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Package remotestate implements a Backend for remote state implementations from the state/remote package that also implement a backend schema for configuration.



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func TestClient

func TestClient(t *testing.T, raw backend.Backend)


type Backend

type Backend struct {
	// Backend should be set to the configuration schema. ConfigureFunc
	// should not be set on the schema.

	// ConfigureFunc takes the ctx from a schema.Backend and returns a
	// fully configured remote client to use for state operations.
	ConfigureFunc func(ctx context.Context) (remote.Client, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Backend implements backend.Backend for remote state backends.

All exported fields should be set. This struct should only be used by implementers of backends, not by consumers. If you're consuming, please use a higher level package such as Consul backends.

func (*Backend) Configure

func (b *Backend) Configure(rc *terraform.ResourceConfig) error

func (*Backend) DeleteState

func (b *Backend) DeleteState(name string) error

func (*Backend) State

func (b *Backend) State(name string) (state.State, error)

func (*Backend) States

func (b *Backend) States() ([]string, error)


Path Synopsis
Package gcs implements remote storage of state on Google Cloud Storage (GCS).
Package gcs implements remote storage of state on Google Cloud Storage (GCS).

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