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The version package provides a location to set the release versions for all packages to consume, without creating import cycles.

This package should not import any other terraform packages.



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const Header = "Terraform-Version"

Header is the header name used to send the current terraform version in http requests.


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var Prerelease = ""

A pre-release marker for the version. If this is "" (empty string) then it means that it is a final release. Otherwise, this is a pre-release such as "dev" (in development), "beta", "rc1", etc.

SemVer is an instance of version.Version. This has the secondary benefit of verifying during tests and init time that our version is a proper semantic version, which should always be the case.

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var Version = "1.0.11"

The main version number that is being run at the moment.


func String

func String() string

String returns the complete version string, including prerelease


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