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Published: Sep 9, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


`ratelimit` a generic server-side ratelimit middleware for gRPC.

Server Side Ratelimit Middleware

It allows to do grpc rate limit by your own rate limiter (e.g. token bucket, leaky bucket, etc.)

Please see examples for simple examples of use.


Simple example of server initialization code.


package main

import (

// alwaysPassLimiter is an example limiter which implements Limiter interface.
// It does not limit any request because Limit function always returns false.
type alwaysPassLimiter struct{}

func (*alwaysPassLimiter) Limit() bool {
	return false

// Simple example of server initialization code.
func main() {
	// Create unary/stream rateLimiters, based on token bucket here.
	// You can implement your own ratelimiter for the interface.
	limiter := &alwaysPassLimiter{}
	_ = grpc.NewServer(



func StreamServerInterceptor

func StreamServerInterceptor(limiter Limiter) grpc.StreamServerInterceptor

StreamServerInterceptor returns a new stream server interceptor that performs rate limiting on the request.

func UnaryServerInterceptor

func UnaryServerInterceptor(limiter Limiter) grpc.UnaryServerInterceptor

UnaryServerInterceptor returns a new unary server interceptors that performs request rate limiting.

type Limiter

type Limiter interface {
	Limit() bool

Limiter defines the interface to perform request rate limiting. If Limit function return true, the request will be rejected. Otherwise, the request will pass.

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