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var TestBlock = &po.DeliverResponse{
	Type: &po.DeliverResponse_Block{
		Block: &common.Block{
			Data: &common.BlockData{
				Data: [][]byte{[]byte("test")},

TestBlock is a test block


func CreateBlockWithCCEvent

func CreateBlockWithCCEvent(events *pp.ChaincodeEvent, txID string,
	channelID string) (*common.Block, error)

CreateBlockWithCCEvent creates a mock block

func CreateBlockWithCCEventAndTxStatus

func CreateBlockWithCCEventAndTxStatus(events *pp.ChaincodeEvent, txID string,
	channelID string, txValidationCode pp.TxValidationCode) (*common.Block, error)

CreateBlockWithCCEventAndTxStatus creates a mock block with the given CC event and TX validation code

func NewMockCAClient

func NewMockCAClient(orgName string, cryptoProvider core.CryptoSuite) (api.CAClient, error)

NewMockCAClient Constructor for a CA client.

func NewMockCryptoConfig

func NewMockCryptoConfig() core.CryptoSuiteConfig

NewMockCryptoConfig ...

func NewMockCryptoConfigCustomized

func NewMockCryptoConfigCustomized(tlsEnabled, mutualTLSEnabled, errorCase bool) core.CryptoSuiteConfig

NewMockCryptoConfigCustomized ...

func NewMockEndpointConfig

func NewMockEndpointConfig() fab.EndpointConfig

NewMockEndpointConfig ...

func NewMockEndpointConfigCustomized

func NewMockEndpointConfigCustomized(tlsEnabled, mutualTLSEnabled, errorCase bool) fab.EndpointConfig

NewMockEndpointConfigCustomized ...

func NewMockIdentity

func NewMockIdentity(err error) (msp.Identity, error)

NewMockIdentity creates new mock identity

func NewMockIdentityConfig

func NewMockIdentityConfig() msp.IdentityConfig

NewMockIdentityConfig ...

func NewMockIdentityConfigCustomized

func NewMockIdentityConfigCustomized(tlsEnabled, mutualTLSEnabled, errorCase bool) msp.IdentityConfig

NewMockIdentityConfigCustomized ...

func NewMockIdentityManager

func NewMockIdentityManager(opts ...UsersOption) msp.IdentityManager

NewMockIdentityManager Constructor for a identity manager.

func NewMockSigningIdentity

func NewMockSigningIdentity() (msp.SigningIdentity, error)

NewMockSigningIdentity ...

func NewMockTransactionHeader

func NewMockTransactionHeader(channelID string) (fab.TransactionHeader, error)

NewMockTransactionHeader creates mock TxnID based on mock user.

func NewSimpleMockBlock

func NewSimpleMockBlock() *common.Block

NewSimpleMockBlock returns a simple mock block

func NewSimpleMockError

func NewSimpleMockError() error

NewSimpleMockError returns a error


type Channel

type Channel struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Channel supplies the configuration for channel context client

func NewMockChannel

func NewMockChannel(channelID string) (*Channel, error)

NewMockChannel creates new mock channel

func (*Channel) ChannelID

func (c *Channel) ChannelID() string

ChannelID returns channel ID

func (*Channel) ChannelService

func (c *Channel) ChannelService() fab.ChannelService

ChannelService returns channel service

func (*Channel) Providers

func (c *Channel) Providers() context.Client

Providers returns core providers

type LocalContext

type LocalContext struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LocalContext supplies the configuration for channel context client

func NewMockLocalContext

func NewMockLocalContext(client *MockContext, discoveryProvider fab.LocalDiscoveryProvider) *LocalContext

NewMockLocalContext creates new mock local context

func (*LocalContext) LocalDiscoveryService

func (c *LocalContext) LocalDiscoveryService() fab.DiscoveryService

LocalDiscoveryService returns the local discovery service

type MockBroadcastServer

type MockBroadcastServer struct {
	DeliverError                 error
	BroadcastInternalServerError bool
	DeliverResponse              *po.DeliverResponse
	BroadcastError               error
	BroadcastCustomResponse      *po.BroadcastResponse
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockBroadcastServer mock broadcast server

func (*MockBroadcastServer) Broadcast

Broadcast mock broadcast

func (*MockBroadcastServer) Deliver

Deliver mock deliver

func (*MockBroadcastServer) Start

func (m *MockBroadcastServer) Start(address string) string

Start the mock broadcast server

func (*MockBroadcastServer) Stop

func (m *MockBroadcastServer) Stop()

Stop the mock broadcast server and wait for completion.

type MockCAClient

type MockCAClient struct {

MockCAClient is a mock CAClient

func (*MockCAClient) CreateIdentity

func (mgr *MockCAClient) CreateIdentity(request *api.IdentityRequest) (*api.IdentityResponse, error)

CreateIdentity creates an identity

func (*MockCAClient) Enroll

func (mgr *MockCAClient) Enroll(enrollmentID string, enrollmentSecret string) error

Enroll enrolls a user with a Fabric network

func (*MockCAClient) GetAllIdentities

func (mgr *MockCAClient) GetAllIdentities(caname string) ([]*api.IdentityResponse, error)

GetAllIdentities returns all identities that the caller is authorized to see

func (*MockCAClient) GetIdentity

func (mgr *MockCAClient) GetIdentity(id, caname string) (*api.IdentityResponse, error)

GetIdentity returns an identity by id

func (*MockCAClient) ModifyIdentity

func (mgr *MockCAClient) ModifyIdentity(request *api.IdentityRequest) (*api.IdentityResponse, error)

ModifyIdentity updates identity

func (*MockCAClient) Reenroll

func (mgr *MockCAClient) Reenroll(enrollmentID string) error

Reenroll re-enrolls a user

func (*MockCAClient) Register

func (mgr *MockCAClient) Register(request *api.RegistrationRequest) (string, error)

