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1124. Longest Well-Performing Interval (Medium)

We are given hours, a list of the number of hours worked per day for a given employee.

A day is considered to be a tiring day if and only if the number of hours worked is (strictly) greater than 8.

A well-performing interval is an interval of days for which the number of tiring days is strictly larger than the number of non-tiring days.

Return the length of the longest well-performing interval.


Example 1:

Input: hours = [9,9,6,0,6,6,9]
Output: 3
Explanation: The longest well-performing interval is [9,9,6].



  • 1 <= hours.length <= 10000
  • 0 <= hours[i] <= 16



Hint 1 Make a new array A of +1/-1s corresponding to if hours[i] is > 8 or not. The goal is to find the longest subarray with positive sum.
Hint 2 Using prefix sums (PrefixSum[i+1] = A[0] + A[1] + ... + A[i]), you need to find for each j, the smallest i < j with PrefixSum[i] + 1 == PrefixSum[j].


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