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func New

func New() (interface{}, error)

    New implements builtinplugins.BuiltinFactory Redshift implements (mostly) a postgres 8 interface, and part of that is under the hood, it's lower-casing the usernames.


    type RedShift

    type RedShift struct {

    func (*RedShift) DeleteUser

      DeleteUser supports both default and custom statements to delete a user.

      func (*RedShift) Initialize

        Initialize must be called on each new RedShift struct before use. It uses the connutil.SQLConnectionProducer's Init function to do all the lifting.

        func (*RedShift) NewUser

          NewUser creates a new user in the database. There is no default statement for creating users, so one must be specified in the plugin config. Generated usernames are of the form v-{display-name}-{role-name}-{UUID}-{timestamp}

          func (*RedShift) Type

          func (r *RedShift) Type() (string, error)

          func (*RedShift) UpdateUser

            UpdateUser can update the expiration or the password of a user, or both. The updates all happen in a single transaction, so they will either all succeed or all fail. Both updates support both default and custom statements.

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