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const (
	// MissingGetHeader is added to Get's outout when a resource is not found.
	MissingGetHeader = "==> MISSING\nKIND\t\tNAME\n"


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var ErrNoObjectsVisited = goerrors.New("no objects visited")

ErrNoObjectsVisited indicates that during a visit operation, no matching objects were found.


func GetConfig

func GetConfig(context string) clientcmd.ClientConfig

GetConfig returns a Kubernetes client config for a given context.


type Client

type Client struct {
	// SchemaCacheDir is the path for loading cached schema.
	SchemaCacheDir string

	Log func(string, ...interface{})

Client represents a client capable of communicating with the Kubernetes API.

func New

func New(config clientcmd.ClientConfig) *Client

New creates a new Client.

func (*Client) Build

func (c *Client) Build(namespace string, reader io.Reader) (Result, error)

Build validates for Kubernetes objects and returns resource Infos from a io.Reader.

func (*Client) BuildUnstructured

func (c *Client) BuildUnstructured(namespace string, reader io.Reader) (Result, error)

BuildUnstructured validates for Kubernetes objects and returns unstructured infos.

func (*Client) Create

func (c *Client) Create(namespace string, reader io.Reader, timeout int64, shouldWait bool) error

Create creates Kubernetes resources from an io.reader.

Namespace will set the namespace.

func (*Client) Delete

func (c *Client) Delete(namespace string, reader io.Reader) error

Delete deletes Kubernetes resources from an io.reader.

Namespace will set the namespace.

func (*Client) Get

func (c *Client) Get(namespace string, reader io.Reader) (string, error)

Get gets Kubernetes resources as pretty-printed string.

Namespace will set the namespace.

func (*Client) Update

func (c *Client) Update(namespace string, originalReader, targetReader io.Reader, force bool, recreate bool, timeout int64, shouldWait bool) error

Update reads in the current configuration and a target configuration from io.reader and creates resources that don't already exists, updates resources that have been modified in the target configuration and deletes resources from the current configuration that are not present in the target configuration.

Namespace will set the namespaces.

func (*Client) WaitAndGetCompletedPodPhase

func (c *Client) WaitAndGetCompletedPodPhase(namespace string, reader io.Reader, timeout time.Duration) (core.PodPhase, error)

WaitAndGetCompletedPodPhase waits up to a timeout until a pod enters a completed phase and returns said phase (PodSucceeded or PodFailed qualify).

func (*Client) WatchUntilReady

func (c *Client) WatchUntilReady(namespace string, reader io.Reader, timeout int64, shouldWait bool) error

WatchUntilReady watches the resource given in the reader, and waits until it is ready.

This function is mainly for hook implementations. It watches for a resource to hit a particular milestone. The milestone depends on the Kind.

For most kinds, it checks to see if the resource is marked as Added or Modified by the Kubernetes event stream. For some kinds, it does more:

  • Jobs: A job is marked "Ready" when it has successfully completed. This is ascertained by watching the Status fields in a job's output.

Handling for other kinds will be added as necessary.

type ResourceActorFunc

type ResourceActorFunc func(*resource.Info) error

ResourceActorFunc performs an action on a single resource.

type Result

type Result []*resource.Info

Result provides convenience methods for comparing collections of Infos.

func (*Result) Append

func (r *Result) Append(val *resource.Info)

Append adds an Info to the Result.

func (Result) Contains

func (r Result) Contains(info *resource.Info) bool

Contains checks to see if an object exists.

func (Result) Difference

func (r Result) Difference(rs Result) Result

Difference will return a new Result with objects not contained in rs.

func (Result) Filter

func (r Result) Filter(fn func(*resource.Info) bool) Result

Filter returns a new Result with Infos that satisfy the predicate fn.

func (Result) Get

func (r Result) Get(info *resource.Info) *resource.Info

Get returns the Info from the result that matches the name and kind.

func (Result) Intersect

func (r Result) Intersect(rs Result) Result

Intersect will return a new Result with objects contained in both Results.

func (Result) Visit

func (r Result) Visit(fn resource.VisitorFunc) error

Visit implements resource.Visitor.

type Tunnel

type Tunnel struct {
	Local     int
	Remote    int
	Namespace string
	PodName   string
	Out       io.Writer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Tunnel describes a ssh-like tunnel to a kubernetes pod

func NewTunnel

func NewTunnel(client rest.Interface, config *rest.Config, namespace, podName string, remote int) *Tunnel

NewTunnel creates a new tunnel

func (*Tunnel) Close

func (t *Tunnel) Close()

Close disconnects a tunnel connection

func (*Tunnel) ForwardPort

func (t *Tunnel) ForwardPort() error

ForwardPort opens a tunnel to a kubernetes pod

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