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Package client provides milvus client functions



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var (
	//ErrClientNotReady error indicates client not ready
	ErrClientNotReady = errors.New("client not ready")
	//ErrStatusNil error indicates response has nil status
	ErrStatusNil = errors.New("response status is nil")
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var (
	// ErrFieldTypeNotMatch error for field type not match
	ErrFieldTypeNotMatch = errors.New("field type not matched")


func SetFieldValue

func SetFieldValue(field *entity.Field, f reflect.Value, fieldData *schema.FieldData, idx int) error

SetFieldValue set row field value with reflection


type Client

type Client interface {
	// Close close the remaining connection resources
	Close() error

	// ListCollections list collections from connection
	ListCollections(ctx context.Context) ([]*entity.Collection, error)
	// CreateCollection create collection using provided schema
	CreateCollection(ctx context.Context, schema *entity.Schema, shardsNum int32) error
	// DescribeCollection describe collection meta
	DescribeCollection(ctx context.Context, collName string) (*entity.Collection, error)
	// DropCollection drop the specified collection
	DropCollection(ctx context.Context, collName string) error
	// GetCollectionStatistics get collection statistics
	GetCollectionStatistics(ctx context.Context, collName string) (map[string]string, error)
	// LoadCollection load collection into memory
	LoadCollection(ctx context.Context, collName string, async bool) error
	// ReleaseCollection release loaded collection
	ReleaseCollection(ctx context.Context, collName string) error
	// HasCollection check whether collection exists
	HasCollection(ctx context.Context, collName string) (bool, error)

	// CreatePartition create partition for collection
	CreatePartition(ctx context.Context, collName string, partitionName string) error
	// DropPartition drop partition from collection
	DropPartition(ctx context.Context, collName string, partitionName string) error
	// ShowParitions list all partitions from collection
	ShowPartitions(ctx context.Context, collName string) ([]*entity.Partition, error)
	// HasPartition check whether partition exists in collection
	HasPartition(ctx context.Context, collName string, partitionName string) (bool, error)
	// LoadPartitions load partitions into memory
	LoadPartitions(ctx context.Context, collName string, partitionNames []string, async bool) error
	// ReleasePartitions release partitions
	ReleasePartitions(ctx context.Context, collName string, partitionNames []string) error

	// CreateIndex create index for field of specified collection
	// currently index naming is not supported, so only one index on vector field is supported
	CreateIndex(ctx context.Context, collName string, fieldName string, idx entity.Index, async bool) error
	// DescribeIndex describe index on collection
	// currently index naming is not supported, so only one index on vector field is supported
	DescribeIndex(ctx context.Context, collName string, fieldName string) ([]entity.Index, error)
	// DropINdex drop index from collection with specified field name
	DropIndex(ctx context.Context, collName string, fieldName string) error
	// GetIndexState get index state with specified collection and field name
	// index naming is not supported yet
	GetIndexState(ctx context.Context, collName string, fieldName string) (entity.IndexState, error)

	// Insert column-based data into collection, returns id column values
	Insert(ctx context.Context, collName string, partitionName string, columns ...entity.Column) (entity.Column, error)
	// Flush flush collection, specified
	Flush(ctx context.Context, collName string, async bool) error
	// Search search with bool expression
	Search(ctx context.Context, collName string, partitions []string,
		expr string, outputFields []string, vectors []entity.Vector, vectorField string, metricType entity.MetricType, topK int, sp entity.SearchParam) ([]SearchResult, error)

	// CalcDistance calculate the distance between vectors specified by ids or provided
	CalcDistance(ctx context.Context, collName string, partitions []string,
		metricType entity.MetricType, opLeft, opRight entity.Column) (entity.Column, error)

	// -- row basd apis --
	// CreateCollectionByRow create collection by row
	CreateCollectionByRow(ctx context.Context, row entity.Row, shardNum int32) error
	// InsertByRows insert by rows
	InsertByRows(ctx context.Context, collName string, paritionName string, rows []entity.Row) (entity.Column, error)

Client is the interface used to communicate with Milvus The common usage is like follow

c, err := client.NewGrpcClient(context.Background, "address-to-milvus") // or other creation func maybe added later
if err != nil {
//handle err
// start doing things with client instance, note that there is no need to call Connect since NewXXXClient will do that for you

func NewGrpcClient

func NewGrpcClient(ctx context.Context, addr string, dialOptions ...grpc.DialOption) (Client, error)

NewGrpcClient create client with grpc addr the `Connect` API will be called for you dialOptions contains the dial option(s) that control the grpc dialing process

type ErrCollectionNotExists

type ErrCollectionNotExists struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrCollectionNotExists indicates the collection with specified collection name does not exist

func (ErrCollectionNotExists) Error

func (e ErrCollectionNotExists) Error() string

Error implement error

type ErrPartitionNotExists

type ErrPartitionNotExists struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrPartitionNotExists indicates the partition of collection does not exist

func (ErrPartitionNotExists) Error

func (e ErrPartitionNotExists) Error() string

Error implement error

type ErrServiceFailed

type ErrServiceFailed error

ErrServiceFailed indicates error returns from milvus service

type SearchResult

type SearchResult struct {
	ResultCount int             // the returning entry count
	IDs         entity.Column   // auto generated id, can be mapped to the columns from `Insert` API
	Fields      []entity.Column // output field data
	Scores      []float32       // distance to the target vector
	Err         error           // search error if any

SearchResult contains the result from Search api of client IDs is the auto generated id values for the entities Fields contains the data of `outputFieleds` specified or all columns if non Scores is actually the distance between the vector current record contains and the search target vector

type SearchResultByRows

type SearchResultByRows struct {
	ResultCount int
	Scores      []float32
	Rows        []entity.Row
	Err         error

SearchResultByRows search result for row-based Search

func SearchResultToRows

func SearchResultToRows(sch *entity.Schema, results *schema.SearchResultData, t reflect.Type, output map[string]struct{}) ([]SearchResultByRows, error)

SearchResultToRows converts search result proto to rows

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