Package allocwatcher allows blocking until another allocation - whether running locally or remotely - completes and migrates the allocation directory if necessary.



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    func NewAllocWatcher

    func NewAllocWatcher(c Config) (PrevAllocWatcher, PrevAllocMigrator)

      NewAllocWatcher creates a PrevAllocWatcher appropriate for whether this alloc's previous allocation was local or remote. If this alloc has no previous alloc then a noop implementation is returned.


      type AllocRunnerMeta

      type AllocRunnerMeta interface {
      	GetAllocDir() *allocdir.AllocDir
      	Listener() *cstructs.AllocListener
      	Alloc() *structs.Allocation

        AllocRunnerMeta provides metadata about an AllocRunner such as its alloc and alloc dir.

        type Config

        type Config struct {
        	// Alloc is the current allocation which may need to block on its
        	// previous allocation stopping.
        	Alloc *structs.Allocation
        	// PreviousRunner is non-nil if Alloc has a PreviousAllocation and it is
        	// running locally.
        	PreviousRunner AllocRunnerMeta
        	// PreemptedRunners is non-nil if Alloc has one or more PreemptedAllocations.
        	PreemptedRunners map[string]AllocRunnerMeta
        	// RPC allows the alloc watcher to monitor remote allocations.
        	RPC RPCer
        	// Config is necessary for using the RPC.
        	Config *config.Config
        	// MigrateToken is used to migrate remote alloc dirs when ACLs are
        	// enabled.
        	MigrateToken string
        	Logger hclog.Logger

        type NoopPrevAlloc

        type NoopPrevAlloc struct{}

          NoopPrevAlloc does not block or migrate on a previous allocation and never returns an error.

          func (NoopPrevAlloc) IsMigrating

          func (NoopPrevAlloc) IsMigrating() bool

          func (NoopPrevAlloc) IsWaiting

          func (NoopPrevAlloc) IsWaiting() bool

          func (NoopPrevAlloc) Migrate

            Migrate returns nil immediately.

            func (NoopPrevAlloc) Wait

              Wait returns nil immediately.

              type PrevAllocMigrator

              type PrevAllocMigrator interface {
              	// IsMigrating returns true if a concurrent caller is in Migrate
              	IsMigrating() bool
              	// Migrate data from previous alloc
              	Migrate(ctx context.Context, dest *allocdir.AllocDir) error

                PrevAllocMigrator allows AllocRunners to migrate a previous allocation whether or not the previous allocation is local or remote.

                type PrevAllocWatcher

                type PrevAllocWatcher interface {
                	// Wait for previous alloc to terminate
                	Wait(context.Context) error
                	// IsWaiting returns true if a concurrent caller is blocked in Wait
                	IsWaiting() bool

                  PrevAllocWatcher allows AllocRunners to wait for a previous allocation to terminate whether or not the previous allocation is local or remote. See `PrevAllocMigrator` for migrating workloads.

                  func NewGroupAllocWatcher

                  func NewGroupAllocWatcher(watchers ...PrevAllocWatcher) PrevAllocWatcher

                  type RPCer

                  type RPCer interface {
                  	// RPC allows retrieving remote allocs.
                  	RPC(method string, args interface{}, reply interface{}) error

                    RPCer is the interface needed by a prevAllocWatcher to make RPC calls.