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func GeneratePrivateKey

func GeneratePrivateKey(keystorePath string) (*ecdsa.PrivateKey, error)

GeneratePrivateKey creates an EC private key using a P-256 curve and stores it in keystorePath.

func LoadPrivateKey

func LoadPrivateKey(keystorePath string) (*ecdsa.PrivateKey, error)

LoadPrivateKey loads a private key from a file in keystorePath. It looks for a file ending in "_sk" and expects a PEM-encoded PKCS8 EC private key.


type ECDSASignature

type ECDSASignature struct {
	R, S *big.Int

type ECDSASigner

type ECDSASigner struct {
	PrivateKey *ecdsa.PrivateKey

* ECDSA signer implements the crypto.Signer interface for ECDSA keys. The Sign method ensures signatures are created with Low S values since Fabric normalizes all signatures to Low S. See https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0146.mediawiki#low_s for more detail.

func (*ECDSASigner) Public

func (e *ECDSASigner) Public() crypto.PublicKey

Public returns the ecdsa.PublicKey associated with PrivateKey.

func (*ECDSASigner) Sign

func (e *ECDSASigner) Sign(rand io.Reader, digest []byte, opts crypto.SignerOpts) ([]byte, error)

Sign signs the digest and ensures that signatures use the Low S value.

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