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func ToSelfSubjectAccessReview

func ToSelfSubjectAccessReview(namespace, name, resource, verb string) *v1.SelfSubjectAccessReview

ToSelfSubjectAccessReview creates kubernetes API object based on provided data.


type CanIResponse

type CanIResponse struct {
	Allowed bool `json:"allowed"`

CanIResponse is used to as response to check whether or not user is allowed to access given endpoint.

type ClientManager

type ClientManager interface {
	Client(req *restful.Request) (kubernetes.Interface, error)
	InsecureClient() kubernetes.Interface
	CanI(req *restful.Request, ssar *v1.SelfSubjectAccessReview) bool
	Config(req *restful.Request) (*rest.Config, error)
	ClientCmdConfig(req *restful.Request) (clientcmd.ClientConfig, error)
	CSRFKey() string
	HasAccess(authInfo api.AuthInfo) error
	VerberClient(req *restful.Request) (ResourceVerber, error)
	SetTokenManager(manager authApi.TokenManager)

ClientManager is responsible for initializing and creating clients to communicate with kubernetes apiserver on demand.

type ResourceVerber

type ResourceVerber interface {
	Put(kind string, namespaceSet bool, namespace string, name string,
		object *runtime.Unknown) error
	Get(kind string, namespaceSet bool, namespace string, name string) (runtime.Object, error)
	Delete(kind string, namespaceSet bool, namespace string, name string) error

ResourceVerber is responsible for performing generic CRUD operations on all supported resources.

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