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const SampleImageManifestSchema1 = `` /* 1130-byte string literal not displayed */


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func CreateRandomTarFile

func CreateRandomTarFile() (rs io.ReadSeeker, dgst digest.Digest, err error)

createRandomTarFile creates a random tarfile, returning it as an io.ReadSeeker along with its digest. An error is returned if there is a problem generating valid content. Inspired by github.com/vendor/docker/distribution/testutil/tarfile.go.

func GetFakeImageGetHandler

func GetFakeImageGetHandler(t *testing.T, iss ...imageapi.Image) ktestclient.ReactionFunc

GetFakeImageGetHandler returns a reaction function for use with wake os client returning one of given image objects if found.

func NewImageForManifest

func NewImageForManifest(repoName string, rawManifest string, managedByOpenShift bool) (*imageapi.Image, error)

func TestNewImageStreamObject

func TestNewImageStreamObject(namespace, name, tag, imageName, dockerImageReference string) *imageapi.ImageStream

TestNewImageStreamObject returns a new image stream object filled with given values.

func UploadTestBlob

func UploadTestBlob(serverURL *url.URL, repoName string) (distribution.Descriptor, []byte, error)

UploadTestBlob generates a random tar file and uploads it to the given repository.


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