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const DEFAULT_TTL time.Duration = 8760 * time.Hour // one year


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func NewLocalManager

func NewLocalManager(config *EtcdConfig, prevSubnet ip.IP4Net) (Manager, error)

func NewMockManager

func NewMockManager(registry *MockSubnetRegistry) subnet.Manager

func NewMockManagerWithSubnet

func NewMockManagerWithSubnet(registry *MockSubnetRegistry, sn ip.IP4Net) subnet.Manager


type EtcdConfig

type EtcdConfig struct {
	Endpoints []string
	Keyfile   string
	Certfile  string
	CAFile    string
	Prefix    string
	Username  string
	Password  string

type LocalManager

type LocalManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LocalManager) AcquireLease

func (m *LocalManager) AcquireLease(ctx context.Context, attrs *LeaseAttrs) (*Lease, error)

func (*LocalManager) GetNetworkConfig

func (m *LocalManager) GetNetworkConfig(ctx context.Context) (*Config, error)

func (*LocalManager) Name

func (m *LocalManager) Name() string

func (*LocalManager) RenewLease

func (m *LocalManager) RenewLease(ctx context.Context, lease *Lease) error

func (*LocalManager) WatchLease

func (m *LocalManager) WatchLease(ctx context.Context, sn ip.IP4Net, cursor interface{}) (LeaseWatchResult, error)

func (*LocalManager) WatchLeases

func (m *LocalManager) WatchLeases(ctx context.Context, cursor interface{}) (LeaseWatchResult, error)

type MockSubnetRegistry

type MockSubnetRegistry struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMockRegistry

func NewMockRegistry(config string, initialSubnets []Lease) *MockSubnetRegistry

type Registry

type Registry interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

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