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func Initialize

func Initialize(target Target, options Options) model.Options

Initialize is init for model.Options


type Options

type Options struct {
	UniqParam         []string `json:"param"`
	Cookie            string   `json:"cookie"`
	Header            []string `json:"header"`
	BlindURL          string   `json:"blind"`
	CustomPayloadFile string   `json:"custom-payload-file"`
	CustomAlertValue  string   `json:"custom-alert-value"`
	CustomAlertType   string   `json:"custom-alert-type"`
	Data              string   `json:"data"`
	UserAgent         string   `json:"user-agent"`
	OutputFile        string   `json:"output"`
	FoundAction       string   `json:"found-action"`
	FoundActionShell  string   `json:"found-action-shell"`
	ProxyAddress      string   `json:"proxy"`
	Grep              string   `json:"grep"`
	IgnoreReturn      string   `json:"ignore-return"`
	IgnoreParams      []string `json:"ignore-params"`
	Trigger           string   `json:"trigger"`
	TriggerMethod     string   `json:"request-method"`
	Sequence          int      `json:"sequence"`
	Timeout           int      `json:"timeout"`
	Concurrence       int      `json:"worker"`
	Delay             int      `json:"delay"`
	OnlyDiscovery     bool     `json:"only-discovery"`
	OnlyCustomPayload bool     `json:"only-custom-payload"`
	FollowRedirect    bool     `json:"follow-redirects"`
	Mining            bool     `json:"mining-dict"`
	FindingDOM        bool     `json:"mining-dom"`
	NoBAV             bool     `json:"no-bav"`
	NoGrep            bool     `json:"skip-grepping"`
	UseHeadless       bool     `json:"use-headless"`
	UseDeepDXSS       bool     `json:"use-deepdxss"`
	RemotePayloads    string
	RemoteWordlists   string
	PoCType           string `json:"poc-type"`
	WAFEvasion        bool   `json:"waf-evasion"`

Options is dalfox options for lib

type Result

type Result struct {
	Logs      []string
	PoCs      []model.PoC
	Params    []model.ParamResult
	Duration  time.Duration
	StartTime time.Time
	EndTime   time.Time

Result is struct for library and cli application

func NewScan

func NewScan(target Target) (Result, error)

NewScan is dalfox single scan in lib

func (*Result) IsFound

func (c *Result) IsFound() bool

IsFound is check for result

type Target

type Target struct {
	URL     string
	Method  string
	Options Options

Target is target object

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