Register registers a user with a Fabric network

func (*MockCAClient) RemoveIdentity

func (mgr *MockCAClient) RemoveIdentity(request *api.RemoveIdentityRequest) (*api.IdentityResponse, error)

RemoveIdentity removes identity

func (*MockCAClient) Revoke

func (mgr *MockCAClient) Revoke(request *api.RevocationRequest) (*api.RevocationResponse, error)

Revoke revokes a user

type MockChannelCfg

type MockChannelCfg struct {
	MockID           string
	MockBlockNumber  uint64
	MockMSPs         []*msp.MSPConfig
	MockAnchorPeers  []*fab.OrgAnchorPeer
	MockOrderers     []string
	MockVersions     *fab.Versions
	MockMembership   fab.ChannelMembership
	MockCapabilities map[fab.ConfigGroupKey]map[string]bool

MockChannelCfg contains mock channel configuration

func NewMockChannelCfg

func NewMockChannelCfg(id string) *MockChannelCfg

NewMockChannelCfg ...

func (*MockChannelCfg) AnchorPeers

func (cfg *MockChannelCfg) AnchorPeers() []*fab.OrgAnchorPeer

AnchorPeers returns anchor peers

func (*MockChannelCfg) BlockNumber

func (cfg *MockChannelCfg) BlockNumber() uint64

BlockNumber returns block number

func (*MockChannelCfg) HasCapability

func (cfg *MockChannelCfg) HasCapability(group fab.ConfigGroupKey, capability string) bool

HasCapability indicates whether or not the given group has the given capability

func (*MockChannelCfg) ID

func (cfg *MockChannelCfg) ID() string

ID returns name

func (*MockChannelCfg) MSPs

func (cfg *MockChannelCfg) MSPs() []*msp.MSPConfig

MSPs returns msps

func (*MockChannelCfg) Orderers

func (cfg *MockChannelCfg) Orderers() []string

Orderers returns orderers

func (*MockChannelCfg) Versions

func (cfg *MockChannelCfg) Versions() *fab.Versions

Versions returns versions

type MockChannelConfig

type MockChannelConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockChannelConfig mockcore query channel configuration

func NewMockChannelConfig

func NewMockChannelConfig(ctx context.Client, channelID string) (*MockChannelConfig, error)

NewMockChannelConfig mockcore channel config implementation

func (*MockChannelConfig) Query

Query mockcore query for channel configuration

type MockChannelContext

type MockChannelContext struct {

	Channel fab.ChannelService
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockChannelContext holds the client context plus channel-specific entities

func NewMockChannelContext

func NewMockChannelContext(context *MockContext, channelID string) *MockChannelContext

NewMockChannelContext returns a new MockChannelContext

func (*MockChannelContext) ChannelID

func (c *MockChannelContext) ChannelID() string

ChannelID returns the channel ID

func (*MockChannelContext) ChannelService

func (c *MockChannelContext) ChannelService() fab.ChannelService

ChannelService returns the ChannelService

type MockChannelProvider

type MockChannelProvider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockChannelProvider holds a mock channel provider.

func NewMockChannelProvider

func NewMockChannelProvider(ctx core.Providers) (*MockChannelProvider, error)

NewMockChannelProvider returns a mock ChannelProvider

func (*MockChannelProvider) ChannelService

func (cp *MockChannelProvider) ChannelService(ctx fab.ClientContext, channelID string) (fab.ChannelService, error)

ChannelService returns a mock ChannelService

func (*MockChannelProvider) SetCustomChannelService

func (cp *MockChannelProvider) SetCustomChannelService(customChannelService fab.ChannelService)

SetCustomChannelService sets custom channel service for unit-test purposes

type MockChannelService

type MockChannelService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockChannelService holds a mock channel service.

func (*MockChannelService) ChannelConfig

func (cs *MockChannelService) ChannelConfig() (fab.ChannelCfg, error)

ChannelConfig returns channel config

func (*MockChannelService) Config

func (cs *MockChannelService) Config() (fab.ChannelConfig, error)

Config ...

func (*MockChannelService) Discovery

func (cs *MockChannelService) Discovery() (fab.DiscoveryService, error)

Discovery returns a mock DiscoveryService

func (*MockChannelService) EventService

func (cs *MockChannelService) EventService(opts ...options.Opt) (fab.EventService, error)

EventService returns a mock event service

func (*MockChannelService) Membership

func (cs *MockChannelService) Membership() (fab.ChannelMembership, error)

Membership returns member identification

func (*MockChannelService) Selection

func (cs *MockChannelService) Selection() (fab.SelectionService, error)

Selection returns a mock SelectionService

func (*MockChannelService) SetDiscovery

func (cs *MockChannelService) SetDiscovery(discovery fab.DiscoveryService)

SetDiscovery sets the mock DiscoveryService

func (*MockChannelService) SetOrderers

func (cs *MockChannelService) SetOrderers(orderers []string)

SetOrderers sets orderes to mock channel service for unit-test purposes

func (*MockChannelService) SetSelection

func (cs *MockChannelService) SetSelection(selection fab.SelectionService)

SetSelection sets the mock SelectionService

func (*MockChannelService) SetTransactor

func (cs *MockChannelService) SetTransactor(t fab.Transactor)

SetTransactor changes the return value of Transactor

func (*MockChannelService) Transactor

func (cs *MockChannelService) Transactor(reqCtx reqContext.Context) (fab.Transactor, error)

Transactor returns a mock transactor

type MockConfig

type MockConfig struct {
	EvtServiceType fab.EventServiceType
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockConfig ...

