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func AnnotateTestSuite

func AnnotateTestSuite()

func ArtifactDirPath added in v1.0.7

func ArtifactDirPath() string

ArtifactDirPath returns the value of ARTIFACT_DIR environment variable

func ArtifactPath added in v1.0.7

func ArtifactPath(elem ...string) string

ArtifactPath returns the absolute path to the fix artifact file The path is relative to ARTIFACT_DIR

func BuildAuthConfiguration added in v1.0.7

func BuildAuthConfiguration(credKey string, oc *CLI) (*dockerClient.AuthConfiguration, error)

BuildAuthConfiguration constructs a non-standard dockerClient.AuthConfiguration that can be used to communicate with the openshift internal docker registry

func CalculatePodMetrics

func CalculatePodMetrics(adminClient kubernetes.Interface, adminConfig *restclient.Config) error

CalculatePodMetrics receives an admin client and an admin.kubeconfig, and traverses a list of operator namespaces, measuring requests-per-second for each operator pod, using the overall long-running time of each pod as a base metric.

func CheckBuildCancelled

func CheckBuildCancelled(b *buildv1.Build) bool

CheckBuildCancelled return true if the build was canceled

func CheckBuildFailed

func CheckBuildFailed(b *buildv1.Build) bool

CheckBuildFailed return true if the build failed

func CheckBuildSuccess

func CheckBuildSuccess(b *buildv1.Build) bool

CheckBuildSuccess returns true if the build succeeded

func CheckForBuildEvent

func CheckForBuildEvent(client corev1client.CoreV1Interface, build *buildv1.Build, reason, message string)

CheckForBuildEvent will poll a build for up to 1 minute looking for an event with the specified reason and message template.

func CheckImageStreamLatestTagPopulated

func CheckImageStreamLatestTagPopulated(i *imageapi.ImageStream) bool

CheckImageStreamLatestTagPopulated returns true if the imagestream has a ':latest' tag filed

func CheckImageStreamTagNotFound

func CheckImageStreamTagNotFound(i *imageapi.ImageStream) bool

CheckImageStreamTagNotFound return true if the imagestream update was not successful

func CheckPodIsReady

func CheckPodIsReady(pod kapiv1.Pod) bool

CheckPodIsReady returns true if the pod's ready probe determined that the pod is ready.

func CheckPodIsRunning

func CheckPodIsRunning(pod kapiv1.Pod) bool

CheckPodIsRunning returns true if the pod is running

func CheckPodIsSucceeded

func CheckPodIsSucceeded(pod kapiv1.Pod) bool

CheckPodIsSucceeded returns true if the pod status is "Succdeded"

func CheckPodNoOp

func CheckPodNoOp(pod kapiv1.Pod) bool

CheckPodNoOp always returns true

func CreateExecPodOrFail added in v1.5.1

func CreateExecPodOrFail(client corev1client.CoreV1Interface, ns, name string) string

CreateExecPodOrFail creates a simple busybox pod in a sleep loop used as a vessel for kubectl exec commands. Returns the name of the created pod. TODO: expose upstream

func CreateResource added in v1.0.7

func CreateResource(jsonFilePath string, oc *CLI) error

CreateResource creates the resources from the supplied json file (not a template); ginkgo error checking included

func DeletePVCsForDeployment

func DeletePVCsForDeployment(client clientset.Interface, oc *CLI, deploymentPrefix string)

func DumpAndReturnTagging added in v1.0.7

func DumpAndReturnTagging(tags []string) ([]string, error)

DumpAndReturnTagging takes and array of tags and obtains the hex image IDs, dumps them to ginkgo for printing, and then returns them

func DumpApplicationPodLogs

func DumpApplicationPodLogs(dcName string, oc *CLI)

DumpApplicationPodLogs will dump the latest application logs for a DeploymentConfig for debug purposes

func DumpBuildLogs added in v1.2.0

func DumpBuildLogs(bc string, oc *CLI)

DumpBuildLogs will dump the latest build logs for a BuildConfig for debug purposes

func DumpBuilds

func DumpBuilds(oc *CLI)

DumpBuilds will dump the yaml for every build in the test namespace; remember, pipeline builds don't have build pods so a generic framework dump won't cat our pipeline builds objs in openshift

func DumpConfigMapStates

func DumpConfigMapStates(oc *CLI)

DumpConfigMapStates dumps the state of all ConfigMaps in the CLI's current namespace.

