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const (
	S3_CONF_PATH              = "/etc/multi-cloud/s3.toml"
	MIN_DOWNLOAD_BUFPOOL_SIZE = 512 << 10 // 512k


This section is empty.


func CopiedBytes

func CopiedBytes(source []byte) (destination []byte)

func EscapeColon

func EscapeColon(s string) string

func FileExists

func FileExists(path string) bool

func Filter

func Filter(xs []string, f func(string) bool) []string

func GenerateRandomId

func GenerateRandomId() []byte

func HasBucketInDomain

func HasBucketInDomain(host string, prefix string, domains []string) (ok bool, bucket string)

func Keys

func Keys(v interface{}) []string

Get keys of a map, i.e. map[string]interface{} -> []string Note that some type checks are omitted for efficiency, you need to ensure them yourself, otherwise your program should panic

func Map

func Map(xs []string, f func(string) string) []string

func MarshalTOMLConfig

func MarshalTOMLConfig() error

func MsgPackMarshal

func MsgPackMarshal(v interface{}) ([]byte, error)

func MsgPackUnMarshal

func MsgPackUnMarshal(data []byte, v interface{}) error

func ReadJsonBody

func ReadJsonBody(body io.ReadCloser, out interface{}) (err error)

read from ReadCloser and unmarshal to out; `out` should be of POINTER type

func SetupConfig

func SetupConfig()

func StringInSlice

func StringInSlice(s string, ss []string) bool

func SubString

func SubString(str string, begin, length int) (substr string)

func Ternary

func Ternary(IF bool, THEN interface{}, ELSE interface{}) interface{}

mimic `?:` operator Need type assertion to convert output to expected type

func UnescapeColon

func UnescapeColon(s string) string

func UnicodeIndex

func UnicodeIndex(str, substr string) int


type Config

type Config struct {
	S3Domain         []string                `toml:"s3domain"` // Domain name of YIG
	Region           string                  `toml:"region"`   // Region name this instance belongs to, e.g cn-bj-1
	Plugins          map[string]PluginConfig `toml:"plugins"`
	LogPath          string                  `toml:"log_path"`
	AccessLogPath    string                  `toml:"access_log_path"`
	AccessLogFormat  string                  `toml:"access_log_format"`
	PanicLogPath     string                  `toml:"panic_log_path"`
	PidFile          string                  `toml:"pid_file"`
	BindApiAddress   string                  `toml:"api_listener"`
	BindAdminAddress string                  `toml:"admin_listener"`
	SSLKeyPath       string                  `toml:"ssl_key_path"`
	SSLCertPath      string                  `toml:"ssl_cert_path"`
	ZookeeperAddress string                  `toml:"zk_address"`

	InstanceId             string // if empty, generated one at server startup
	ConcurrentRequestLimit int
	HbaseZnodeParent       string        // won't change default("/hbase") if leave this option empty
	HbaseTimeout           time.Duration // in seconds
	DebugMode              bool          `toml:"debug_mode"`
	AdminKey               string        `toml:"admin_key"` //used for tools/admin to communicate with yig
	GcThread               int           `toml:"gc_thread"`
	LcThread               int           //used for tools/lc only, set worker numbers to do lc
	LcDebug                bool          //used for tools/lc only, if this was set true, will treat days as seconds
	LogLevel               int           `toml:"log_level"` //1-20
	CephConfigPattern      string        `toml:"ceph_config_pattern"`
	ReservedOrigins        string        `toml:"reserved_origins"` //,,
	MetaStore              string        `toml:"meta_store"`
	TidbInfo               string        `toml:"tidb_info"`
	KeepAlive              bool          `toml:"keepalive"`

	//About cache
	RedisAddress            string   `toml:"redis_address"`           // redis connection string, e.g localhost:1234
	RedisConnectionNumber   int      `toml:"redis_connection_number"` // number of connections to redis(i.e max concurrent request number)
	RedisPassword           string   `toml:"redis_password"`          // redis auth password
	MetaCacheType           int      `toml:"meta_cache_type"`
	EnableDataCache         bool     `toml:"enable_data_cache"`
	RedisMode               int      `toml:"redis_mode"`
	RedisNodes              []string `toml:"redis_nodes"`
	RedisSentinelMasterName string   `toml:"redis_sentinel_master_name"`
	RedisConnectTimeout     int      `toml:"redis_connect_timeout"`
	RedisReadTimeout        int      `toml:"redis_read_timeout"`
	RedisWriteTimeout       int      `toml:"redis_write_timeout"`
	RedisKeepAlive          int      `toml:"redis_keepalive"`
	RedisPoolMaxIdle        int      `toml:"redis_pool_max_idle"`
	RedisPoolIdleTimeout    int      `toml:"redis_pool_idle_timeout"`

	// If the value is not 0, the cached ping detection will be turned on, and the interval is the number of seconds.
	CacheCircuitCheckInterval int `toml:"cache_circuit_check_interval"`
	// This property sets the amount of seconds, after tripping the circuit,
	// to reject requests before allowing attempts again to determine if the circuit should again be closed.
	CacheCircuitCloseSleepWindow int `toml:"cache_circuit_close_sleep_window"`
	// This value is how may consecutive passing requests are required before the circuit is closed
	CacheCircuitCloseRequiredCount int `toml:"cache_circuit_close_required_count"`
	// This property sets the minimum number of requests in a rolling window that will trip the circuit.
	CacheCircuitOpenThreshold int `toml:"cache_circuit_open_threshold"`

	DownLoadBufPoolSize int `toml:"download_buf_pool_size"`

	KMS KMSConfig `toml:"kms"`

	// Message Bus
	MsgBus MsgBusConfig `toml:"msg_bus"`
var CONFIG Config

type KMSConfig

type KMSConfig struct {
	Type     string
	Endpoint string
	Id       string `toml:"kms_id"`
	Secret   string `toml:"kms_secret"`
	Version  int
	Keyname  string

type MsgBusConfig

type MsgBusConfig struct {
	// Controls whether to enable message bus when receive the request.
	Enabled bool `toml:"msg_bus_enable"`
	// Controls the under implementation of message bus: 1 for kafka.
	Type int `toml:"msg_bus_type"`
	// Controls the message topic used by message bus.
	Topic string `toml:"msg_bus_topic"`
	// Controls the request timeout for sending a req through message bus.
	RequestTimeoutMs int `toml:"msg_bus_request_timeout_ms"`
	// Controls the total timeout for sending a req through message bus.
	// It will timeout if min(MessageTimeoutMs, SendMaxRetries * RequestTimeoutMs) meets.
	MessageTimeoutMs int `toml:"msg_bus_message_timeout_ms"`
	// Controls the retry time used by message bus if it fails to send a req.
	SendMaxRetries int `toml:"msg_bus_send_max_retries"`
	// Controls the settings for the implementation of message bus.
	// For kafka, the 'broker_list' must be set, like 'broker_list = "kafka:29092"'
	Server map[string]interface{} `toml:"msg_bus_server"`

type PluginConfig

type PluginConfig struct {
	Path   string                 `toml:"path"`
	Enable bool                   `toml:"enable"`
	Args   map[string]interface{} `toml:"args"`

type Serializable

type Serializable interface {
	Serialize() (map[string]interface{}, error)
	Deserialize(map[string]string) (interface{}, error)

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