func (*MockConfig) CAClientCert

func (c *MockConfig) CAClientCert(org string) ([]byte, bool)

CAClientCert Read configuration option for the fabric CA client cert for given org

func (*MockConfig) CAClientKey

func (c *MockConfig) CAClientKey(org string) ([]byte, bool)

CAClientKey Read configuration option for the fabric CA client key for given org

func (*MockConfig) CAConfig

func (c *MockConfig) CAConfig(org string) (*msp.CAConfig, bool)

CAConfig not implemented

func (*MockConfig) CAKeyStorePath

func (c *MockConfig) CAKeyStorePath() string

CAKeyStorePath not implemented

func (*MockConfig) CAServerCerts

func (c *MockConfig) CAServerCerts(org string) ([][]byte, bool)

CAServerCerts Read configuration option for the server certificates for given org

func (*MockConfig) ChannelConfig

func (c *MockConfig) ChannelConfig(name string) (*fab.ChannelEndpointConfig, bool)

ChannelConfig returns the channel configuration

func (*MockConfig) ChannelOrderers

func (c *MockConfig) ChannelOrderers(name string) ([]fab.OrdererConfig, bool)

ChannelOrderers returns a list of channel orderers

func (*MockConfig) ChannelPeers

func (c *MockConfig) ChannelPeers(name string) ([]fab.ChannelPeer, bool)

ChannelPeers returns the channel peers configuration

func (*MockConfig) Client

func (c *MockConfig) Client() *msp.ClientConfig

Client ...

func (*MockConfig) CredentialStorePath

func (c *MockConfig) CredentialStorePath() string

CredentialStorePath ...

func (*MockConfig) CryptoConfigPath

func (c *MockConfig) CryptoConfigPath() string

CryptoConfigPath ...

func (*MockConfig) EventServiceType

func (c *MockConfig) EventServiceType() fab.EventServiceType

EventServiceType returns the type of event service client to use

func (*MockConfig) IsSecurityEnabled

func (c *MockConfig) IsSecurityEnabled() bool

IsSecurityEnabled ...

func (*MockConfig) KeyStorePath

func (c *MockConfig) KeyStorePath() string

KeyStorePath ...

func (*MockConfig) Lookup

func (c *MockConfig) Lookup(key string) (interface{}, bool)

Lookup gets the Value from config file by Key

func (*MockConfig) NetworkConfig

func (c *MockConfig) NetworkConfig() *fab.NetworkConfig

NetworkConfig not implemented

func (*MockConfig) NetworkPeers

func (c *MockConfig) NetworkPeers() []fab.NetworkPeer

NetworkPeers returns the mock network peers configuration

func (*MockConfig) OrdererConfig

func (c *MockConfig) OrdererConfig(name string) (*fab.OrdererConfig, bool)

OrdererConfig not implemented

func (*MockConfig) OrderersConfig

func (c *MockConfig) OrderersConfig() []fab.OrdererConfig

OrderersConfig returns a list of defined orderers

func (*MockConfig) PeerConfig

func (c *MockConfig) PeerConfig(nameOrURL string) (*fab.PeerConfig, bool)

PeerConfig Retrieves a specific peer from the configuration by org and name

func (*MockConfig) PeersConfig

func (c *MockConfig) PeersConfig(org string) ([]fab.PeerConfig, bool)

PeersConfig Retrieves the fabric peers from the config file provided

func (*MockConfig) SecurityAlgorithm

func (c *MockConfig) SecurityAlgorithm() string

SecurityAlgorithm ...

func (*MockConfig) SecurityLevel

func (c *MockConfig) SecurityLevel() int

SecurityLevel ...

func (*MockConfig) SecurityProvider

func (c *MockConfig) SecurityProvider() string

SecurityProvider ...

func (*MockConfig) SecurityProviderLabel

func (c *MockConfig) SecurityProviderLabel() string

SecurityProviderLabel ...

func (*MockConfig) SecurityProviderLibPath

func (c *MockConfig) SecurityProviderLibPath() string

SecurityProviderLibPath will be set only if provider is PKCS11

func (*MockConfig) SecurityProviderPin

func (c *MockConfig) SecurityProviderPin() string

SecurityProviderPin ...

func (*MockConfig) SetCustomNetworkPeerCfg

func (c *MockConfig) SetCustomNetworkPeerCfg(customNetworkPeerCfg []fab.NetworkPeer)

SetCustomNetworkPeerCfg sets custom orderer config for unit-tests

func (*MockConfig) SetCustomOrdererCfg

func (c *MockConfig) SetCustomOrdererCfg(customOrdererCfg *fab.OrdererConfig)

SetCustomOrdererCfg sets custom orderer config for unit-tests

func (*MockConfig) SetCustomPeerCfg

func (c *MockConfig) SetCustomPeerCfg(customPeerCfg *fab.PeerConfig)

SetCustomPeerCfg sets custom orderer config for unit-tests

func (*MockConfig) SetCustomRandomOrdererCfg

func (c *MockConfig) SetCustomRandomOrdererCfg(customRandomOrdererCfg *fab.OrdererConfig)

SetCustomRandomOrdererCfg sets custom random orderer config for unit-tests

func (*MockConfig) SoftVerify

func (c *MockConfig) SoftVerify() bool

SoftVerify flag

func (*MockConfig) TLSCACertPool

func (c *MockConfig) TLSCACertPool() fab.CertPool

TLSCACertPool ...

func (*MockConfig) TLSClientCerts

func (c *MockConfig) TLSClientCerts() []tls.Certificate

TLSClientCerts ...

func (*MockConfig) TcertBatchSize

func (c *MockConfig) TcertBatchSize() int

TcertBatchSize ...

