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Published: Mar 4, 2023 License: MIT Imports: 6 Imported by: 70


A Dictionary of Kagome v2

A dictionary package of kagome v2. This software includes a binary and/or source version of data from

  • mecab-ipadic-2.7.0-20070801

which can be obtained from

Feature Fields

Features are information given to a word, such as follows:

公園	名詞,一般,*,*,*,*,公園,コウエン,コーエン
に	助詞,格助詞,一般,*,*,*,に,ニ,ニ
行っ	動詞,自立,*,*,五段・カ行促音便,連用タ接続,行く,イッ,イッ
た	助動詞,*,*,*,特殊・タ,基本形,た,タ,タ
No. feature description
0 POS hierarchy The POS name and each level in its hierarchical structure.
1 POS hierarchy 1
2 POS hierarchy 2
3 POS hierarchy 3
4 Inflectional Type Inflection type indicates a category that is an inflected form, e.g. 五段・カ行促音便.
5 Inflectional Form Inflected form, e.g. 連用タ接続.
6 Base Form A form of dictionary headword, e.g. 行っ -> 行く.
7 Reading A possible reading for an entry. Readings are given in katakana, e.g. コウエン.
8 Pronunciation A possible pronunciations for an entry. Pronunciations are given in katakana, .e.g. コーエン.






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const (

	// POSHierarchy represents part-of-speech hierarchy
	// e.g. Columns 動詞,自立,*,* are POSs which hierarchy depth is 4.
	POSHierarchy = 4
	// InflectionalType represents 活用型 (e.g. 五段・カ行促音便)
	InflectionalType FeatureIndex = 4
	// InflectionalForm represents 活用形 (e.g. 連用タ接続)
	InflectionalForm = 5
	// BaseForm represents 基本形 (e.g. 行く)
	BaseForm = 6
	// Reading represents 読み (e.g. コウエン)
	Reading = 7
	// Pronunciation represents 発音 (e.g. コーエン)
	Pronunciation = 8


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func Dict

func Dict() *dict.Dict

Dict returns a dictionary.

func DictShrink

func DictShrink() *dict.Dict

DictShrink returns a dictionary without content part. note. If an unshrinked dictionary already exists, this function returns it.


type FeatureIndex

type FeatureIndex = int

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