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Package api implements the sentry backend API.



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func RegisterService

func RegisterService(server *grpc.Server, service Backend)

RegisterService registers a new sentry service with the given gRPC server.


type Backend

type Backend interface {
	// Get addresses returns the list of consensus and TLS addresses of the sentry node.
	GetAddresses(context.Context) (*SentryAddresses, error)

	// SetUpstreamTLSPubKeys notifies the sentry node of the new TLS public keys used by its
	// upstream node.
	SetUpstreamTLSPubKeys(context.Context, []signature.PublicKey) error

	// GetUpstreamTLSPubKeys returns the TLS public keys of the sentry node's upstream node.
	GetUpstreamTLSPubKeys(context.Context) ([]signature.PublicKey, error)

	// UpdatePolicies notifies the sentry node of policy changes.
	UpdatePolicies(context.Context, ServicePolicies) error

Backend is a sentry backend implementation.

func NewSentryClient

func NewSentryClient(c *grpc.ClientConn) Backend

NewSentryClient creates a new gRPC sentry client service.

type LocalBackend

type LocalBackend interface {

	// GetPolicyChecker returns the current access policy checker for the given service.
	GetPolicyChecker(context.Context, grpc.ServiceName) (*policy.DynamicRuntimePolicyChecker, error)

LocalBackend is a local sentry backend implementation.

type SentryAddresses

type SentryAddresses struct {
	Consensus []node.ConsensusAddress `json:"consensus"`
	TLS       []node.TLSAddress       `json:"tls"`

SentryAddresses contains sentry node consensus and TLS addresses.

type ServicePolicies

type ServicePolicies struct {
	Service        grpc.ServiceName                      `json:"service"`
	AccessPolicies map[common.Namespace]accessctl.Policy `json:"access_policies"`

ServicePolicies contains policies for a GRPC service.

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