func (*MockConfig) Timeout

func (c *MockConfig) Timeout(arg fab.TimeoutType) time.Duration

Timeout not implemented

type MockConfigBlockBuilder

type MockConfigBlockBuilder struct {
	Index           uint64
	LastConfigIndex uint64

MockConfigBlockBuilder is used to build a mock Chain configuration block

func (*MockConfigBlockBuilder) Build

func (b *MockConfigBlockBuilder) Build() *common.Block

Build creates a mock Chain configuration Block

type MockConfigGroupBuilder

type MockConfigGroupBuilder struct {
	Version                 uint64
	ModPolicy               string
	OrdererAddress          string
	MSPNames                []string
	RootCA                  string
	Groups                  map[string]*common.ConfigGroup
	ChannelCapabilities     []string
	ApplicationCapabilities []string
	OrdererCapabilities     []string

MockConfigGroupBuilder is used to build a mock ConfigGroup

type MockConfigUpdateEnvelopeBuilder

type MockConfigUpdateEnvelopeBuilder struct {
	ChannelID string

MockConfigUpdateEnvelopeBuilder builds a mock ConfigUpdateEnvelope

func (*MockConfigUpdateEnvelopeBuilder) Build

Build builds an Envelope that contains a mock ConfigUpdateEnvelope

func (*MockConfigUpdateEnvelopeBuilder) BuildBytes

func (b *MockConfigUpdateEnvelopeBuilder) BuildBytes() []byte

BuildBytes builds an Envelope that contains a mock ConfigUpdateEnvelope and returns the marshaled bytes

func (*MockConfigUpdateEnvelopeBuilder) BuildConfigUpdateBytes

func (b *MockConfigUpdateEnvelopeBuilder) BuildConfigUpdateBytes() []byte

BuildConfigUpdateBytes builds an mock ConfigUpdate returns the marshaled bytes

type MockContext

type MockContext struct {
	SigningIdentity msp.SigningIdentity

MockContext holds core providers and identity to enable mocking.

func NewMockContext

func NewMockContext(si msp.SigningIdentity) *MockContext

NewMockContext creates a MockContext consisting of defaults and an identity

func (MockContext) EnrollmentCertificate

func (m MockContext) EnrollmentCertificate() []byte

EnrollmentCertificate Returns the underlying ECert representing this user’s identity.

func (MockContext) Identifier

func (m MockContext) Identifier() *msp.IdentityIdentifier

Identifier returns the identifier of that identity

func (MockContext) PrivateKey

func (m MockContext) PrivateKey() core.Key

PrivateKey returns the crypto suite representation of the private key

func (MockContext) PublicVersion

func (m MockContext) PublicVersion() msp.Identity

PublicVersion returns the public parts of this identity

func (MockContext) Serialize

func (m MockContext) Serialize() ([]byte, error)

Serialize converts an identity to bytes

func (MockContext) Sign

func (m MockContext) Sign(msg []byte) ([]byte, error)

Sign the message

func (MockContext) Verify

func (m MockContext) Verify(msg []byte, sig []byte) error

Verify a signature over some message using this identity as reference

type MockCryptoSuite

type MockCryptoSuite struct {

MockCryptoSuite implementation

func (*MockCryptoSuite) GetHash

func (m *MockCryptoSuite) GetHash(opts core.HashOpts) (hash.Hash, error)

GetHash mock get hash

func (*MockCryptoSuite) GetKey

func (m *MockCryptoSuite) GetKey(ski []byte) (k core.Key, err error)

GetKey mock get key

func (*MockCryptoSuite) Hash

func (m *MockCryptoSuite) Hash(msg []byte, opts core.HashOpts) (hash []byte, err error)

Hash mock hash

func (*MockCryptoSuite) KeyGen

func (m *MockCryptoSuite) KeyGen(opts core.KeyGenOpts) (k core.Key, err error)

KeyGen mock key gen

func (*MockCryptoSuite) KeyImport

func (m *MockCryptoSuite) KeyImport(raw interface{},
	opts core.KeyImportOpts) (k core.Key, err error)

KeyImport mock key import

func (*MockCryptoSuite) Sign

func (m *MockCryptoSuite) Sign(k core.Key, digest []byte,
	opts core.SignerOpts) (signature []byte, err error)

Sign mock signing

func (*MockCryptoSuite) Verify

func (m *MockCryptoSuite) Verify(k core.Key, signature, digest []byte, opts core.SignerOpts) (valid bool, err error)

Verify mock verify implementation

type MockEndorserServer

type MockEndorserServer struct {
	ProposalError error
	AddkvWrite    bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockEndorserServer mock endoreser server to process endorsement proposals

func (*MockEndorserServer) ProcessProposal

func (m *MockEndorserServer) ProcessProposal(context context.Context,
	proposal *pb.SignedProposal) (*pb.ProposalResponse, error)

ProcessProposal mock implementation that returns success if error is not set error if it is

func (*MockEndorserServer) Start

func (m *MockEndorserServer) Start(address string) string

Start the mock broadcast server

func (*MockEndorserServer) Stop

func (m *MockEndorserServer) Stop()

Stop the mock broadcast server and wait for completion.

type MockEventServer

type MockEventServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockEventServer ...

func (*MockEventServer) Chat

Chat for event chatting

func (*MockEventServer) SendMockEvent

func (m *MockEventServer) SendMockEvent(event *pb.Event)

SendMockEvent used for sending mock events to event server

func (*MockEventServer) Start

func (m *MockEventServer) Start(address string) string

Start the mock event server

func (*MockEventServer) Stop

func (m *MockEventServer) Stop()

Stop the mock event server and wait for completion.

type MockEventService

type MockEventService struct {
	TxStatusRegCh    chan *dispatcher.TxStatusReg
	TxValidationCode pb.TxValidationCode
	Timeout          bool

