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Package options configures query http handlers.



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func IsQueryEngineSet

func IsQueryEngineSet(v string) bool

IsQueryEngineSet returns true if value contains query engine value. Otherwise returns false.


type CustomHandler

type CustomHandler interface {
	// Route is the custom handler route.
	Route() string
	// Methods is the list of http methods this handler services.
	Methods() []string
	// Handler is the custom handler itself.
	// prev is optional argument for getting already registered handler for the same route.
	// If there is nothing to override, prev will be nil.
	Handler(handlerOptions HandlerOptions, prev http.Handler) (http.Handler, error)
	// MiddlewareOverride is a function to override the global middleware configuration for the route.
	// If this CustomHandler is overriding an existing handler, the MiddlewareOverride for the existing handler is first
	// applied before applying this function.
	MiddlewareOverride() middleware.OverrideOptions

CustomHandler allows for custom third party http handlers.

type CustomHandlerOptions

type CustomHandlerOptions struct {
	CustomHandlers    []CustomHandler
	OptionTransformFn OptionTransformFn

CustomHandlerOptions is a list of custom handler options.

type GraphiteFindRouter added in v1.2.0

type GraphiteFindRouter interface {
	Setup(opts GraphiteFindRouterOptions)
	ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)

GraphiteFindRouter is responsible for routing graphite find queries.

type GraphiteFindRouterOptions added in v1.2.0

type GraphiteFindRouterOptions struct {
	FindHandler func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)

GraphiteFindRouterOptions defines options for graphite find router

type GraphiteRenderRouter added in v1.2.0

type GraphiteRenderRouter interface {
	Setup(opts GraphiteRenderRouterOptions)
	ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)

GraphiteRenderRouter is responsible for routing graphite render queries.

type GraphiteRenderRouterOptions added in v1.2.0

type GraphiteRenderRouterOptions struct {
	RenderHandler func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)

GraphiteRenderRouterOptions defines options for the graphite render router.

type HandlerOptions

type HandlerOptions interface {
	// CreatedAt returns the time the options were created.
	CreatedAt() time.Time

	// Storage returns the set storage.
	Storage() storage.Storage
	// SetStorage sets the set storage.
	SetStorage(s storage.Storage) HandlerOptions

	// DownsamplerAndWriter returns the set downsampler and writer.
	DownsamplerAndWriter() ingest.DownsamplerAndWriter
	// SetDownsamplerAndWriter sets the set downsampler and writer.
	SetDownsamplerAndWriter(d ingest.DownsamplerAndWriter) HandlerOptions

	// Engine returns the engine.
	Engine() executor.Engine
	// SetEngine sets the engine.
	SetEngine(e executor.Engine) HandlerOptions

	// PrometheusEngineFn returns the function for Prometheus engine creation.
	PrometheusEngineFn() PromQLEngineFn
	// SetPrometheusEngineFn sets the function for Prometheus engine creation.
	SetPrometheusEngineFn(fn PromQLEngineFn) HandlerOptions

	// Clusters returns the clusters.
	Clusters() m3.Clusters
	// SetClusters sets the clusters.
	SetClusters(c m3.Clusters) HandlerOptions

	// ClusterClient returns the cluster client.
	ClusterClient() clusterclient.Client
	// SetClusterClient sets the cluster client.
	SetClusterClient(c clusterclient.Client) HandlerOptions

	// Config returns the config.
	Config() config.Configuration
	// SetConfig sets the config.
	SetConfig(c config.Configuration) HandlerOptions

	// EmbeddedDBCfg returns the embedded db config.
	EmbeddedDBCfg() *dbconfig.DBConfiguration
	// SetEmbeddedDBCfg sets the embedded db config.
	SetEmbeddedDBCfg(c *dbconfig.DBConfiguration) HandlerOptions

	// TagOptions returns the tag options.
	TagOptions() models.TagOptions
	// SetTagOptions sets the tag options.
	SetTagOptions(opts models.TagOptions) HandlerOptions

	// FetchOptionsBuilder returns the fetch options builder.
	FetchOptionsBuilder() handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder
	// SetFetchOptionsBuilder sets the fetch options builder.
	SetFetchOptionsBuilder(b handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder) HandlerOptions

