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func DebugByDefault

func DebugByDefault()

DebugByDefault changes the default of the `-fuse.debug` flag to true.

This package registers a command line flag `-fuse.debug` and when run with that flag (and activated inside the tests), logs FUSE debug messages.

This is disabled by default, as most callers probably won't care about FUSE details. Use DebugByDefault for tests where you'd normally be passing `-fuse.debug` all the time anyway.

Call from an init function.


type ChildMap added in v0.3.2

type ChildMap map[string]fs.Node

ChildMap is a directory with child nodes looked up from a map.

func (ChildMap) Attr added in v0.3.2

func (f ChildMap) Attr(ctx context.Context, a *fuse.Attr) error

func (ChildMap) Lookup added in v0.3.2

func (f ChildMap) Lookup(ctx context.Context, name string) (fs.Node, error)

type Dir

type Dir struct{}

Dir can be embedded in a struct to make it look like a directory.

func (Dir) Attr

func (f Dir) Attr(ctx context.Context, a *fuse.Attr) error

type File

type File struct{}

File can be embedded in a struct to make it look like a file.

func (File) Attr

func (f File) Attr(ctx context.Context, a *fuse.Attr) error

type Mount

type Mount struct {
	// Dir is the temporary directory where the filesystem is mounted.
	Dir string

	Conn *fuse.Conn

	// Error will receive the return value of Serve.
	Error <-chan error
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Mount contains information about the mount for the test to use.

func Mounted

func Mounted(srv *fs.Server, options ...fuse.MountOption) (*Mount, error)

Mounted mounts the fuse.Server at a temporary directory.

It also waits until the filesystem is known to be visible (OS X workaround).

After successful return, caller must clean up by calling Close.

func MountedT

func MountedT(t testing.TB, filesys fs.FS, options ...fuse.MountOption) (*Mount, error)

MountedT mounts the filesystem at a temporary directory, directing it's debug log to the testing logger.

See Mounted for usage.

The debug log is not enabled by default. Use `-fuse.debug` or call DebugByDefault to enable.

func (*Mount) Close

func (mnt *Mount) Close()

Close unmounts the filesystem and waits for fs.Serve to return. Any returned error will be stored in Err. It is safe to call Close multiple times.

type MountInfo

type MountInfo struct {
	FSName string
	Type   string

MountInfo describes a mounted file system.

func GetMountInfo

func GetMountInfo(mnt string) (*MountInfo, error)

GetMountInfo finds information about the mount at mnt. It is intended for use by tests only, and only fetches information relevant to the current tests.

type SimpleFS

type SimpleFS struct {
	Node fs.Node

SimpleFS is a trivial FS that just implements the Root method.

func (SimpleFS) Root

func (f SimpleFS) Root() (fs.Node, error)


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