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func CleanPatterns

func CleanPatterns(patterns []string) ([]string, [][]string, bool, error)

CleanPatterns takes a slice of patterns returns a new slice of patterns cleaned with filepath.Clean, stripped of any empty patterns and lets the caller know whether the slice contains any exception patterns (prefixed with !).

func CopyFile

func CopyFile(src, dst string) (int64, error)

CopyFile copies from src to dst until either EOF is reached on src or an error occurs. It verifies src exists and remove the dst if it exists.

func CreateIfNotExists

func CreateIfNotExists(path string, isDir bool) error

CreateIfNotExists creates a file or a directory only if it does not already exist.

func GetTotalUsedFds

func GetTotalUsedFds() int

GetTotalUsedFds Returns the number of used File Descriptors by reading it via /proc filesystem.

func Matches

func Matches(file string, patterns []string) (bool, error)

Matches returns true if file matches any of the patterns and isn't excluded by any of the subsequent patterns.

func OptimizedMatches

func OptimizedMatches(file string, patterns []string, patDirs [][]string) (bool, error)

OptimizedMatches is basically the same as fileutils.Matches() but optimized for archive.go. It will assume that the inputs have been preprocessed and therefore the function doesn't need to do as much error checking and clean-up. This was done to avoid repeating these steps on each file being checked during the archive process. The more generic fileutils.Matches() can't make these assumptions.

func ReadSymlinkedDirectory

func ReadSymlinkedDirectory(path string) (string, error)

ReadSymlinkedDirectory returns the target directory of a symlink. The target of the symbolic link may not be a file.


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