	// QueryContextOptions returns the query context options.
	QueryContextOptions() models.QueryContextOptions
	// SetQueryContextOptions sets the query context options.
	SetQueryContextOptions(o models.QueryContextOptions) HandlerOptions

	// CPUProfileDuration returns the cpu profile duration.
	CPUProfileDuration() time.Duration
	// SetCPUProfileDuration sets the cpu profile duration.
	SetCPUProfileDuration(c time.Duration) HandlerOptions

	// ServiceOptionDefaults returns the service option defaults.
	ServiceOptionDefaults() []placementhandleroptions.ServiceOptionsDefault
	// SetServiceOptionDefaults sets the service option defaults.
	SetServiceOptionDefaults(s []placementhandleroptions.ServiceOptionsDefault) HandlerOptions

	// NowFn returns the now function.
	NowFn() clock.NowFn
	// SetNowFn sets the now function.
	SetNowFn(f clock.NowFn) HandlerOptions

	// InstrumentOpts returns the instrumentation options.
	InstrumentOpts() instrument.Options
	// SetInstrumentOpts sets instrumentation options.
	SetInstrumentOpts(opts instrument.Options) HandlerOptions

	// DefaultQueryEngine returns the default query engine.
	DefaultQueryEngine() QueryEngine
	// SetDefaultQueryEngine returns the default query engine.
	SetDefaultQueryEngine(value QueryEngine) HandlerOptions

	// QueryRouter is a reference to the router which is responsible for routing
	// queries between PromQL and M3Query.
	QueryRouter() QueryRouter
	// SetQueryRouter sets query router.
	SetQueryRouter(value QueryRouter) HandlerOptions

	// InstantQueryRouter is a reference to the router which is responsible for
	// routing instant queries between PromQL and M3Query.
	InstantQueryRouter() QueryRouter
	// SetInstantQueryRouter sets query router for instant queries.
	SetInstantQueryRouter(value QueryRouter) HandlerOptions

	// GraphiteStorageOptions returns the Graphite storage options.
	GraphiteStorageOptions() graphite.M3WrappedStorageOptions
	// SetGraphiteStorageOptions sets the Graphite storage options.
	SetGraphiteStorageOptions(value graphite.M3WrappedStorageOptions) HandlerOptions

	// GraphiteFindFetchOptionsBuilder returns the Graphite find fetch options builder.
	GraphiteFindFetchOptionsBuilder() handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder
	// SetGraphiteFindFetchOptionsBuilder sets the Graphite find fetch options builder.
	SetGraphiteFindFetchOptionsBuilder(value handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder) HandlerOptions

	// GraphiteRenderFetchOptionsBuilder returns the Graphite render fetch options builder.
	GraphiteRenderFetchOptionsBuilder() handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder
	// SetGraphiteRenderFetchOptionsBuilder sets the Graphite render fetch options builder.
	SetGraphiteRenderFetchOptionsBuilder(value handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder) HandlerOptions

	// GraphiteRenderRouter is a reference to the router for graphite render queries.
	GraphiteRenderRouter() GraphiteRenderRouter
	// SetGraphiteRenderRouter sets the graphite render router.
	SetGraphiteRenderRouter(value GraphiteRenderRouter) HandlerOptions

	// GraphiteFindRouter is a reference to the router for graphite find queries.
	GraphiteFindRouter() GraphiteFindRouter
	// SetGraphiteFindRouter sets the graphite find router.
	SetGraphiteFindRouter(value GraphiteFindRouter) HandlerOptions

	// SetM3DBOptions sets the M3DB options.
	SetM3DBOptions(value m3.Options) HandlerOptions
	// M3DBOptions returns the M3DB options.
	M3DBOptions() m3.Options

	// SetStoreMetricsType enables/disables storing of metrics type.
	SetStoreMetricsType(value bool) HandlerOptions
	// StoreMetricsType returns true if storing of metrics type is enabled.
	StoreMetricsType() bool

	// SetNamespaceValidator sets the NamespaceValidator.
	SetNamespaceValidator(NamespaceValidator) HandlerOptions
	// NamespaceValidator returns the NamespaceValidator.
	NamespaceValidator() NamespaceValidator

