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var (
	// BuildDate is the time of the git commit used to build the program,
	// in RFC3339 format. It is filled in by the compiler via makefile.
	BuildDate string

	// The git commit that was compiled. This will be filled in by the compiler.
	GitCommit   string
	GitDescribe string

	// The main version number that is being run at the moment.
	Version = "1.5.6"

	// A pre-release marker for the version. If this is "" (empty string)
	// then it means that it is a final release. Otherwise, this is a pre-release
	// such as "dev" (in development), "beta", "rc1", etc.
	VersionPrerelease = ""

	// VersionMetadata is metadata further describing the build type.
	VersionMetadata = ""


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type VersionInfo

type VersionInfo struct {
	BuildDate         time.Time
	Revision          string
	Version           string
	VersionPrerelease string
	VersionMetadata   string


func GetVersion

func GetVersion() *VersionInfo

func (*VersionInfo) Copy added in v1.2.13

func (v *VersionInfo) Copy() *VersionInfo

func (*VersionInfo) FullVersionNumber

func (c *VersionInfo) FullVersionNumber(rev bool) string

func (*VersionInfo) VersionNumber

func (c *VersionInfo) VersionNumber() string

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