MockEventService implements a mock event service

func NewMockEventService

func NewMockEventService() *MockEventService

NewMockEventService returns a new mock event service

func (*MockEventService) RegisterBlockEvent

func (m *MockEventService) RegisterBlockEvent(filter ...fab.BlockFilter) (fab.Registration, <-chan *fab.BlockEvent, error)

RegisterBlockEvent registers for block events.

func (*MockEventService) RegisterChaincodeEvent

func (m *MockEventService) RegisterChaincodeEvent(ccID, eventFilter string) (fab.Registration, <-chan *fab.CCEvent, error)

RegisterChaincodeEvent registers for chaincode events.

func (*MockEventService) RegisterFilteredBlockEvent

func (m *MockEventService) RegisterFilteredBlockEvent() (fab.Registration, <-chan *fab.FilteredBlockEvent, error)

RegisterFilteredBlockEvent registers for filtered block events.

func (*MockEventService) RegisterTxStatusEvent

func (m *MockEventService) RegisterTxStatusEvent(txID string) (fab.Registration, <-chan *fab.TxStatusEvent, error)

RegisterTxStatusEvent registers for transaction status events.

func (*MockEventService) Unregister

func (m *MockEventService) Unregister(reg fab.Registration)

Unregister removes the given registration.

type MockIdentity

type MockIdentity struct {
	Err error

MockIdentity implements identity

func (*MockIdentity) Anonymous

func (id *MockIdentity) Anonymous() bool

Anonymous ...

func (*MockIdentity) ExpiresAt

func (id *MockIdentity) ExpiresAt() time.Time

ExpiresAt returns the time at which the Identity expires.

func (*MockIdentity) GetIdentifier

func (id *MockIdentity) GetIdentifier() *msp.IdentityIdentifier

GetIdentifier returns the identifier (MSPID/IDID) for this instance

func (*MockIdentity) GetMSPIdentifier

func (id *MockIdentity) GetMSPIdentifier() string

GetMSPIdentifier returns the MSP identifier for this instance

func (*MockIdentity) GetOrganizationalUnits

func (id *MockIdentity) GetOrganizationalUnits() []*msp.OUIdentifier

GetOrganizationalUnits returns the OU for this instance

func (*MockIdentity) SatisfiesPrincipal

func (id *MockIdentity) SatisfiesPrincipal(principal *msp_protos.MSPPrincipal) error

SatisfiesPrincipal returns null if this instance matches the supplied principal or an error otherwise

func (*MockIdentity) Serialize

func (id *MockIdentity) Serialize() ([]byte, error)

Serialize returns a byte array representation of this identity

func (*MockIdentity) Validate

func (id *MockIdentity) Validate() error

Validate returns nil if this instance is a valid identity or an error otherwise

func (*MockIdentity) Verify

func (id *MockIdentity) Verify(msg []byte, sig []byte) error

Verify checks against a signature and a message to determine whether this identity produced the signature; it returns nil if so or an error otherwise

type MockIdentityManager

type MockIdentityManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockIdentityManager is a mock IdentityManager

func (*MockIdentityManager) GetSigningIdentity

func (mgr *MockIdentityManager) GetSigningIdentity(id string) (msp.SigningIdentity, error)

GetSigningIdentity will return an identity that can be used to cryptographically sign an object

type MockInfraProvider

type MockInfraProvider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockInfraProvider represents the default implementation of Fabric objects.

func (*MockInfraProvider) Close

func (f *MockInfraProvider) Close()

Close mock close function

func (*MockInfraProvider) CommManager

func (f *MockInfraProvider) CommManager() fab.CommManager

CommManager returns comm provider

func (*MockInfraProvider) CreateChannelCfg

func (f *MockInfraProvider) CreateChannelCfg(ctx fab.ClientContext, name string) (fab.ChannelCfg, error)

CreateChannelCfg creates the channel configuration

func (*MockInfraProvider) CreateChannelConfig

func (f *MockInfraProvider) CreateChannelConfig(channelID string) (fab.ChannelConfig, error)

CreateChannelConfig initializes the channel config

func (*MockInfraProvider) CreateChannelMembership

func (f *MockInfraProvider) CreateChannelMembership(ctx fab.ClientContext, channel string) (fab.ChannelMembership, error)

CreateChannelMembership returns a channel member identifier

func (*MockInfraProvider) CreateEventService

func (f *MockInfraProvider) CreateEventService(ic fab.ClientContext, channelID string, opts ...options.Opt) (fab.EventService, error)

CreateEventService creates the event service.

func (*MockInfraProvider) CreateOrdererFromConfig

func (f *MockInfraProvider) CreateOrdererFromConfig(cfg *fab.OrdererConfig) (fab.Orderer, error)

CreateOrdererFromConfig creates a default implementation of Orderer based on configuration.

func (*MockInfraProvider) CreatePeerFromConfig

func (f *MockInfraProvider) CreatePeerFromConfig(peerCfg *fab.NetworkPeer) (fab.Peer, error)

CreatePeerFromConfig returns a new default implementation of Peer based configuration

func (*MockInfraProvider) SetCustomOrderer

func (f *MockInfraProvider) SetCustomOrderer(customOrderer fab.Orderer)

SetCustomOrderer creates a default implementation of Orderer based on configuration.

type MockMSP

type MockMSP struct {
	Err error

MockMSP implements mock msp

func NewMockMSP

func NewMockMSP(err error) *MockMSP

NewMockMSP creates mock msp

func (*MockMSP) DeserializeIdentity

func (m *MockMSP) DeserializeIdentity(serializedIdentity []byte) (msp.Identity, error)

