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type App

type App struct {
	*application.Application // Embedded standard application object
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

App contains the application state

func Create

func Create(demoMap map[string]IDemo) *App

Create creates the G3ND application using the specified map of demos

func (*App) AddFinalizer

func (app *App) AddFinalizer(f func())

AddFinalizer adds a function which will be executed before another demo is started

func (*App) AmbLight

func (app *App) AmbLight() *light.Ambient

AmbLight returns the default scene ambient light

func (*App) ControlFolder

func (app *App) ControlFolder() *gui.ControlFolder

ControlFolder returns the application control folder

func (*App) DirData

func (app *App) DirData() string

DirData returns the base directory for data

func (*App) GuiPanel

func (app *App) GuiPanel() *gui.Panel

GuiPanel returns the current gui panel for demos to add elements to.

type IDemo

type IDemo interface {
	Initialize(*App) // Called once to initialize the demo
	Render(*App)     // Called at each frame for animations

IDemo is the interface that must be satisfied for all demo objects

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