Package s3 handles publishing to Amazon S3



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    type PublishedStorage

    type PublishedStorage struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      PublishedStorage abstract file system with published files (actually hosted on S3)

      func NewPublishedStorage

      func NewPublishedStorage(accessKey, secretKey, sessionToken, region, endpoint, bucket, defaultACL, prefix,
      	storageClass, encryptionMethod string, plusWorkaround, disableMultiDel, forceSigV2, debug bool) (*PublishedStorage, error)

        NewPublishedStorage creates new instance of PublishedStorage with specified S3 access keys, region and bucket name

        func NewPublishedStorageRaw

        func NewPublishedStorageRaw(
        	bucket, defaultACL, prefix, storageClass, encryptionMethod string,
        	plusWorkaround, disabledMultiDel bool,
        	config *aws.Config,
        ) (*PublishedStorage, error)

          NewPublishedStorageRaw creates published storage from raw aws credentials

          func (*PublishedStorage) FileExists

          func (storage *PublishedStorage) FileExists(path string) (bool, error)

            FileExists returns true if path exists

            func (*PublishedStorage) Filelist

            func (storage *PublishedStorage) Filelist(prefix string) ([]string, error)

              Filelist returns list of files under prefix

              func (storage *PublishedStorage) HardLink(src string, dst string) error

                HardLink using symlink functionality as hard links do not exist

                func (*PublishedStorage) LinkFromPool

                func (storage *PublishedStorage) LinkFromPool(publishedDirectory, fileName string, sourcePool aptly.PackagePool,
                	sourcePath string, sourceChecksums utils.ChecksumInfo, force bool) error

                  LinkFromPool links package file from pool to dist's pool location

                  publishedDirectory is desired location in pool (like prefix/pool/component/liba/libav/) sourcePool is instance of aptly.PackagePool sourcePath is filepath to package file in package pool

                  LinkFromPool returns relative path for the published file to be included in package index

                  func (*PublishedStorage) MkDir

                  func (storage *PublishedStorage) MkDir(path string) error

                    MkDir creates directory recursively under public path

                    func (*PublishedStorage) PutFile

                    func (storage *PublishedStorage) PutFile(path string, sourceFilename string) error

                      PutFile puts file into published storage at specified path

                      func (storage *PublishedStorage) ReadLink(path string) (string, error)

                        ReadLink returns the symbolic link pointed to by path. This simply reads text file created with SymLink

                        func (*PublishedStorage) Remove

                        func (storage *PublishedStorage) Remove(path string) error

                          Remove removes single file under public path

                          func (*PublishedStorage) RemoveDirs

                          func (storage *PublishedStorage) RemoveDirs(path string, progress aptly.Progress) error

                            RemoveDirs removes directory structure under public path

                            func (*PublishedStorage) RenameFile

                            func (storage *PublishedStorage) RenameFile(oldName, newName string) error

                              RenameFile renames (moves) file

                              func (*PublishedStorage) String

                              func (storage *PublishedStorage) String() string


                                func (storage *PublishedStorage) SymLink(src string, dst string) error

                                  SymLink creates a copy of src file and adds link information as meta data

                                  Source Files