func DumpDeploymentLogs added in v1.3.0

func DumpDeploymentLogs(dcName string, version int64, oc *CLI)

DumpDeploymentLogs will dump the latest deployment logs for a DeploymentConfig for debug purposes

func DumpImageStreams added in v1.3.0

func DumpImageStreams(oc *CLI)

DumpImageStreams will dump both the openshift namespace and local namespace imagestreams as part of debugging when the language imagestreams in the openshift namespace seem to disappear

func DumpPersistentVolumeInfo

func DumpPersistentVolumeInfo(oc *CLI)

func DumpPodLogs

func DumpPodLogs(pods []kapiv1.Pod, oc *CLI)

func DumpPodLogsStartingWith

func DumpPodLogsStartingWith(prefix string, oc *CLI)

DumpPodLogsStartingWith will dump any pod starting with the name prefix provided

func DumpPodLogsStartingWithInNamespace

func DumpPodLogsStartingWithInNamespace(prefix, namespace string, oc *CLI)

DumpPodLogsStartingWith will dump any pod starting with the name prefix provided

func DumpPodStates

func DumpPodStates(oc *CLI)

DumpPodStates dumps the state of all pods in the CLI's current namespace.

func DumpPodStatesInNamespace

func DumpPodStatesInNamespace(namespace string, oc *CLI)

DumpPodStatesInNamespace dumps the state of all pods in the provided namespace.

func DumpPodsCommand

func DumpPodsCommand(c kubernetes.Interface, ns string, selector labels.Selector, cmd string)

DumpPodsCommand runs the provided command in every pod identified by selector in the provided namespace.

func DumpSampleOperator

func DumpSampleOperator(oc *CLI)

func ExamineDiskUsage added in v1.2.0

func ExamineDiskUsage()

ExamineDiskUsage will dump df output on the testing system; leveraging this as part of diagnosing the registry's disk filling up during external tests on jenkins

func ExaminePodDiskUsage added in v1.3.0

func ExaminePodDiskUsage(oc *CLI)

ExaminePodDiskUsage will dump df/du output on registry pod; leveraging this as part of diagnosing the registry's disk filling up during external tests on jenkins

func ExecuteTest added in v1.0.7

func ExecuteTest(t ginkgo.GinkgoTestingT, suite string)

func FatalErr

func FatalErr(msg interface{})

FatalErr exits the test in case a fatal error has occurred.

func FetchURL added in v1.0.7

func FetchURL(oc *CLI, url string, retryTimeout time.Duration) (string, error)

FetchURL grabs the output from the specified url and returns it. It will retry once per second for duration retryTimeout if an error occurs during the request.

func FindCLIImage

func FindCLIImage(oc *CLI) (string, bool)

func FindImageFormatString

func FindImageFormatString(oc *CLI) (string, bool)

FindImageFormatString returns a format string for components on the cluster. It returns false if no format string could be inferred from the cluster. OpenShift 4.0 clusters will not be able to infer an image format string, so you must wrap this method in one that can locate your specific image.

func FindRouterImage

func FindRouterImage(oc *CLI) (string, bool)

func FixturePath

func FixturePath(elem ...string) string

FixturePath returns an absolute path to a fixture file in test/extended/testdata/, test/integration/, or examples/.

func GetApplicationPods

func GetApplicationPods(oc *CLI, dcName string) (*kapiv1.PodList, error)

func GetDeploymentConfigPods added in v1.5.1

func GetDeploymentConfigPods(oc *CLI, dcName string, version int64) (*kapiv1.PodList, error)

func GetDockerImageReference

func GetDockerImageReference(c imagetypeclientset.ImageStreamInterface, name, tag string) (string, error)

GetDockerImageReference retrieves the full Docker pull spec from the given ImageStream and tag

func GetEndpointAddress added in v1.0.7

func GetEndpointAddress(oc *CLI, name string) (string, error)

GetEndpointAddress will return an "ip:port" string for the endpoint.

func GetImageIDForTags

func GetImageIDForTags(comps []string) ([]string, error)

GetImageIDForTags will obtain the hexadecimal IDs for the array of human readible image tags IDs provided

func GetMasterThreadDump

func GetMasterThreadDump(oc *CLI)

