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Nikel Core

This README provides a high-level overview of Nikel-Core.


Benchmark code: GitHub Gist

Date: 07/25/2020

Commit ID: d20962

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X on localhost with standard output disabled

Cache Concurrent Users Hatch Rate Throughput
In-Memory 10000 100 users/s 2474.4 reqs/s
LevelDB (SSD) 10000 100 users/s 2382.5 reqs/s
BadgerDB (SSD) 10000 100 users/s 2372.5 reqs/s
None 10000 100 users/s 1639.6 reqs/s

Note that benchmark results don't reflect real world performance so take the results with a grain of salt.

Web Framework

Nikel-Core is powered by Gin, a performant and featureful web framework.


All data is stored in memory through variables for low latency and fast querying. (with thread-safe access via immutability and read-only access)


The querying system is based on Gojsonq. It maps the REST API interface to Gojsonq query calls.

Using guregu/Null, the queried data is passed through a struct that formats the data in the proper JSON structure.


Data is cached via a Gin cache middleware backed by GoLevelDB. (nikel-cache)

The cache can be optionally backed by memory or BadgerDB.


Nikel-Core by default allows all origins so that the API is accessible to everyone.


Nikel-Core gzips all responses for smaller payload sizes.

Rate Limits

Rate limits are handled in memory via ulule/limiter.

Process Flow

Request -> Ratelimit* -> Cache* -> Cors* -> Gzip* -> Route handler -> Query engine -> Response



The Go Gopher

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