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func NewContainerdSnapshotter

func NewContainerdSnapshotter(s Snapshotter) (snapshots.Snapshotter, func() error)

NewContainerdSnapshotter converts snapshotter to containerd snapshotter


type Mountable

type Mountable interface {
	// ID() string
	Mount() ([]mount.Mount, func() error, error)
	IdentityMapping() *idtools.IdentityMapping

type Mounter

type Mounter interface {
	Mount() (string, error)
	Unmount() error

func LocalMounter

func LocalMounter(mountable Mountable) Mounter

LocalMounter is a helper for mounting mountfactory to temporary path. In addition it can mount binds without privileges

func LocalMounterWithMounts

func LocalMounterWithMounts(mounts []mount.Mount) Mounter

LocalMounterWithMounts is a helper for mounting to temporary path. In addition it can mount binds without privileges

type Snapshotter

type Snapshotter interface {
	Name() string
	Mounts(ctx context.Context, key string) (Mountable, error)
	Prepare(ctx context.Context, key, parent string, opts ...snapshots.Opt) error
	View(ctx context.Context, key, parent string, opts ...snapshots.Opt) (Mountable, error)

	Stat(ctx context.Context, key string) (snapshots.Info, error)
	Update(ctx context.Context, info snapshots.Info, fieldpaths ...string) (snapshots.Info, error)
	Usage(ctx context.Context, key string) (snapshots.Usage, error)
	Commit(ctx context.Context, name, key string, opts ...snapshots.Opt) error
	Remove(ctx context.Context, key string) error
	Walk(ctx context.Context, fn snapshots.WalkFunc, filters ...string) error
	Close() error
	IdentityMapping() *idtools.IdentityMapping

Snapshotter defines interface that any snapshot implementation should satisfy

func FromContainerdSnapshotter

func FromContainerdSnapshotter(name string, s snapshots.Snapshotter, idmap *idtools.IdentityMapping) Snapshotter


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