DeserializeIdentity mockcore deserialize identity

func (*MockMSP) GetDefaultSigningIdentity

func (m *MockMSP) GetDefaultSigningIdentity() (msp.SigningIdentity, error)

GetDefaultSigningIdentity returns the default signing identity

func (*MockMSP) GetIdentifier

func (m *MockMSP) GetIdentifier() (string, error)

GetIdentifier returns the provider identifier

func (*MockMSP) GetMSPs

func (m *MockMSP) GetMSPs() (map[string]msp.MSP, error)

GetMSPs Provides a list of Membership Service providers

func (*MockMSP) GetSigningIdentity

func (m *MockMSP) GetSigningIdentity(identifier *msp.IdentityIdentifier) (msp.SigningIdentity, error)

GetSigningIdentity returns a signing identity corresponding to the provided identifier

func (*MockMSP) GetTLSIntermediateCerts

func (m *MockMSP) GetTLSIntermediateCerts() [][]byte

GetTLSIntermediateCerts returns the TLS intermediate root certificates for this MSP

func (*MockMSP) GetTLSRootCerts

func (m *MockMSP) GetTLSRootCerts() [][]byte

GetTLSRootCerts returns the TLS root certificates for this MSP

func (*MockMSP) GetType

func (m *MockMSP) GetType() msp.ProviderType

GetType returns the provider type

func (*MockMSP) GetVersion

func (m *MockMSP) GetVersion() msp.MSPVersion

GetVersion returns the version of this MSP

func (*MockMSP) IsWellFormed

func (m *MockMSP) IsWellFormed(identity *msp_protos.SerializedIdentity) error

IsWellFormed checks if the given identity can be deserialized into its provider-specific form

func (*MockMSP) SatisfiesPrincipal

func (m *MockMSP) SatisfiesPrincipal(id msp.Identity, principal *msp_protos.MSPPrincipal) error

SatisfiesPrincipal checks whether the identity matches the description supplied in MSPPrincipal.

func (*MockMSP) Setup

func (m *MockMSP) Setup(config *msp_protos.MSPConfig) error

Setup the MSP instance according to configuration information

func (*MockMSP) Validate

func (m *MockMSP) Validate(id msp.Identity) error

Validate checks whether the supplied identity is valid

type MockMSPManager

type MockMSPManager struct {
	MSPs map[string]msp.MSP
	Err  error

MockMSPManager implements mock msp manager

func NewMockMSPManager

func NewMockMSPManager(msps map[string]msp.MSP) *MockMSPManager

NewMockMSPManager mockcore msp manager

func NewMockMSPManagerWithError

func NewMockMSPManagerWithError(msps map[string]msp.MSP, err error) *MockMSPManager

NewMockMSPManagerWithError mockcore msp manager

func (*MockMSPManager) DeserializeIdentity

func (mgr *MockMSPManager) DeserializeIdentity(serializedIdentity []byte) (msp.Identity, error)

DeserializeIdentity mockcore deserialize identity

func (*MockMSPManager) GetMSPs

func (mgr *MockMSPManager) GetMSPs() (map[string]msp.MSP, error)

GetMSPs Provides a list of Membership Service providers

func (*MockMSPManager) IsWellFormed

func (mgr *MockMSPManager) IsWellFormed(identity *msp_protos.SerializedIdentity) error

IsWellFormed checks if the given identity can be deserialized into its provider-specific form

func (*MockMSPManager) Setup

func (mgr *MockMSPManager) Setup(msps []msp.MSP) error

Setup the MSP manager instance according to configuration information

type MockMembership

type MockMembership struct {
	ValidateErr error
	VerifyErr   error

MockMembership mock member id

func NewMockMembership

func NewMockMembership() *MockMembership

NewMockMembership new mock member id

func (*MockMembership) Validate

func (m *MockMembership) Validate(serializedID []byte) error

Validate if the given ID was issued by the channel's members

func (*MockMembership) Verify

func (m *MockMembership) Verify(serializedID []byte, msg []byte, sig []byte) error

Verify the given signature

type MockOrderer

type MockOrderer struct {
	OrdererURL        string
	BroadcastListener chan *fab.SignedEnvelope
	BroadcastErrors   chan error
	Deliveries        chan *common.Block
	DeliveryErrors    chan error
	// These queues are used to detach the client, to avoid deadlocks
	BroadcastQueue chan *fab.SignedEnvelope
	DeliveryQueue  chan interface{}

MockOrderer is a mock fabricclient.Orderer Nothe that calling broadcast doesn't deliver anythng. This implies that the broadcast side and the deliver side are totally independent from the mocking point of view.

func NewMockOrderer

func NewMockOrderer(url string, broadcastListener chan *fab.SignedEnvelope) *MockOrderer

NewMockOrderer ...

func (*MockOrderer) CloseQueue

func (o *MockOrderer) CloseQueue()

CloseQueue ends the mock broadcast and delivery queues

func (*MockOrderer) EnqueueForSendDeliver

func (o *MockOrderer) EnqueueForSendDeliver(value interface{})

EnqueueForSendDeliver enqueues a mock value (block or error) for delivery

func (*MockOrderer) EnqueueSendBroadcastError

func (o *MockOrderer) EnqueueSendBroadcastError(err error)

EnqueueSendBroadcastError enqueues error

func (*MockOrderer) SendBroadcast

func (o *MockOrderer) SendBroadcast(ctx reqContext.Context, envelope *fab.SignedEnvelope) (*common.Status, error)

SendBroadcast accepts client broadcast calls and reports them to the listener channel Returns the first enqueued error, or nil if there are no enqueued errors

func (*MockOrderer) SendDeliver

func (o *MockOrderer) SendDeliver(ctx reqContext.Context, envelope *fab.SignedEnvelope) (chan *common.Block, chan error)

