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type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager registers and fires timeouts for the snow API.

func (*Manager) Dispatch

func (m *Manager) Dispatch()

Dispatch ...

func (*Manager) Initialize

func (m *Manager) Initialize(timeoutConfig *timer.AdaptiveTimeoutConfig, benchlistMgr benchlist.Manager) error

Initialize this timeout manager.

func (*Manager) IsBenched

func (m *Manager) IsBenched(validatorID ids.ShortID, chainID ids.ID) bool

IsBenched returns true if messages to [validatorID] regarding [chainID] should not be sent over the network and should immediately fail.

func (*Manager) RegisterChain

func (m *Manager) RegisterChain(ctx *snow.Context, namespace string) error

RegisterChain ...

func (*Manager) RegisterRequest

func (m *Manager) RegisterRequest(
	validatorID ids.ShortID,
	chainID ids.ID,
	msgType constants.MsgType,
	uniqueRequestID ids.ID,
	timeoutHandler func(),
) (time.Time, bool)

RegisterRequests notes that we sent a request of type [msgType] to [validatorID] regarding chain [chainID]. If we don't receive a response in time, [timeoutHandler] is executed.

func (*Manager) RegisterRequestToUnreachableValidator

func (m *Manager) RegisterRequestToUnreachableValidator()

RegisterRequestToUnreachableValidator registers that we would have sent a query to a validator but they are unreachable because they are bench or because of network conditions (e.g. we're not connected), so we didn't send the query. For the sake// of calculating the average latency and network timeout, we act as though we sent the validator a request and it timed out.

func (*Manager) RegisterResponse

func (m *Manager) RegisterResponse(
	validatorID ids.ShortID,
	chainID ids.ID,
	uniqueRequestID ids.ID,
	msgType constants.MsgType,
	latency time.Duration,

RegisterResponse registers that we received a response from [validatorID] regarding the given request ID and chain.

func (*Manager) TimeoutDuration

func (m *Manager) TimeoutDuration() time.Duration

TimeoutDuration returns the current network timeout duration

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