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func ParseAuth

func ParseAuth(auth *runtime.AuthConfig, host string) (string, string, error)

ParseAuth parses AuthConfig and returns username and password/secret required by containerd.


type CRIService added in v1.0.0

type CRIService interface {
	Run() error
	// io.Closer is used by containerd to gracefully stop cri service.
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

CRIService is the interface implement CRI remote service server.

func NewCRIService added in v1.0.0

func NewCRIService(config criconfig.Config, client *containerd.Client) (CRIService, error)

NewCRIService returns a new instance of CRIService

type ContainerInfo added in v1.19.0

type ContainerInfo struct {
	// TODO(random-liu): Add sandboxID in CRI container status.
	SandboxID      string                   `json:"sandboxID"`
	Pid            uint32                   `json:"pid"`
	Removing       bool                     `json:"removing"`
	SnapshotKey    string                   `json:"snapshotKey"`
	Snapshotter    string                   `json:"snapshotter"`
	RuntimeType    string                   `json:"runtimeType"`
	RuntimeOptions interface{}              `json:"runtimeOptions"`
	Config         *runtime.ContainerConfig `json:"config"`
	RuntimeSpec    *runtimespec.Spec        `json:"runtimeSpec"`

ContainerInfo is extra information for a container.

type SandboxInfo added in v1.19.0

type SandboxInfo struct {
	Pid         uint32 `json:"pid"`
	Status      string `json:"processStatus"`
	NetNSClosed bool   `json:"netNamespaceClosed"`
	Image       string `json:"image"`
	SnapshotKey string `json:"snapshotKey"`
	Snapshotter string `json:"snapshotter"`
	// Note: a new field `RuntimeHandler` has been added into the CRI PodSandboxStatus struct, and
	// should be set. This `RuntimeHandler` field will be deprecated after containerd 1.3 (tracked
	// in
	RuntimeHandler string                    `json:"runtimeHandler"` // see the Note above
	RuntimeType    string                    `json:"runtimeType"`
	RuntimeOptions interface{}               `json:"runtimeOptions"`
	Config         *runtime.PodSandboxConfig `json:"config"`
	RuntimeSpec    *runtimespec.Spec         `json:"runtimeSpec"`
	CNIResult      *cni.CNIResult            `json:"cniResult"`

SandboxInfo is extra information for sandbox. TODO (mikebrow): discuss predefining constants structures for some or all of these field names in CRI


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Package bandwidth provides utilities for bandwidth shaping
Package bandwidth provides utilities for bandwidth shaping

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