SendDeliver returns the channels for delivery of prepared mock values and errors (if any)

func (*MockOrderer) URL

func (o *MockOrderer) URL() string

URL returns the URL of the mock Orderer

type MockPeer

type MockPeer struct {
	RWLock               *sync.RWMutex
	Error                error
	MockName             string
	MockURL              string
	MockRoles            []string
	MockCert             *pem.Block
	Payload              []byte
	ResponseMessage      string
	MockMSP              string
	Status               int32
	ProcessProposalCalls int
	Endorser             []byte

MockPeer is a mock fabricsdk.Peer.

func NewMockPeer

func NewMockPeer(name string, url string) *MockPeer

NewMockPeer creates basic mock peer

func (*MockPeer) EnrollmentCertificate

func (p *MockPeer) EnrollmentCertificate() *pem.Block

EnrollmentCertificate returns the mock peer's mock enrollment certificate

func (*MockPeer) MSPID

func (p *MockPeer) MSPID() string

MSPID gets the Peer mspID.

func (*MockPeer) Name

func (p *MockPeer) Name() string

Name returns the mock peer's mock name

func (*MockPeer) ProcessTransactionProposal

func (p *MockPeer) ProcessTransactionProposal(ctx reqContext.Context, tp fab.ProcessProposalRequest) (*fab.TransactionProposalResponse, error)

ProcessTransactionProposal does not send anything anywhere but returns an empty mock ProposalResponse

func (*MockPeer) Roles

func (p *MockPeer) Roles() []string

Roles returns the mock peer's mock roles

func (*MockPeer) SetEnrollmentCertificate

func (p *MockPeer) SetEnrollmentCertificate(pem *pem.Block)

SetEnrollmentCertificate sets the mock peer's mock enrollment certificate

func (*MockPeer) SetMSPID

func (p *MockPeer) SetMSPID(mspID string)

SetMSPID sets the Peer mspID.

func (*MockPeer) SetName

func (p *MockPeer) SetName(name string)

SetName sets the mock peer's mock name

func (*MockPeer) SetRoles

func (p *MockPeer) SetRoles(roles []string)

SetRoles sets the mock peer's mock roles

func (*MockPeer) URL

func (p *MockPeer) URL() string

URL returns the mock peer's mock URL

type MockProviderContext

type MockProviderContext struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockProviderContext holds core providers to enable mocking.

func NewMockProviderContext

func NewMockProviderContext(userOpts ...ProviderOption) *MockProviderContext

NewMockProviderContext creates a MockProviderContext consisting of defaults

func NewMockProviderContextCustom

func NewMockProviderContextCustom(cryptoConfig core.CryptoSuiteConfig, endpointConfig fab.EndpointConfig, identityConfig msp.IdentityConfig, cryptoSuite core.CryptoSuite, signer core.SigningManager, userStore msp.UserStore, identityManager map[string]msp.IdentityManager) *MockProviderContext

NewMockProviderContextCustom creates a MockProviderContext consisting of the arguments

func (*MockProviderContext) ChannelProvider

func (pc *MockProviderContext) ChannelProvider() fab.ChannelProvider

ChannelProvider returns channel provider

func (*MockProviderContext) CryptoSuite

func (pc *MockProviderContext) CryptoSuite() core.CryptoSuite

CryptoSuite returns the mock crypto suite.

func (*MockProviderContext) CryptoSuiteConfig

func (pc *MockProviderContext) CryptoSuiteConfig() core.CryptoSuiteConfig

CryptoSuiteConfig ...

func (*MockProviderContext) EndpointConfig

func (pc *MockProviderContext) EndpointConfig() fab.EndpointConfig

EndpointConfig returns mock end point config

func (*MockProviderContext) IdentityConfig

func (pc *MockProviderContext) IdentityConfig() msp.IdentityConfig

IdentityConfig returns the Identity config

func (*MockProviderContext) IdentityManager

func (pc *MockProviderContext) IdentityManager(orgName string) (msp.IdentityManager, bool)

IdentityManager returns the identity manager

func (*MockProviderContext) InfraProvider

func (pc *MockProviderContext) InfraProvider() fab.InfraProvider

InfraProvider returns fabric provider

func (*MockProviderContext) LocalDiscoveryProvider

func (pc *MockProviderContext) LocalDiscoveryProvider() fab.LocalDiscoveryProvider

LocalDiscoveryProvider returns a local discovery provider

func (*MockProviderContext) PrivateKey

func (pc *MockProviderContext) PrivateKey() core.Key

PrivateKey returns the crypto suite representation of the private key

func (*MockProviderContext) PublicVersion

func (pc *MockProviderContext) PublicVersion() msp.Identity

PublicVersion returns the public parts of this identity

func (*MockProviderContext) SetCryptoSuiteConfig

func (pc *MockProviderContext) SetCryptoSuiteConfig(config core.CryptoSuiteConfig)

SetCryptoSuiteConfig sets the mock cryptosuite configuration.

func (*MockProviderContext) SetCustomInfraProvider

func (pc *MockProviderContext) SetCustomInfraProvider(customInfraProvider fab.InfraProvider)

SetCustomInfraProvider sets custom fabric provider for unit-test purposes

func (*MockProviderContext) SetEndpointConfig

func (pc *MockProviderContext) SetEndpointConfig(config fab.EndpointConfig)

SetEndpointConfig sets the mock endpoint configuration.

func (*MockProviderContext) SetIdentityConfig

func (pc *MockProviderContext) SetIdentityConfig(config msp.IdentityConfig)

SetIdentityConfig sets the mock msp identity configuration.

func (*MockProviderContext) Sign

func (pc *MockProviderContext) Sign(msg []byte) ([]byte, error)

