only one app source type * ksonnet: the specified environment exists

func WaitForRefresh

func WaitForRefresh(ctx context.Context, appIf v1alpha1.ApplicationInterface, name string, timeout *time.Duration) (*argoappv1.Application, error)

WaitForRefresh watches an application until its comparison timestamp is after the refresh timestamp If refresh timestamp is not present, will use current timestamp at time of call


type AuditLogger

type AuditLogger struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAuditLogger

func NewAuditLogger(ns string, kIf kubernetes.Interface, component string) *AuditLogger

func (*AuditLogger) LogAppEvent

func (l *AuditLogger) LogAppEvent(app *v1alpha1.Application, info EventInfo, message string)

func (*AuditLogger) LogAppProjEvent

func (l *AuditLogger) LogAppProjEvent(proj *v1alpha1.AppProject, info EventInfo, message string)

type EventInfo

type EventInfo struct {
	Type   string
	Reason string