Grail-fuse allows reading and writing S3 files as if they are on the local file system. It supports Linux and OSX. No extra step is needed for Linux. For OSX, install osxfuse from


grail-fuse [-remote-root-dir DIR] [-daemon] [-log-dir LOGDIR] MOUNTPOINT


grail-fuse -daemon $HOME/s3

Flag -mount-root-dir defaults to s3://. Thus, after mounting grail-fuse on ~/s3, Toplevel directories under ~/s3 will list S3 buckets owned by the default AWS account. You can descend into buckets to read files underneath.

If -daemon is set, grail-fuse runs as a daemon.

Unmounting the file system

To unmount grail-fuse, run:

fusermount -u $HOME/s3

on Linux, or

umount $HOME/s3

on OSX.

Bugs and limitations

  • mkdir is not supported. rmdir is supported, but is is just a noop. You can just create a file under a nonexisting subdirectory without mkdiring it first.

  • grail-fuse caches file attributes in memory for up to 5 minutes. Thus, if the remote file system is updated by another user, it will not be reflected for up to five minutes. You can send a SIGHUP to grail-fuse to invalidate the cache.

  • File contents are not written back to the remote file system until close.

  • In general, random seeks are supported during writes.


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Package gfs implements FUSE on top oh grailfile.
Package gfs implements FUSE on top oh grailfile.