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var ErrDriverNotFound = fmt.Errorf("driver not found")

    ErrDriverNotFound is returned during Dispense when the requested driver plugin is not found in the plugin catalog


    func New

    func New(c *Config) *manager

      New returns a new driver manager


      type Config

      type Config struct {
      	// Logger is the logger used by the device manager
      	Logger log.Logger
      	// Loader is the plugin loader
      	Loader loader.PluginCatalog
      	// PluginConfig is the config passed to the launched plugins
      	PluginConfig *base.AgentConfig
      	// Updater is used to update the node when driver information changes
      	Updater UpdateNodeDriverInfoFn
      	// EventHandlerFactory is used to retrieve a task event handler
      	EventHandlerFactory TaskEventHandlerFactory
      	// State is used to manage the device managers state
      	State StateStorage
      	// AllowedDrivers if set will only start driver plugins for the given
      	// drivers
      	AllowedDrivers map[string]struct{}
      	// BlockedDrivers if set will not allow the given driver plugins to start
      	BlockedDrivers map[string]struct{}

        Config is used to configure a driver manager

        type EventHandler

        type EventHandler func(*drivers.TaskEvent)

          EventHandler is a callback to be called for a task. The handler should not block execution.

          type FetchPluginReattachFn

          type FetchPluginReattachFn func() (*plugin.ReattachConfig, bool)

            FetchPluginReattachFn is used to retrieve the stored plugin reattachment configuration.

            type Manager

            type Manager interface {
            	// Dispense returns a drivers.DriverPlugin for the given driver plugin name
            	// handling reattaching to an existing driver if available
            	Dispense(driver string) (drivers.DriverPlugin, error)

              Manager is the interface used to manage driver plugins

              func TestDriverManager

              func TestDriverManager(t *testing.T) Manager

              type StateStorage

              type StateStorage interface {
              	// GetDevicePluginState is used to retrieve the device manager's plugin
              	// state.
              	GetDriverPluginState() (*state.PluginState, error)
              	// PutDevicePluginState is used to store the device manager's plugin
              	// state.
              	PutDriverPluginState(state *state.PluginState) error

                StateStorage is used to persist the driver managers state across agent restarts.

                type StorePluginReattachFn

                type StorePluginReattachFn func(*plugin.ReattachConfig) error

                  StorePluginReattachFn is used to store plugin reattachment configurations.

                  type TaskEventHandlerFactory

                  type TaskEventHandlerFactory func(allocID, taskName string) EventHandler

                    TaskEventHandlerFactory returns an event handler for a given allocID/task name

                    type TaskExecHandler

                    type TaskExecHandler func(
                    	ctx context.Context,
                    	command []string,
                    	tty bool,
                    	stream drivers.ExecTaskStream) error

                      TaskExecHandler is function to be called for executing commands in a task

                      type UpdateNodeDriverInfoFn

                      type UpdateNodeDriverInfoFn func(string, *structs.DriverInfo)

                        UpdateNodeDriverInfoFn is the callback used to update the node from fingerprinting


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