GetMasterThreadDump will get a golang thread stack dump

func GetPodForContainer added in v1.0.7

func GetPodForContainer(container kapiv1.Container) *kapiv1.Pod

GetPodForContainer creates a new Pod that runs specified container

func GetPodNamesByFilter added in v1.0.7

func GetPodNamesByFilter(c corev1client.PodInterface, label labels.Selector, predicate func(kapiv1.Pod) bool) (podNames []string, err error)

GetPodNamesByFilter looks up pods that satisfy the predicate and returns their names.

func GetRouterPodTemplate

func GetRouterPodTemplate(oc *CLI) (*corev1.PodTemplateSpec, string, error)

GetRouterPodTemplate finds the router pod template across different namespaces, helping to mitigate the transition from the default namespace to an operator namespace.

func GetStatefulSetPods

func GetStatefulSetPods(oc *CLI, setName string) (*kapiv1.PodList, error)

func Init

func Init()

init initialize the extended testing suite. You can set these environment variables to configure extended tests: KUBECONFIG - Path to kubeconfig containing embedded authinfo TEST_REPORT_DIR - If set, JUnit output will be written to this directory for each test TEST_REPORT_FILE_NAME - If set, will determine the name of the file that JUnit output is written to

func InitDefaultEnvironmentVariables

func InitDefaultEnvironmentVariables()

ProwGCPSetup makes sure certain required env vars are available in the case that extended tests are invoked directly via calls to ginkgo/extended.test

func InitStandardFlags

func InitStandardFlags()

func InitTest added in v1.0.7

func InitTest()

func IsClusterOperated

func IsClusterOperated(oc *CLI) bool

func KubeConfigPath

func KubeConfigPath() string

KubeConfigPath returns the value of KUBECONFIG environment variable

func ListImages added in v1.3.0

func ListImages() ([]string, error)

ListImages initiates the equivalent of a `docker images`

func NewPodExecutor

func NewPodExecutor(oc *CLI, name, image string) (*podExecutor, error)

NewPodExecutor returns an executor capable of running commands in a Pod.

func ParseLabelsOrDie added in v1.0.7

func ParseLabelsOrDie(str string) labels.Selector

ParseLabelsOrDie turns the given string into a label selector or panics; for tests or other cases where you know the string is valid. TODO: Move this to the upstream labels package.

func PreTestDump

func PreTestDump()

func ReadFixture

func ReadFixture(path string) (runtime.Object, error)

func ReadFixtureOrFail

func ReadFixtureOrFail(path string) runtime.Object

func RemoveDeploymentConfigs

func RemoveDeploymentConfigs(oc *CLI, dcs ...string) error

RemoveDeploymentConfigs deletes the given DeploymentConfigs in a namespace

func RemovePodsWithPrefixes

func RemovePodsWithPrefixes(oc *CLI, prefixes ...string) error

RemovePodsWithPrefixes deletes pods whose name begins with the supplied prefixes

func RemoveStatefulSets

func RemoveStatefulSets(oc *CLI, sets ...string) error

RemoveStatefulSets deletes the given stateful sets in a namespace

func SetupK8SNFSServerAndVolume

func SetupK8SNFSServerAndVolume(oc *CLI, count int) (*kapiv1.Pod, []*kapiv1.PersistentVolume, error)

SetupK8SNFSServerAndVolume sets up an nfs server pod with count number of persistent volumes

func StartBuild

func StartBuild(oc *CLI, args ...string) (stdout, stderr string, err error)

StartBuild executes OC start-build with the specified arguments. StdOut and StdErr from the process are returned as separate strings.

func TimedWaitForAnImageStreamTag added in v1.4.0

func TimedWaitForAnImageStreamTag(oc *CLI, namespace, name, tag string, waitTimeout time.Duration) error

TimedWaitForAnImageStreamTag waits until an image stream with given name has non-empty history for given tag. Gives up waiting after the specified waitTimeout

func VarSubOnFile added in v1.0.7

func VarSubOnFile(srcFile string, destFile string, vars map[string]string) error

VarSubOnFile reads in srcFile, finds instances of ${key} from the map and replaces them with their associated values.

func WaitForABuild

func WaitForABuild(c buildv1clienttyped.BuildInterface, name string, isOK, isFailed, isCanceled func(*buildv1.Build) bool) error

WaitForABuild waits for a Build object to match either isOK or isFailed conditions.

func WaitForAJob added in v1.3.0

func WaitForAJob(c batchv1client.JobInterface, name string, timeout time.Duration) error

func WaitForAnImageStream added in v1.0.6

func WaitForAnImageStream(client imagetypeclientset.ImageStreamInterface,
	name string,
	isOK, isFailed func(*imageapi.ImageStream) bool) error

