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const (
	FlyteSageMakerEnvVarKeyPrefix         string = "__FLYTE_ENV_VAR_"
	FlyteSageMakerKeySuffix               string = "__"
	FlyteSageMakerCmdKeyPrefix            string = "__FLYTE_CMD_"
	FlyteSageMakerCmdDummyValue           string = "__FLYTE_CMD_DUMMY_VALUE__"
	FlyteSageMakerEnvVarKeyStatsdDisabled string = "FLYTE_STATSD_DISABLED"
	SageMakerMpiEnableEnvVarName          string = "sagemaker_mpi_enabled"
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const (
	TrainingJobOutputPathSubDir    = "training_outputs"
	HyperparameterOutputPathSubDir = "hyperparameter_tuning_outputs"
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const (
	// These constants are the default input channel names for built-in algorithms
	// When dealing with built-in algorithm training tasks, the plugin would assume these inputs exist and
	// access these keys in the input literal map
	// The same keys (except for the static hyperparameter key) would also be used when filling out the inputDataConfig fields of the CRD
	TrainPredefinedInputVariable                 = "train"
	ValidationPredefinedInputVariable            = "validation"
	StaticHyperparametersPredefinedInputVariable = "static_hyperparameters"
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const (
	CloudWatchLogLinkName                    = "CloudWatch Logs"
	TrainingJobSageMakerLinkName             = "SageMaker Built-in Algorithm Training Job"
	CustomTrainingJobSageMakerLinkName       = "SageMaker Custom Training Job"
	HyperparameterTuningJobSageMakerLinkName = "SageMaker Hyperparameter Tuning Job"
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const (
	ErrSagemaker = "SAGEMAKER_ERROR"
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const ReconcilingTrainingJobStatus = "ReconcilingTrainingJob"
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const ReconcilingTuningJobStatus = "ReconcilingTuningJob"
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const (
	TEXTCSVInputContentType string = "text/csv"


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func ToFloat64Ptr

func ToFloat64Ptr(f float64) *float64

func ToInt64Ptr

func ToInt64Ptr(i int64) *int64

func ToIntPtr

func ToIntPtr(i int) *int

func ToStringPtr

func ToStringPtr(str string) *string


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