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const (
	// ResultSucc means schemaValidator's check is passing.
	ResultSucc checkResult = iota
	// ResultFail means schemaValidator's check is fail.
	// ResultUnknown means schemaValidator doesn't know the check would be success or fail.


var (
	// ErrInfoSchemaExpired returns the error that information schema is out of date.
	ErrInfoSchemaExpired = terror.ClassDomain.New(codeInfoSchemaExpired, "Information schema is out of date.")
	// ErrInfoSchemaChanged returns the error that information schema is changed.
	ErrInfoSchemaChanged = terror.ClassDomain.New(codeInfoSchemaChanged, "Information schema is changed.")
var RunAutoAnalyze = true

RunAutoAnalyze indicates if this TiDB server starts auto analyze worker and can run auto analyze job.

type Domain

type Domain struct {
	SchemaValidator SchemaValidator

	MockReloadFailed MockFailure // It mocks reload failed.
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Domain represents a storage space. Different domains can use the same database name. Multiple domains can be used in parallel without synchronization.

func NewDomain

func NewDomain(store kv.Storage, ddlLease time.Duration, statsLease time.Duration, factory pools.Factory, sysFactory func(*Domain) (pools.Resource, error)) (*Domain, error)

NewDomain creates a new domain. Should not create multiple domains for the same store.

func (*Domain) Close

func (do *Domain) Close()

Close closes the Domain and release its resource.

func (*Domain) CreateStatsHandle

func (do *Domain) CreateStatsHandle(ctx context.Context)

CreateStatsHandle is used only for test.

func (*Domain) DDL

func (do *Domain) DDL() ddl.DDL

DDL gets DDL from domain.

func (*Domain) GetScope

func (do *Domain) GetScope(status string) variable.ScopeFlag

GetScope gets the status variables scope.

func (*Domain) GetSnapshotInfoSchema

func (do *Domain) GetSnapshotInfoSchema(snapshotTS uint64) (infoschema.InfoSchema, error)

GetSnapshotInfoSchema gets a snapshot information schema.

func (*Domain) InfoSchema

func (do *Domain) InfoSchema() infoschema.InfoSchema

InfoSchema gets information schema from domain.

func (*Domain) LoadPrivilegeLoop

func (do *Domain) LoadPrivilegeLoop(ctx context.Context) error

LoadPrivilegeLoop create a goroutine loads privilege tables in a loop, it should be called only once in BootstrapSession.

func (*Domain) NotifyUpdatePrivilege

func (do *Domain) NotifyUpdatePrivilege(ctx context.Context)

NotifyUpdatePrivilege updates privilege key in etcd, TiDB client that watches the key will get notification.

func (*Domain) PrivilegeHandle

func (do *Domain) PrivilegeHandle() *privileges.Handle

PrivilegeHandle returns the MySQLPrivilege.

func (*Domain) Reload

func (do *Domain) Reload() error

Reload reloads InfoSchema. It's public in order to do the test.

func (*Domain) StatsHandle

func (do *Domain) StatsHandle() *statistics.Handle

StatsHandle returns the statistic handle.

func (*Domain) Store

func (do *Domain) Store() kv.Storage

Store gets KV store from domain.

func (*Domain) SysSessionPool

func (do *Domain) SysSessionPool() *pools.ResourcePool

SysSessionPool returns the system session pool.

func (*Domain) UpdateTableStatsLoop

func (do *Domain) UpdateTableStatsLoop(ctx context.Context) error

UpdateTableStatsLoop creates a goroutine loads stats info and updates stats info in a loop. It will also start a goroutine to analyze tables automatically. It should be called only once in BootstrapSession.

type EtcdBackend

type EtcdBackend interface {
	EtcdAddrs() []string
	StartGCWorker() error

EtcdBackend is used for judging a storage is a real TiKV.

type MockFailure

type MockFailure struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockFailure mocks reload failed. It's used for fixing data race in tests.

func (*MockFailure) SetValue

func (m *MockFailure) SetValue(isFailed bool)

SetValue sets whether we need to mock reload failed.

type SchemaValidator

type SchemaValidator interface {
	// Update the schema validator, add a new item, delete the expired deltaSchemaInfos.
	// The latest schemaVer is valid within leaseGrantTime plus lease duration.
	// Add the changed table IDs to the new schema information,
	// which is produced when the oldSchemaVer is updated to the newSchemaVer.
	Update(leaseGrantTime uint64, oldSchemaVer, newSchemaVer int64, changedTableIDs []int64)
	// Check is it valid for a transaction to use schemaVer and related tables, at timestamp txnTS.
	Check(txnTS uint64, schemaVer int64, relatedTableIDs []int64) checkResult
	// Stop stops checking the valid of transaction.
	// Restart restarts the schema validator after it is stopped.
	// Reset resets SchemaValidator to initial state.

SchemaValidator is the interface for checking the validity of schema version.

func NewSchemaValidator

func NewSchemaValidator(lease time.Duration) SchemaValidator

NewSchemaValidator returns a SchemaValidator structure.

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