WaitForAnImageStream waits for an ImageStream to fulfill the isOK function

func WaitForAnImageStreamTag added in v1.3.0

func WaitForAnImageStreamTag(oc *CLI, namespace, name, tag string) error

WaitForAnImageStreamTag waits until an image stream with given name has non-empty history for given tag. Defaults to waiting for 300 seconds

func WaitForBuildResult

func WaitForBuildResult(c buildv1clienttyped.BuildInterface, result *BuildResult) error

WaitForBuildResult updates result wit the state of the build

func WaitForDeploymentConfig

func WaitForDeploymentConfig(kc kubernetes.Interface, dcClient appsv1clienttyped.DeploymentConfigsGetter, namespace, name string, version int64, enforceNotProgressing bool, cli *CLI) error

WaitForDeploymentConfig waits for a DeploymentConfig to complete transition to a given version and report minimum availability.

func WaitForEndpointsAvailable

func WaitForEndpointsAvailable(oc *CLI, serviceName string) error

func WaitForNoPodsAvailable

func WaitForNoPodsAvailable(oc *CLI) error

WaitForNoPodsAvailable waits until there are no pods in the given namespace

func WaitForOpenShiftNamespaceImageStreams added in v1.3.0

func WaitForOpenShiftNamespaceImageStreams(oc *CLI) error

WaitForOpenShiftNamespaceImageStreams waits for the standard set of imagestreams to be imported

func WaitForPods added in v1.0.7

func WaitForPods(c corev1client.PodInterface, label labels.Selector, predicate func(kapiv1.Pod) bool, count int, timeout time.Duration) ([]string, error)

WaitForPods waits until given number of pods that match the label selector and satisfy the predicate are found

func WaitForQueryOutputContains added in v1.1.5

func WaitForQueryOutputContains(oc *CLI, d Database, timeout time.Duration, admin bool, query, resultSubstr string) error

WaitForQueryOutputContains will execute the query multiple times, until the specified substring is found in the results. This function should be used for testing replication, since it might take some time until the data is propagated to slaves.

func WaitForQueryOutputSatisfies added in v1.1.5

func WaitForQueryOutputSatisfies(oc *CLI, d Database, timeout time.Duration, admin bool, query string, predicate func(string) bool) error

WaitForQueryOutputSatisfies will execute the query multiple times, until the specified predicate function is return true.

func WaitForResourceQuotaSync added in v1.1.4

func WaitForResourceQuotaSync(
	client corev1client.ResourceQuotaInterface,
	name string,
	expectedUsage corev1.ResourceList,
	expectedIsUpperLimit bool,
	timeout time.Duration,
) (corev1.ResourceList, error)

WaitForResourceQuotaSync watches given resource quota until its usage is updated to desired level or a timeout occurs. If successful, used quota values will be returned for expected resources. Otherwise an ErrWaitTimeout will be returned. If expectedIsUpperLimit is true, given expected usage must compare greater or equal to quota's usage, which is useful for expected usage increment. Otherwise expected usage must compare lower or equal to quota's usage, which is useful for expected usage decrement.

func WaitForSelfSAR

func WaitForSelfSAR(interval, timeout time.Duration, c kclientset.Interface, selfSAR authorizationapiv1.SelfSubjectAccessReviewSpec) error

func WaitForServiceAccount

func WaitForServiceAccount(c corev1client.ServiceAccountInterface, name string) error

WaitForServiceAccount waits until the named service account gets fully provisioned

func WaitForUserBeAuthorized

func WaitForUserBeAuthorized(oc *CLI, user, verb, resource string) error

WaitForUserBeAuthorized waits a minute until the cluster bootstrap roles are available and the provided user is authorized to perform the action on the resource.

func WaitUntilAllHelpersAreUp added in v1.0.7

func WaitUntilAllHelpersAreUp(oc *CLI, helpers []Database) error

WaitUntilAllHelpersAreUp waits until all helpers are ready to serve requests.

func WaitUntilPodIsGone added in v1.0.7

func WaitUntilPodIsGone(c corev1client.PodInterface, podName string, timeout time.Duration) error

WaitUntilPodIsGone waits until the named Pod will disappear

func WaitUntilUp added in v1.0.7

func WaitUntilUp(oc *CLI, d Database, timeout time.Duration) error

WaitUntilUp continuously waits for the server to become ready, up until timeout.


