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const (
	// PodCheckBudget is the maximum number of retries with 1s delays
	PodCheckBudget = 200


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func Compare

func Compare(content, golden []byte) error

Compare compares two byte slices. It returns an error with a contextual diff if they are not equal.

func CompareContent

func CompareContent(content []byte, goldenFile string, t *testing.T)

CompareContent compares the content value against the golden file

func CompareYAML

func CompareYAML(filename string, t *testing.T)

CompareYAML compares a file "x" against a golden file "x.golden"

func CreateNamespace

func CreateNamespace(cl kubernetes.Interface) (string, error)

CreateNamespace creates a fresh namespace

func DeleteNamespace

func DeleteNamespace(cl kubernetes.Interface, ns string)

DeleteNamespace removes a namespace

func Eventually

func Eventually(f func() bool, t *testing.T)

Eventually does retrees to check a predicate

func FetchLogs

func FetchLogs(cl kubernetes.Interface, name, namespace string, container string) string

FetchLogs for a container in a a pod

func GetAppPods

func GetAppPods(cl kubernetes.Interface, nslist []string) (map[string][]string, error)

GetAppPods awaits till all pods are running in a namespace, and returns a map from "app" label value to the pod names.

func GetPods

func GetPods(cl kubernetes.Interface, ns string) []string

GetPods gets pod names in a namespace

func Refresh

func Refresh() bool

Refresh controls whether to update the golden artifacts instead. It is set using the environment variable REFRESH_GOLDEN.

func Run

func Run(command string) error

Run command and stream output

func RunInput

func RunInput(command, input string) error

RunInput command and pass input via stdin

func Shell

func Shell(command string) (string, error)

Shell out a command and aggregate output


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