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var (
	ErrLocked = errors.New("locked")
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var ErrNoBlobs = errors.Errorf("no blobs for snapshot")
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var NoUpdateLastUsed noUpdateLastUsed


func CachePolicyDefault added in v0.6.0

func CachePolicyDefault(m withMetadata) error

func CachePolicyRetain

func CachePolicyRetain(m withMetadata) error

func GetCreatedAt

func GetCreatedAt(si *metadata.StorageItem) time.Time

func GetDescription

func GetDescription(si *metadata.StorageItem) string

func GetLayerType

func GetLayerType(m withMetadata) string

func GetRecordType

func GetRecordType(m withMetadata) client.UsageRecordType

func HasCachePolicyRetain

func HasCachePolicyRetain(m withMetadata) bool

func IsNotFound

func IsNotFound(err error) bool

func MigrateV2 added in v0.7.0

func MigrateV2(ctx context.Context, from, to string, cs content.Store, s snapshot.Snapshotter, lm leases.Manager) error

func SetLayerType

func SetLayerType(m withMetadata, value string) error

func SetRecordType

func SetRecordType(m withMetadata, value client.UsageRecordType) error


type Accessor

type Accessor interface {
	GetByBlob(ctx context.Context, desc ocispec.Descriptor, parent ImmutableRef, opts ...RefOption) (ImmutableRef, error)
	Get(ctx context.Context, id string, opts ...RefOption) (ImmutableRef, error)

	New(ctx context.Context, parent ImmutableRef, s session.Group, opts ...RefOption) (MutableRef, error)
	GetMutable(ctx context.Context, id string, opts ...RefOption) (MutableRef, error) // Rebase?
	IdentityMapping() *idtools.IdentityMapping
	Metadata(string) *metadata.StorageItem

type Controller

type Controller interface {
	DiskUsage(ctx context.Context, info client.DiskUsageInfo) ([]*client.UsageInfo, error)
	Prune(ctx context.Context, ch chan client.UsageInfo, info ...client.PruneInfo) error

type DescHandler added in v0.8.0

type DescHandler struct {
	Provider       func(session.Group) content.Provider
	Progress       progress.Controller
	SnapshotLabels map[string]string
	Ref            string // string representation of desc origin, can be used as a sync key

type DescHandlerKey added in v0.8.0

type DescHandlerKey digest.Digest

type DescHandlers added in v0.8.0

type DescHandlers map[digest.Digest]*DescHandler

type ExternalRefChecker

type ExternalRefChecker interface {
	Exists(string, []digest.Digest) bool

type ExternalRefCheckerFunc

type ExternalRefCheckerFunc func() (ExternalRefChecker, error)

type ImmutableRef

type ImmutableRef interface {
	Parent() ImmutableRef
	Clone() ImmutableRef

	Info() RefInfo
	Extract(ctx context.Context, s session.Group) error // +progress
	GetRemote(ctx context.Context, createIfNeeded bool, compressionType compression.Type, forceCompression bool, s session.Group) (*solver.Remote, error)

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	Close() error

func NewManager

func NewManager(opt ManagerOpt) (Manager, error)

type ManagerOpt

type ManagerOpt struct {
	Snapshotter     snapshot.Snapshotter
	MetadataStore   *metadata.Store
	ContentStore    content.Store
	LeaseManager    leases.Manager
	PruneRefChecker ExternalRefCheckerFunc
	GarbageCollect  func(ctx context.Context) (gc.Stats, error)
	Applier         diff.Applier
	Differ          diff.Comparer

type Mountable

type Mountable interface {
	Mount(ctx context.Context, readonly bool, s session.Group) (snapshot.Mountable, error)

type MutableRef

type MutableRef interface {
	Commit(context.Context) (ImmutableRef, error)

type NeedsRemoteProvidersError added in v0.8.0

type NeedsRemoteProvidersError []digest.Digest

func (NeedsRemoteProvidersError) Error added in v0.8.0

type Ref

type Ref interface {
	ID() string
	Release(context.Context) error
	Size(ctx context.Context) (int64, error)
	Metadata() *metadata.StorageItem
	IdentityMapping() *idtools.IdentityMapping

Ref is a reference to cacheable objects.

type RefInfo added in v0.7.0

type RefInfo struct {
	SnapshotID  string
	ChainID     digest.Digest
	BlobChainID digest.Digest
	DiffID      digest.Digest
	Blob        digest.Digest
	MediaType   string
	Extracted   bool

type RefOption

type RefOption interface{}

func WithCreationTime

func WithCreationTime(tm time.Time) RefOption

func WithDescription

func WithDescription(descr string) RefOption

func WithImageRef added in v0.8.0

func WithImageRef(imageRef string) RefOption

WithImageRef appends the given imageRef to the cache ref's metadata

func WithRecordType

func WithRecordType(t client.UsageRecordType) RefOption

type Unlazier added in v0.8.0

type Unlazier interface {
	Unlazy(ctx context.Context) error


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