type BuildResult added in v1.3.0

type BuildResult struct {
	// BuildPath is a resource qualified name (e.g. "build/test-1").
	BuildPath string
	// BuildName is the non-resource qualified name.
	BuildName string
	// StartBuildStdErr is the StdErr output generated by oc start-build.
	StartBuildStdErr string
	// StartBuildStdOut is the StdOut output generated by oc start-build.
	StartBuildStdOut string
	// StartBuildErr is the error, if any, returned by the direct invocation of the start-build command.
	StartBuildErr error
	// The buildconfig which generated this build.
	BuildConfigName string
	// Build is the resource created. May be nil if there was a timeout.
	Build *buildv1.Build
	// BuildAttempt represents that a Build resource was created.
	// false indicates a severe error unrelated to Build success or failure.
	BuildAttempt bool
	// BuildSuccess is true if the build was finshed successfully.
	BuildSuccess bool
	// BuildFailure is true if the build was finished with an error.
	BuildFailure bool
	// BuildCancelled is true if the build was canceled.
	BuildCancelled bool
	// BuildTimeout is true if there was a timeout waiting for the build to finish.
	BuildTimeout bool
	// Alternate log dumper function. If set, this is called instead of 'oc logs'
	LogDumper LogDumperFunc
	// The openshift client which created this build.
	Oc *CLI

func NewBuildResult

func NewBuildResult(oc *CLI, build *buildv1.Build) *BuildResult

func StartBuildAndWait added in v1.3.0

func StartBuildAndWait(oc *CLI, args ...string) (result *BuildResult, err error)

StartBuildAndWait executes OC start-build with the specified arguments on an existing buildconfig. Note that start-build will be run with "-o=name" as a parameter when using this method. If no error is returned from this method, it means that the build attempted successfully, NOT that the build completed. For completion information, check the BuildResult object.

func StartBuildResult added in v1.5.1

func StartBuildResult(oc *CLI, args ...string) (result *BuildResult, err error)

func (*BuildResult) AssertFailure added in v1.3.0

func (t *BuildResult) AssertFailure() *BuildResult

Dumps logs and triggers a Ginkgo assertion if the build did NOT have an error (this will not assert on timeouts)

func (*BuildResult) AssertSuccess added in v1.3.0

func (t *BuildResult) AssertSuccess() *BuildResult

Dumps logs and triggers a Ginkgo assertion if the build did NOT succeed.

func (*BuildResult) DumpLogs added in v1.3.0

func (t *BuildResult) DumpLogs()

DumpLogs sends logs associated with this BuildResult to the GinkgoWriter.

func (*BuildResult) Logs added in v1.3.0

func (t *BuildResult) Logs() (string, error)

Logs returns the logs associated with this build.

func (*BuildResult) LogsNoTimestamp

func (t *BuildResult) LogsNoTimestamp() (string, error)

LogsNoTimestamp returns the logs associated with this build.

type CLI

type CLI struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CLI provides function to call the OpenShift CLI and Kubernetes and OpenShift clients.

func NewCLI

func NewCLI(project, adminConfigPath string) *CLI

NewCLI initialize the upstream E2E framework and set the namespace to match with the project name. Note that this function does not initialize the project role bindings for the namespace.

func NewCLIWithoutNamespace

func NewCLIWithoutNamespace(project string) *CLI

NewCLIWithoutNamespace initialize the upstream E2E framework without adding a namespace. You may call SetupProject() to create one.

func (*CLI) AdminAppsClient

func (c *CLI) AdminAppsClient() appsv1client.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminAuthorizationClient

func (c *CLI) AdminAuthorizationClient() authorizationclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminBuildClient

func (c *CLI) AdminBuildClient() buildv1client.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminConfig

func (c *CLI) AdminConfig() *restclient.Config

func (*CLI) AdminConfigClient

func (c *CLI) AdminConfigClient() configv1client.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminImageClient

func (c *CLI) AdminImageClient() imagev1client.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminInternalImageClient

func (c *CLI) AdminInternalImageClient() imageclientset.Interface

DEPRECATED: use external

func (*CLI) AdminInternalTemplateClient

func (c *CLI) AdminInternalTemplateClient() templateclientset.Interface

AdminClient provides an OpenShift client for the cluster admin user.

func (*CLI) AdminKubeClient added in v1.5.1

func (c *CLI) AdminKubeClient() kclientset.Interface

AdminKubeClient provides a Kubernetes client for the cluster admin user.