Sign the message

func (*MockProviderContext) SigningManager

func (pc *MockProviderContext) SigningManager() core.SigningManager

SigningManager returns the mock signing manager.

func (*MockProviderContext) UserStore

func (pc *MockProviderContext) UserStore() msp.UserStore

UserStore returns the mock usser store

type MockSelectionService

type MockSelectionService struct {
	Error error
	Peers []fab.Peer

MockSelectionService implements mock selection service

func NewMockSelectionService

func NewMockSelectionService(err error, peers ...fab.Peer) *MockSelectionService

NewMockSelectionService returns mock selection service

func (*MockSelectionService) GetEndorsersForChaincode

func (ds *MockSelectionService) GetEndorsersForChaincode(chaincodes []*fab.ChaincodeCall, opts ...options.Opt) ([]fab.Peer, error)

GetEndorsersForChaincode mockcore retrieving endorsing peers

type MockSigningIdentity

type MockSigningIdentity struct {
	// we embed everything from a base identity

	// signer corresponds to the object that can produce signatures from this identity
	Signer crypto.Signer

MockSigningIdentity ...

func (*MockSigningIdentity) GetPublicVersion

func (id *MockSigningIdentity) GetPublicVersion() msp.Identity

GetPublicVersion ...

func (*MockSigningIdentity) Sign

func (id *MockSigningIdentity) Sign(msg []byte) ([]byte, error)

Sign produces a signature over msg, signed by this instance

type MockStaticDiscoveryProvider

type MockStaticDiscoveryProvider struct {
	Error error
	Peers []fab.Peer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockStaticDiscoveryProvider implements mock discovery provider

func NewMockDiscoveryProvider

func NewMockDiscoveryProvider(err error, peers []fab.Peer) *MockStaticDiscoveryProvider

NewMockDiscoveryProvider returns mock discovery provider

func (*MockStaticDiscoveryProvider) CreateLocalDiscoveryService

func (dp *MockStaticDiscoveryProvider) CreateLocalDiscoveryService(mspID string) (fab.DiscoveryService, error)

CreateLocalDiscoveryService return local discovery service

func (*MockStaticDiscoveryProvider) SetCustomDiscoveryService

func (dp *MockStaticDiscoveryProvider) SetCustomDiscoveryService(customDiscoveryService fab.DiscoveryService)

SetCustomDiscoveryService sets custom discoveryService

type MockStaticDiscoveryService

type MockStaticDiscoveryService struct {
	Error error
	Peers []fab.Peer

MockStaticDiscoveryService implements mock discovery service

func NewMockDiscoveryService

func NewMockDiscoveryService(err error, peers ...fab.Peer) *MockStaticDiscoveryService

NewMockDiscoveryService returns a new MockStaticDiscoveryService

func (*MockStaticDiscoveryService) GetPeers

func (ds *MockStaticDiscoveryService) GetPeers() ([]fab.Peer, error)

GetPeers is used to discover eligible peers for chaincode

type MockTransactionHeader

type MockTransactionHeader struct {
	MockID        fab.TransactionID
	MockCreator   []byte
	MockNonce     []byte
	MockChannelID string

MockTransactionHeader supplies a transaction ID and metadata.

func (*MockTransactionHeader) ChannelID

func (th *MockTransactionHeader) ChannelID() string

ChannelID returns the transaction's target channel identifier.

func (*MockTransactionHeader) Creator

func (th *MockTransactionHeader) Creator() []byte

Creator returns the transaction creator's identity bytes.

func (*MockTransactionHeader) Nonce

func (th *MockTransactionHeader) Nonce() []byte

Nonce returns the transaction's generated nonce.

func (*MockTransactionHeader) TransactionID

func (th *MockTransactionHeader) TransactionID() fab.TransactionID

TransactionID returns the transaction's computed identifier.

type MockTransactor

type MockTransactor struct {
	Ctx       reqContex.Context
	ChannelID string
	Orderers  []fab.Orderer

MockTransactor provides an implementation of Transactor that exposes all its context.

func (*MockTransactor) CreateTransaction

func (t *MockTransactor) CreateTransaction(request fab.TransactionRequest) (*fab.Transaction, error)

CreateTransaction create a transaction with proposal response.

func (*MockTransactor) CreateTransactionHeader

func (t *MockTransactor) CreateTransactionHeader() (fab.TransactionHeader, error)

CreateTransactionHeader creates a Transaction Header based on the current context.

func (*MockTransactor) SendTransaction

func (t *MockTransactor) SendTransaction(tx *fab.Transaction) (*fab.TransactionResponse, error)

SendTransaction send a transaction to the chain’s orderer service (one or more orderer endpoints) for consensus and committing to the ledger.

func (*MockTransactor) SendTransactionProposal

func (t *MockTransactor) SendTransactionProposal(proposal *fab.TransactionProposal, targets []fab.ProposalProcessor) ([]*fab.TransactionProposalResponse, error)

SendTransactionProposal sends a TransactionProposal to the target peers.

type ProviderOption

type ProviderOption func(*ProviderUsersOptions) error

ProviderOption describes a functional parameter for the New constructor

func WithProviderUser

func WithProviderUser(username string, org string) ProviderOption

WithProviderUser option

type ProviderUsersOptions

type ProviderUsersOptions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ProviderUsersOptions ...

type UsersOption

type UsersOption func(*UsersOptions) error

UsersOption describes a functional parameter for the New constructor

func WithUser

func WithUser(username string, org string) UsersOption

WithUser option

func WithUsers

func WithUsers(users map[string]msp.SigningIdentity) UsersOption

WithUsers option

type UsersOptions

type UsersOptions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

UsersOptions holds optional users

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