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var BuiltinListeners = map[string]ListenerFactory{
	"tcp": tcpListenerFactory,

BuiltinListeners is the list of built-in listener types.

func NewListener

func NewListener(l *configutil.Listener, logger io.Writer, ui cli.Ui) (net.Listener, map[string]string, reloadutil.ReloadFunc, error)

NewListener creates a new listener of the given type with the given configuration. The type is looked up in the BuiltinListeners map.

func ParseStorage

func ParseStorage(result *Config, list *ast.ObjectList, name string) error

type Config

type Config struct {
	*configutil.SharedConfig `hcl:"-"`

	Storage   *Storage `hcl:"-"`
	HAStorage *Storage `hcl:"-"`

	ServiceRegistration *ServiceRegistration `hcl:"-"`

	CacheSize                int         `hcl:"cache_size"`
	DisableCache             bool        `hcl:"-"`
	DisableCacheRaw          interface{} `hcl:"disable_cache"`
	DisablePrintableCheck    bool        `hcl:"-"`
	DisablePrintableCheckRaw interface{} `hcl:"disable_printable_check"`

	EnableUI    bool        `hcl:"-"`
	EnableUIRaw interface{} `hcl:"ui"`

	MaxLeaseTTL        time.Duration `hcl:"-"`
	MaxLeaseTTLRaw     interface{}   `hcl:"max_lease_ttl"`
	DefaultLeaseTTL    time.Duration `hcl:"-"`
	DefaultLeaseTTLRaw interface{}   `hcl:"default_lease_ttl"`

	ClusterCipherSuites string `hcl:"cluster_cipher_suites"`

	PluginDirectory string `hcl:"plugin_directory"`

	EnableRawEndpoint    bool        `hcl:"-"`
	EnableRawEndpointRaw interface{} `hcl:"raw_storage_endpoint"`

	APIAddr              string      `hcl:"api_addr"`
	ClusterAddr          string      `hcl:"cluster_addr"`
	DisableClustering    bool        `hcl:"-"`
	DisableClusteringRaw interface{} `hcl:"disable_clustering"`

	DisablePerformanceStandby    bool        `hcl:"-"`
	DisablePerformanceStandbyRaw interface{} `hcl:"disable_performance_standby"`

	DisableSealWrap    bool        `hcl:"-"`
	DisableSealWrapRaw interface{} `hcl:"disable_sealwrap"`

	DisableIndexing    bool        `hcl:"-"`
	DisableIndexingRaw interface{} `hcl:"disable_indexing"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Config is the configuration for the vault server.

func CheckConfig

func CheckConfig(c *Config, e error) (*Config, error)

func DevConfig

func DevConfig(storageType string) (*Config, error)

DevConfig is a Config that is used for dev mode of Vault.

func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig(path string) (*Config, error)

LoadConfig loads the configuration at the given path, regardless if its a file or directory.

func LoadConfigDir

func LoadConfigDir(dir string) (*Config, error)

LoadConfigDir loads all the configurations in the given directory in alphabetical order.

func LoadConfigFile

func LoadConfigFile(path string) (*Config, error)

LoadConfigFile loads the configuration from the given file.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() *Config

func ParseConfig

func ParseConfig(d string) (*Config, error)

func (*Config) Merge

func (c *Config) Merge(c2 *Config) *Config

Merge merges two configurations.

func (*Config) Sanitized

func (c *Config) Sanitized() map[string]interface{}

Sanitized returns a copy of the config with all values that are considered sensitive stripped. It also strips all `*Raw` values that are mainly used for parsing.

Specifically, the fields that this method strips are: - Storage.Config - HAStorage.Config - Seals.Config - Telemetry.CirconusAPIToken

type ListenerFactory

type ListenerFactory func(*configutil.Listener, io.Writer, cli.Ui) (net.Listener, map[string]string, reloadutil.ReloadFunc, error)

ListenerFactory is the factory function to create a listener.

type ServiceRegistration

type ServiceRegistration struct {
	Type   string
	Config map[string]string

ServiceRegistration is the optional service discovery for the server.

func (*ServiceRegistration) GoString

func (b *ServiceRegistration) GoString() string

type Storage

type Storage struct {
	Type              string
	RedirectAddr      string
	ClusterAddr       string
	DisableClustering bool
	Config            map[string]string

Storage is the underlying storage configuration for the server.

func (*Storage) GoString

func (b *Storage) GoString() string

type TCPKeepAliveListener

type TCPKeepAliveListener struct {

TCPKeepAliveListener sets TCP keep-alive timeouts on accepted connections. It's used by ListenAndServe and ListenAndServeTLS so dead TCP connections (e.g. closing laptop mid-download) eventually go away.

This is copied directly from the Go source code.

func (TCPKeepAliveListener) Accept

func (ln TCPKeepAliveListener) Accept() (c net.Conn, err error)

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