func (*CLI) AdminOperatorClient

func (c *CLI) AdminOperatorClient() operatorv1client.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminProjectClient

func (c *CLI) AdminProjectClient() projectclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminRouteClient

func (c *CLI) AdminRouteClient() routeclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminSecurityClient

func (c *CLI) AdminSecurityClient() securityclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminTemplateClient

func (c *CLI) AdminTemplateClient() templateclient.Interface

func (*CLI) AdminUserClient

func (c *CLI) AdminUserClient() userclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) AppsClient

func (c *CLI) AppsClient() appsv1client.Interface

func (*CLI) Args

func (c *CLI) Args(args ...string) *CLI

Args sets the additional arguments for the OpenShift CLI command

func (*CLI) AsAdmin added in v1.0.7

func (c *CLI) AsAdmin() *CLI

AsAdmin changes current config file path to the admin config.

func (*CLI) AuthorizationClient

func (c *CLI) AuthorizationClient() authorizationclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) Background added in v1.3.0

func (c *CLI) Background() (*exec.Cmd, *bytes.Buffer, *bytes.Buffer, error)

Background executes the command in the background and returns the Cmd object which may be killed later via cmd.Process.Kill(). It also returns buffers holding the stdout & stderr of the command, which may be read from only after calling cmd.Wait().

func (*CLI) BackgroundRC

func (c *CLI) BackgroundRC() (*exec.Cmd, io.ReadCloser, error)

BackgroundRC executes the command in the background and returns the Cmd object which may be killed later via cmd.Process.Kill(). It returns a ReadCloser for stdout. If in doubt, use Background(). Consult the os/exec documentation.

func (*CLI) BuildClient

func (c *CLI) BuildClient() buildv1client.Interface

func (*CLI) ChangeUser

func (c *CLI) ChangeUser(name string) *CLI

ChangeUser changes the user used by the current CLI session.

func (*CLI) CreateProject

func (c *CLI) CreateProject() string

SetupProject creates a new project and assign a random user to the project. All resources will be then created within this project.

func (*CLI) Execute

func (c *CLI) Execute() error

Execute executes the current command and return error if the execution failed This function will set the default output to Ginkgo writer.

func (*CLI) ImageClient

func (c *CLI) ImageClient() imageclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) InputString added in v1.0.7

func (c *CLI) InputString(input string) *CLI

InputString adds expected input to the command

func (*CLI) InternalAdminKubeClient

func (c *CLI) InternalAdminKubeClient() kinternalclientset.Interface

AdminKubeClient provides a Kubernetes client for the cluster admin user.

func (*CLI) InternalKubeClient

func (c *CLI) InternalKubeClient() kinternalclientset.Interface

KubeClient provides a Kubernetes client for the current namespace

func (*CLI) InternalTemplateClient

func (c *CLI) InternalTemplateClient() templateclientset.Interface

Client provides an OpenShift client for the current user. If the user is not set, then it provides client for the cluster admin user

func (*CLI) KubeClient added in v1.5.1

func (c *CLI) KubeClient() kclientset.Interface

KubeClient provides a Kubernetes client for the current namespace

func (*CLI) KubeFramework

func (c *CLI) KubeFramework() *e2e.Framework

KubeFramework returns Kubernetes framework which contains helper functions specific for Kubernetes resources

func (*CLI) Namespace

func (c *CLI) Namespace() string

Namespace returns the name of the namespace used in the current test case. If the namespace is not set, an empty string is returned.

func (*CLI) Output

func (c *CLI) Output() (string, error)

Output executes the command and returns stdout/stderr combined into one string

func (*CLI) OutputToFile

func (c *CLI) OutputToFile(filename string) (string, error)

OutputToFile executes the command and store output to a file

func (*CLI) Outputs added in v1.3.0

func (c *CLI) Outputs() (string, string, error)

Outputs executes the command and returns the stdout/stderr output as separate strings

func (*CLI) ProjectClient

func (c *CLI) ProjectClient() projectclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) RESTMapper

func (c *CLI) RESTMapper() meta.RESTMapper

func (*CLI) RouteClient

func (c *CLI) RouteClient() routeclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) Run

func (c *CLI) Run(commands ...string) *CLI

Run executes given OpenShift CLI command verb (iow. "oc <verb>"). This function also override the default 'stdout' to redirect all output to a buffer and prepare the global flags such as namespace and config path.

