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type ConfigDataNode

type ConfigDataNode struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Represents a set of configuration data

func FromTable

func FromTable(table map[string]ctypes.ConfigValue) *ConfigDataNode

func NewNode

func NewNode() *ConfigDataNode

Returns a new and empty node.

func (*ConfigDataNode) AddItem

func (c *ConfigDataNode) AddItem(k string, v ctypes.ConfigValue)

Adds an item to the ConfigDataNode.

func (ConfigDataNode) DeleteItem

func (c ConfigDataNode) DeleteItem(k string)

Deletes a field in ConfigDataNode. If the field does not exist Delete is considered a no-op

func (*ConfigDataNode) GobDecode

func (c *ConfigDataNode) GobDecode(buf []byte) error

GobDecode decodes a GOB into a ConfigDataNode

func (*ConfigDataNode) GobEncode

func (c *ConfigDataNode) GobEncode() ([]byte, error)

GobEcode encodes a ConfigDataNode in go binary format

func (*ConfigDataNode) MarshalJSON

func (c *ConfigDataNode) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON marshals a ConfigDataNode into JSON

func (ConfigDataNode) Merge

func (c ConfigDataNode) Merge(n ctree.Node) ctree.Node

Merges a ConfigDataNode on top of this one (overwriting items where it occurs).

func (*ConfigDataNode) ReverseMerge

func (c *ConfigDataNode) ReverseMerge(n ctree.Node) ctree.Node

Merges a ConfigDataNode with this one but does not overwrite any conflicting values. Any conflicts are decided by the callers value.

func (*ConfigDataNode) Table

func (c *ConfigDataNode) Table() map[string]ctypes.ConfigValue

Returns the table of configuration items [key(string) / value(core.ConfigValue)].

func (*ConfigDataNode) UnmarshalJSON

func (c *ConfigDataNode) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON unmarshals JSON into a ConfigDataNode

type ConfigDataTree

type ConfigDataTree struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Allows adding of config data by namespace and retrieving of data from tree at a specific namespace (merging the relevant hiearchy). Uses pkg.ConfigTree.

func NewTree

func NewTree() *ConfigDataTree

Returns a new ConfigDataTree.

func (*ConfigDataTree) Add

func (c *ConfigDataTree) Add(ns []string, cdn *ConfigDataNode)

Adds a ConfigDataNode at the provided namespace.

func (*ConfigDataTree) Freeze

func (c *ConfigDataTree) Freeze()

Freezes the ConfigDataTree from future writes (adds) and triggers compression of tree into read-performant version.

func (*ConfigDataTree) Get

func (c *ConfigDataTree) Get(ns []string) *ConfigDataNode

Returns a ConfigDataNode that is a merged version of the namespace provided.

func (*ConfigDataTree) GobDecode

func (c *ConfigDataTree) GobDecode(buf []byte) error

func (*ConfigDataTree) GobEncode

func (c *ConfigDataTree) GobEncode() ([]byte, error)

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