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var VCID2Name = map[int]string{
	0:  "Admin Text",
	1:  "Mesoscale",
	2:  "GOES-ABI",
	6:  "GOES15",
	7:  "GOES-ABI",
	8:  "GOES-ABI",
	9:  "GOES-ABI",
	13: "GOES-ABI",
	14: "GOES-ABI",
	15: "GOES-ABI",
	17: "GOES17",
	20: "EMWIN",
	21: "EMWIN",
	22: "EMWIN",
	23: "NWS",
	24: "NHC",
	25: "GOES16-JPG",
	26: "INTL",
	30: "DCS",
	31: "DCS",
	32: "DCS",
	60: "Himawari",
	63: "IDLE",

VCID2Name are GOES 16/17/18 VCIDs names


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type Header struct {
	AncillaryHeader             *Structs.AncillaryText
	AnnotationHeader            *Structs.AnnotationRecord
	DCSFilenameHeader           *Structs.DCSFilenameRecord
	HeaderStructuredHeader      *Structs.HeaderStructuredRecord
	ImageDataFunctionHeader     *Structs.ImageDataFunctionRecord
	ImageNavigationHeader       *Structs.ImageNavigationRecord
	ImageStructureHeader        *Structs.ImageStructureRecord
	NOAASpecificHeader          *Structs.NOAASpecificRecord
	PrimaryHeader               *Structs.PrimaryRecord
	RiceCompressionHeader       *Structs.RiceCompressionRecord
	SegmentIdentificationHeader *Structs.SegmentIdentificationRecord
	TimestampHeader             *Structs.TimestampRecord
	UnknownHeaders              []*Structs.UnknownHeader

	AllHeaders []Structs.BaseRecord `json:"-"`

	// Non XRIT Headers - Auxiliary stuff
	TemperatureLUT        []float32
	ImageDataFunctionHash string

func MakeFromJSON

func MakeFromJSON(data string) (*Header, error)

func MakeXRITHeader

func MakeXRITHeader() *Header

func MakeXRITHeaderWithHeaders

func MakeXRITHeaderWithHeaders(records []Structs.BaseRecord) *Header

func MemoryParseFile

func MemoryParseFile(data []byte) (*Header, error)

func ParseFile

func ParseFile(filename string) (*Header, error)

func (*Header) Compression

func (xh *Header) Compression() int

func (*Header) Filename

func (xh *Header) Filename() string

func (*Header) GetTemperatureLUT added in v0.5.2

func (xh *Header) GetTemperatureLUT() []float32

GetTemperatureLUT returns a LUT for converting pixel value (index) to degrees kelvin. Returns nil in case of no ImageDataFunctionHeader available

func (*Header) IsCompressed

func (xh *Header) IsCompressed() bool

func (*Header) IsFalseColorPiece

func (xh *Header) IsFalseColorPiece() bool

func (*Header) IsFullDisk

func (xh *Header) IsFullDisk() bool

func (*Header) Product

func (xh *Header) Product() *PacketData.NOAAProduct

func (*Header) SetHeader

func (xh *Header) SetHeader(record Structs.BaseRecord)

func (*Header) SubProduct

func (xh *Header) SubProduct() *PacketData.NOAASubProduct

func (*Header) ToBaseNameString added in v0.5.2

func (xh *Header) ToBaseNameString() string

func (*Header) ToJSON

func (xh *Header) ToJSON() string

func (*Header) ToNameString

func (xh *Header) ToNameString() string


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Geo Geographic Conversion Tools Based on: http://www.cgms-info.org/documents/pdf_cgms_03.pdf
Geo Geographic Conversion Tools Based on: http://www.cgms-info.org/documents/pdf_cgms_03.pdf

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