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func AllSessionIDs

func AllSessionIDs(g Group) (out []string)

func MethodURL

func MethodURL(s, m string) string

    MethodURL returns a gRPC method URL for service and method name


    type Attachable

    type Attachable interface {

      Attachable defines a feature that can be exposed on a session

      type Caller

      type Caller interface {
      	Context() context.Context
      	Supports(method string) bool
      	Conn() *grpc.ClientConn
      	Name() string
      	SharedKey() string

        Caller can invoke requests on the session

        type Dialer

        type Dialer func(ctx context.Context, proto string, meta map[string][]string) (net.Conn, error)

          Dialer returns a connection that can be used by the session

          type Group

          type Group interface {
          	SessionIterator() Iterator

          func NewGroup

          func NewGroup(ids ...string) Group

          type Iterator

          type Iterator interface {
          	NextSession() string

          type Manager

          type Manager struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Manager is a controller for accessing currently active sessions

            func NewManager

            func NewManager() (*Manager, error)

              NewManager returns a new Manager

              func (*Manager) Any

              func (sm *Manager) Any(ctx context.Context, g Group, f func(context.Context, string, Caller) error) error

              func (*Manager) Get

              func (sm *Manager) Get(ctx context.Context, id string, noWait bool) (Caller, error)

                Get returns a session by ID

                func (*Manager) HandleConn

                func (sm *Manager) HandleConn(ctx context.Context, conn net.Conn, opts map[string][]string) error

                  HandleConn handles an incoming raw connection

                  func (*Manager) HandleHTTPRequest

                  func (sm *Manager) HandleHTTPRequest(ctx context.Context, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) error

                    HandleHTTPRequest handles an incoming HTTP request

                    type Session

                    type Session struct {
                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      Session is a long running connection between client and a daemon

                      func NewSession

                      func NewSession(ctx context.Context, name, sharedKey string) (*Session, error)

                        NewSession returns a new long running session

                        func (*Session) Allow

                        func (s *Session) Allow(a Attachable)

                          Allow enables a given service to be reachable through the grpc session

                          func (*Session) Close

                          func (s *Session) Close() error

                            Close closes the session

                            func (*Session) ID

                            func (s *Session) ID() string

                              ID returns unique identifier for the session

                              func (*Session) Run

                              func (s *Session) Run(ctx context.Context, dialer Dialer) error

                                Run activates the session