	// SetKVStoreProtoParser sets the KVStoreProtoParser.
	SetKVStoreProtoParser(KVStoreProtoParser) HandlerOptions
	// KVStoreProtoParser returns the KVStoreProtoParser.
	KVStoreProtoParser() KVStoreProtoParser

	// SetRegisterMiddleware sets the function to construct the set of Middleware functions to run.
	SetRegisterMiddleware(value middleware.Register) HandlerOptions
	// RegisterMiddleware returns the function to construct the set of Middleware functions to run.
	RegisterMiddleware() middleware.Register

	// DefaultLookback returns the default value of lookback duration.
	DefaultLookback() time.Duration
	// SetDefaultLookback sets the default value of lookback duration.
	SetDefaultLookback(value time.Duration) HandlerOptions

HandlerOptions represents handler options.

func EmptyHandlerOptions

func EmptyHandlerOptions() HandlerOptions

EmptyHandlerOptions returns default handler options.

func NewHandlerOptions

func NewHandlerOptions(
	downsamplerAndWriter ingest.DownsamplerAndWriter,
	tagOptions models.TagOptions,
	engine executor.Engine,
	prometheusEngineFn PromQLEngineFn,
	m3dbClusters m3.Clusters,
	clusterClient clusterclient.Client,
	cfg config.Configuration,
	embeddedDBCfg *dbconfig.DBConfiguration,
	fetchOptionsBuilder handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder,
	graphiteFindFetchOptionsBuilder handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder,
	graphiteRenderFetchOptionsBuilder handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder,
	queryContextOptions models.QueryContextOptions,
	instrumentOpts instrument.Options,
	cpuProfileDuration time.Duration,
	serviceOptionDefaults []placementhandleroptions.ServiceOptionsDefault,
	queryRouter QueryRouter,
	instantQueryRouter QueryRouter,
	graphiteStorageOpts graphite.M3WrappedStorageOptions,
	m3dbOpts m3.Options,
	graphiteRenderRouter GraphiteRenderRouter,
	graphiteFindRouter GraphiteFindRouter,
	defaultLookback time.Duration,
) (HandlerOptions, error)

NewHandlerOptions builds a handler options.

type KVStoreProtoParser added in v1.2.0

type KVStoreProtoParser func(key string) (protoiface.MessageV1, error)

KVStoreProtoParser parses protobuf messages based off specific keys.

type NamespaceValidator added in v1.0.1

type NamespaceValidator interface {
	// ValidateNewNamespace gets invoked when creating a new namespace.
	ValidateNewNamespace(newNs dbnamespace.Metadata, existing []dbnamespace.Metadata) error

NamespaceValidator defines namespace validation logics.

type OptionTransformFn

type OptionTransformFn func(opts HandlerOptions) HandlerOptions

OptionTransformFn transforms given handler options.

type PromQLEngineFn added in v1.4.0

type PromQLEngineFn func(lookbackDuration time.Duration) (*promql.Engine, error)

PromQLEngineFn constructs promql.Engine with the given lookbackDuration. promql.Engine uses a fixed lookback, so we have to create multiple engines for different lookback values.

TODO(vilius): there's a conversation at Prometheus mailing list about making lookback dynamic


type QueryEngine

type QueryEngine string

QueryEngine is a type of query engine.

const (
	// PrometheusEngine is the prometheus query engine type.
	PrometheusEngine QueryEngine = "prometheus"
	// M3QueryEngine is M3 query engine type.
	M3QueryEngine QueryEngine = "m3query"

type QueryRouter added in v0.15.3

type QueryRouter interface {
	Setup(opts QueryRouterOptions)
	ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)

QueryRouter is responsible for routing queries between promql and m3query.

type QueryRouterOptions added in v0.15.3

type QueryRouterOptions struct {
	DefaultQueryEngine QueryEngine
	PromqlHandler      func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)
	M3QueryHandler     func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)

QueryRouterOptions defines options for QueryRouter

type RemoteReadRenderer

type RemoteReadRenderer func(io.Writer, []*ts.Series,
	models.RequestParams, bool)

RemoteReadRenderer renders remote read output.

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