func (*CLI) SetNamespace

func (c *CLI) SetNamespace(ns string) *CLI

SetNamespace sets a new namespace

func (*CLI) SetupProject

func (c *CLI) SetupProject()

SetupProject creates a new project and assign a random user to the project. All resources will be then created within this project.

func (*CLI) TeardownProject

func (c *CLI) TeardownProject()

TeardownProject removes projects created by this test.

func (*CLI) Template

func (c *CLI) Template(t string) *CLI

Template sets a Go template for the OpenShift CLI command. This is equivalent of running "oc get foo -o template --template='{{ .spec }}'"

func (*CLI) TemplateClient

func (c *CLI) TemplateClient() templateclient.Interface

Client provides an OpenShift client for the current user. If the user is not set, then it provides client for the cluster admin user

func (*CLI) UserClient

func (c *CLI) UserClient() userclientset.Interface

func (*CLI) UserConfig

func (c *CLI) UserConfig() *restclient.Config

func (*CLI) Username

func (c *CLI) Username() string

Username returns the name of currently logged user. If there is no user assigned for the current session, it returns 'admin'.

func (*CLI) Verbose

func (c *CLI) Verbose() *CLI

Verbose turns on printing verbose messages when executing OpenShift commands

func (CLI) WithoutNamespace added in v1.4.0

func (c CLI) WithoutNamespace() *CLI

WithoutNamespace instructs the command should be invoked without adding --namespace parameter

type Database added in v1.0.7

type Database interface {
	// PodName returns the name of the Pod this helper is bound to.
	PodName() string

	// IsReady indicates whether the underlying Pod is ready for queries.
	IsReady(oc *CLI) (bool, error)

	// Query queries the database as a regular user.
	Query(oc *CLI, query string) (string, error)

	// QueryPrivileged queries the database as a privileged user.
	QueryPrivileged(oc *CLI, query string) (string, error)

	// TestRemoteLogin tests whether it is possible to remote login to hostAddress.
	TestRemoteLogin(oc *CLI, hostAddress string) error

Database interface allows testing database images.

type ExitError added in v1.3.0

type ExitError struct {
	Cmd    string
	StdErr string

type GitRepo

type GitRepo struct {
	RepoPath string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewGitRepo

func NewGitRepo(repoName string) (GitRepo, error)

NewGitRepo creates temporary test directories with local and "remote" git repo

func (GitRepo) AddAndCommit

func (r GitRepo) AddAndCommit(file, content string) error

AddAndCommit commits a file with its content to local repo

func (GitRepo) Remove

func (r GitRepo) Remove()

Remove performs cleanup of no longer needed directories with local and "remote" git repo

type LogDumperFunc

type LogDumperFunc func(oc *CLI, br *BuildResult) (string, error)

type MissingTagError

type MissingTagError struct {
	Tags []string

func (MissingTagError) Error

func (mte MissingTagError) Error() string

type ReplicaSet added in v1.1.5

type ReplicaSet interface {
	// QueryPrimary queries the database on primary node as a regular user.
	QueryPrimary(oc *CLI, query string) (string, error)

ReplicaSet interface allows to interact with database on multiple nodes.

type SimpleReporter added in v1.0.7

type SimpleReporter struct {
	Output io.Writer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSimpleReporter added in v1.0.7

func NewSimpleReporter() *SimpleReporter

func (*SimpleReporter) AfterSuiteDidRun added in v1.0.7

func (r *SimpleReporter) AfterSuiteDidRun(setupSummary *types.SetupSummary)

func (*SimpleReporter) BeforeSuiteDidRun added in v1.0.7

func (r *SimpleReporter) BeforeSuiteDidRun(*types.SetupSummary)

func (*SimpleReporter) SpecDidComplete added in v1.0.7

func (r *SimpleReporter) SpecDidComplete(spec *types.SpecSummary)

func (*SimpleReporter) SpecSuiteDidEnd added in v1.0.7

func (r *SimpleReporter) SpecSuiteDidEnd(summary *types.SuiteSummary)

func (*SimpleReporter) SpecSuiteWillBegin added in v1.0.7

func (r *SimpleReporter) SpecSuiteWillBegin(config config.GinkgoConfigType, summary *types.SuiteSummary)

func (*SimpleReporter) SpecWillRun added in v1.0.7

func (r *SimpleReporter) SpecWillRun(spec *types.SpecSummary)


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