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func AssignSecurityContext

func AssignSecurityContext(provider SecurityContextConstraintsProvider, pod *kapi.Pod, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

AssignSecurityContext creates a security context for each container in the pod and validates that the sc falls within the scc constraints. All containers must validate against the same scc or is not considered valid.

func ConstraintAppliesTo

func ConstraintAppliesTo(sccName string, sccUsers, sccGroups []string, userInfo user.Info, namespace string, a authorizer.Authorizer) bool

ConstraintAppliesTo inspects the constraint's users and groups against the userInfo to determine if it is usable by the userInfo. Anything we do here needs to work with a deny authorizer so the choices are limited to SAR / Authorizer


type SCCMatcher

type SCCMatcher interface {
	FindApplicableSCCs(namespace string, user ...user.Info) ([]*securityapi.SecurityContextConstraints, error)

type SecurityContextConstraintsProvider

type SecurityContextConstraintsProvider interface {
	// Create a PodSecurityContext based on the given constraints.
	CreatePodSecurityContext(pod *api.Pod) (*api.PodSecurityContext, map[string]string, error)
	// Create a container SecurityContext based on the given constraints
	CreateContainerSecurityContext(pod *api.Pod, container *api.Container) (*api.SecurityContext, error)
	// Ensure a pod's SecurityContext is in compliance with the given constraints.
	ValidatePodSecurityContext(pod *api.Pod, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList
	// Ensure a container's SecurityContext is in compliance with the given constraints
	ValidateContainerSecurityContext(pod *api.Pod, container *api.Container, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList
	// Get the name of the SCC that this provider was initialized with.
	GetSCCName() string
	// Get the users associated to the SCC this provider was initialized with
	GetSCCUsers() []string
	// Get the groups associated to the SCC this provider was initialized with
	GetSCCGroups() []string

SecurityContextConstraintsProvider provides the implementation to generate a new security context based on constraints or validate an existing security context against constraints.

func CreateProviderFromConstraint

func CreateProviderFromConstraint(ns string, namespace *corev1.Namespace, constraint *securityapi.SecurityContextConstraints, client kubernetes.Interface) (SecurityContextConstraintsProvider, *corev1.Namespace, error)

CreateProviderFromConstraint creates a SecurityContextConstraintProvider from a SecurityContextConstraint

func CreateProvidersFromConstraints

func CreateProvidersFromConstraints(ns string, sccs []*securityapi.SecurityContextConstraints, client kubernetes.Interface) ([]SecurityContextConstraintsProvider, []error)

CreateProvidersFromConstraints creates providers from the constraints supplied, including looking up pre-allocated values if necessary using the pod's namespace.

func NewSimpleProvider

NewSimpleProvider creates a new SecurityContextConstraintsProvider instance.

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