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End to end tests

Adding end to end tests

Knative Serving e2e tests test the end to end functionality of the Knative Serving API to verify the behavior of this specific implementation.

These tests use the test library.


The e2e tests are used to test whether the flow of Knative Serving is performing as designed from start to finish.

The e2e tests MUST:

  1. Provide frequent output describing what actions they are undertaking, especially before performing long running operations. Please see the Log section for detailed instructions.
  2. Follow Golang best practices.




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func ScaleToWithin added in v0.4.0

func ScaleToWithin(t *testing.T, scale int, duration time.Duration, latencies Latencies)

func Setup

func Setup(t *testing.T) *test.Clients

Setup creates the client objects needed in the e2e tests.

func SetupAlternativeNamespace added in v0.6.0

func SetupAlternativeNamespace(t *testing.T) *test.Clients

SetupAlternativeNamespace creates the client objects needed in e2e tests under the alternative namespace.

func SetupWithNamespace added in v0.6.0

func SetupWithNamespace(t *testing.T, namespace string) *test.Clients

SetupWithNamespace creates the client objects needed in the e2e tests under the specified namespace.

func WaitForScaleToZero added in v0.5.0

func WaitForScaleToZero(t *testing.T, deploymentName string, clients *test.Clients) error

WaitForScaleToZero will wait for the specified deployment to scale to 0 replicas. Will wait up to 6 times the configured ScaleToZeroGracePeriod before failing.


type Latencies added in v0.4.0

type Latencies interface {
	// Add takes the name of this measurement and the time at which it began.
	// This should be called at the moment of completion, so that duration may
	// be computed with `time.Since(start)`.  We use this signature to that this
	// function is suitable for use in a `defer`.
	Add(name string, start time.Time)

Latencies is an interface for providing mechanisms for recording timings for the parts of the scale test.

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