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type BucketingWorkQueue

type BucketingWorkQueue interface {
	AddWithData(key interface{}, data ...interface{})
	AddWithDataRateLimited(key interface{}, data ...interface{})
	GetWithData() (key interface{}, data []interface{}, quit bool)
	Done(key interface{})
	Forget(key interface{})


BucketingWorkQueue gives a way to add items related to a single entry in a work queue this allows you work on a set of related work in a single UOW-style way

func NewBucketingWorkQueue

func NewBucketingWorkQueue(name string) BucketingWorkQueue

type ClusterQuotaReconcilationController

type ClusterQuotaReconcilationController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ClusterQuotaReconcilationController) AddMapping

func (c *ClusterQuotaReconcilationController) AddMapping(quotaName, namespaceName string)

func (*ClusterQuotaReconcilationController) RemoveMapping

func (c *ClusterQuotaReconcilationController) RemoveMapping(quotaName, namespaceName string)

func (*ClusterQuotaReconcilationController) Run

Run begins quota controller using the specified number of workers

func (*ClusterQuotaReconcilationController) Sync

Sync periodically resyncs the controller when new resources are observed from discovery.

type ClusterQuotaReconcilationControllerOptions

type ClusterQuotaReconcilationControllerOptions struct {
	ClusterQuotaInformer quotainformer.ClusterResourceQuotaInformer
	ClusterQuotaMapper   clusterquotamapping.ClusterQuotaMapper
	ClusterQuotaClient   quotatypedclient.ClusterResourceQuotaInterface

	// Knows how to calculate usage
	Registry utilquota.Registry
	// Controls full recalculation of quota usage
	ResyncPeriod time.Duration
	// Discover list of supported resources on the server.
	DiscoveryFunc resourcequota.NamespacedResourcesFunc
	// A function that returns the list of resources to ignore
	IgnoredResourcesFunc func() map[schema.GroupResource]struct{}
	// InformersStarted knows if informers were started.
	InformersStarted <-chan struct{}
	// InformerFactory interfaces with informers.
	InformerFactory informerfactory.InformerFactory
	// Controls full resync of objects monitored for replenihsment.
	ReplenishmentResyncPeriod controller.ResyncPeriodFunc
	// Filters update events so we only enqueue the ones where we know quota will change
	UpdateFilter resourcequota.UpdateFilter

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