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    const NolintlintName = "nolintlint"


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    func NewAsciicheck

    func NewAsciicheck() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewBodyclose

    func NewBodyclose() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewDeadcode

    func NewDeadcode() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewDepguard

    func NewDepguard() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewDogsled

    func NewDogsled() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewDupl

    func NewDupl() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewErrcheck

    func NewErrcheck() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewFunlen

    func NewFunlen() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGoMND

    func NewGoMND(cfg *config.Config) *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGoPrintfFuncName

    func NewGoPrintfFuncName() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGochecknoglobals

    func NewGochecknoglobals() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGochecknoinits

    func NewGochecknoinits() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGocognit

    func NewGocognit() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGoconst

    func NewGoconst() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGocritic

    func NewGocritic() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGocyclo

    func NewGocyclo() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGodot

    func NewGodot() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGodox

    func NewGodox() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGoerr113

    func NewGoerr113() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGofmt

    func NewGofmt() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGoimports

    func NewGoimports() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGolint

    func NewGolint() *goanalysis.Linter

    func NewGomodguard

    func NewGomodguard() *goanalysis.Linter

      NewGomodguard returns a new Gomodguard linter.

      func NewGosec

      func NewGosec() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewGosimple

      func NewGosimple() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewGovet

      func NewGovet(cfg *config.GovetSettings) *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewIneffassign

      func NewIneffassign() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewInterfacer

      func NewInterfacer() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewLLL

      func NewLLL() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewMaligned

      func NewMaligned() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewMisspell

      func NewMisspell() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewNakedret

      func NewNakedret() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewNestif

      func NewNestif() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewNoLintLint

      func NewNoLintLint() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewPrealloc

      func NewPrealloc() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewRowsErrCheck

      func NewRowsErrCheck() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewScopelint

      func NewScopelint() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewStaticcheck

      func NewStaticcheck() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewStructcheck

      func NewStructcheck() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewStylecheck

      func NewStylecheck() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewTestpackage

      func NewTestpackage(cfg *config.TestpackageSettings) *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewTypecheck

      func NewTypecheck() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewUnconvert

      func NewUnconvert() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewUnparam

      func NewUnparam() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewUnused

      func NewUnused() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewVarcheck

      func NewVarcheck() *goanalysis.Linter

      func NewWSL

      func NewWSL() *goanalysis.Linter

        NewWSL returns a new WSL linter.

        func NewWhitespace

        func NewWhitespace() *goanalysis.Linter


        type Change

        type Change struct {
        	LineRange   result.Range
        	Replacement result.Replacement

        type Node

        type Node struct {
        	DangerObjects map[*ast.Object]int
        	UnsafeObjects map[*ast.Object]int
        	SkipFuncs     map[*ast.FuncLit]int
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Node represents a Node being linted.

          func (*Node) Visit

          func (f *Node) Visit(node ast.Node) ast.Visitor

            Visit method is invoked for each node encountered by Walk. If the result visitor w is not nil, Walk visits each of the children of node with the visitor w, followed by a call of w.Visit(nil).


            Path Synopsis
            Package checker defines the implementation of the checker commands.
            Package checker defines the implementation of the checker commands.
            nolintlint provides a linter to ensure that all //nolint directives are followed by explanations
            nolintlint provides a linter to ensure that all //nolint directives are followed by explanations