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Published: Nov 30, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 6 Imported by: 1




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const ModuleName = "worker/storage"

ModuleName is the storage worker module name.


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var (
	// ErrRuntimeNotFound is the error returned when the called references an unknown runtime.
	ErrRuntimeNotFound = errors.New(ModuleName, 1, "worker/storage: runtime not found")
	// ErrCantPauseCheckpointer is the error returned when trying to pause the checkpointer without
	// setting the debug flag.
	ErrCantPauseCheckpointer = errors.New(ModuleName, 2, "worker/storage: pausing checkpointer only available in debug mode")


func RegisterService

func RegisterService(server *grpc.Server, service StorageWorker)

RegisterService registers a new storage worker service with the given gRPC server.


type GetLastSyncedRoundRequest

type GetLastSyncedRoundRequest struct {
	RuntimeID common.Namespace `json:"runtime_id"`

GetLastSyncedRoundRequest is a GetLastSyncedRound request.

type GetLastSyncedRoundResponse

type GetLastSyncedRoundResponse struct {
	Round     uint64       `json:"round"`
	IORoot    storage.Root `json:"io_root"`
	StateRoot storage.Root `json:"state_root"`

GetLastSyncedRoundResponse is a GetLastSyncedRound response.

type PauseCheckpointerRequest added in v0.2102.0

type PauseCheckpointerRequest struct {
	RuntimeID common.Namespace `json:"runtime_id"`
	Pause     bool             `json:"pause"`

PauseCheckpointerRequest is a PauseCheckpointer request.

type Status added in v0.2010.0

type Status struct {
	// Status is the current status of the storage worker.
	Status StorageWorkerStatus `json:"status"`

	// LastFinalizedRound is the last synced and finalized round.
	LastFinalizedRound uint64 `json:"last_finalized_round"`

Status is the storage worker status.

type StorageWorker

type StorageWorker interface {
	// GetLastSyncedRound retrieves the last synced round for the storage worker.
	GetLastSyncedRound(ctx context.Context, request *GetLastSyncedRoundRequest) (*GetLastSyncedRoundResponse, error)

	// PauseCheckpointer pauses or unpauses the storage worker's checkpointer.
	PauseCheckpointer(ctx context.Context, request *PauseCheckpointerRequest) error

StorageWorker is the storage worker control API interface.

func NewStorageWorkerClient

func NewStorageWorkerClient(c *grpc.ClientConn) StorageWorker

NewStorageWorkerClient creates a new gRPC transaction scheduler client service.

type StorageWorkerStatus added in v0.2300.0

type StorageWorkerStatus string

StorageWorkerStatus is the status of the storage worker.

const (
	StatusInitializing        StorageWorkerStatus = "initializing"
	StatusStarting            StorageWorkerStatus = "starting"
	StatusStopping            StorageWorkerStatus = "stopping"
	StatusInitializingGenesis StorageWorkerStatus = "initializing genesis"
	StatusSyncStartCheck      StorageWorkerStatus = "sync start check"
	StatusSyncingCheckpoints  StorageWorkerStatus = "syncing checkpoints"
	StatusSyncingRounds       StorageWorkerStatus = "syncing rounds"

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